The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2604 - Final Preparations (5)

Chapter 2604: Final Preparations (5)

At rst, Shen Yanxiao had discussed with Xiu the possibility of having the rulers of the major races and the

members of Phantom, as well as Shen Siyu, the Dragon God, and Lan Fengli, ght against the devil

generals; but now, things had changed.

The numbers of the devil army were too terrifying. They could not predict how long the battle would last.

Having the rulers of the various races ght the devil generals was likely to leave them dead in the middle

of the war. In this way, their people would be leaderless and would become lambs under the devil’s

butcher knife.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao came back this time to discuss this matter with them.

Should they protect the rulers of the various races while they commanded their respective armies until

the end of the war, or should they let them ght against the devil generals and hold back the twelve most

frightening war generals of the Devil Race?

It was no exaggeration to say that the combat strength of each of the twelve devil generals was

comparable to that of a regular army. If they were allowed to enter the battleeld, the consequences could be imagined.Read more chapters at

Based on the previous war between gods and devils, if the rulers of various races did not confront them

head-on, they would try every means to assassinate the several rulers in order to defeat their whole armies.

There was no escape!

Shen Yanxiao’s palms were sweating. The battle had not yet begun, but it already looked one-sided.

Whether in the number of troops, or the number of top powers, they couldn’t compete with the Devil


It was no wonder that in the last battle between the gods and devils, the God Race turned out in full

strength and led all the strong powers of the four races against the Devil Race, yet in the end, it still came

to the extermination of the God Race.

The power of the Devil Race had enveloped all races like a nightmare.

“Are they really that strong?” Mengmeng Qi looked up at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao answered, “Stronger than me.”


There was dead silence in the hall.

Shen Yanxiao’s strength had now reached the level of a Divine Professional, which they could all feel, but

even so, Shen Yanxiao said bluntly that the twelve devil generals were even stronger than her!

“Xiu won’t be able to ght the Devil God, even if he wanted to. I have already thought about it; compared

with the power of a single person, the army is our main ghting force against the devils. The rulers of the

various races cannot die. Before the war begins, the Elf King, Dwarf King, Dragon Emperor, and Xi Yan, you

will all transfer your troops to the four countries to help them ght o the invasion of devils, and you

yourselves will follow along. I will instruct the kings of the four countries to protect you at all cost until the

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end of the war. Yaksha, you will stay in the Barren Land; I will place you in The Rising Sun City. This time, I

will restrain the Devil Race’s main ghting force to the Barren Land. Even if they want to capture the other

four countries, I will make sure that they cannot launch their main force. In this way, the allies staying in

the four countries can resist the attack of the devils together with the armies of the four countries, as long

as possible.” Shen Yanxiao told her plan in one breath.

They couldn’t die, absolutely not!

Once the rulers of the various races were killed, it would be the end of the war.

“But in this way, elder sister, wouldn’t you be in extreme danger?!” Xi Yan stood up in shock. Shen Yanxiao

was clearly directing the re at herself!

Just how many troops were there in the Barren Land? Even if she were with the Undead and the demons,

how could they resist the main force of the Devil Race?

“Don’t worry. If my Barren Land can’t resist the invasion of Devil Race’s main army, then no city in the

Radiance Continent will be able to resist them. That’s why I have to do it!” Shen Yanxiao’s eyes were

unusually rm. The strongest defense area of the Radiance Continent was in her Barren Land, and only

her Barren Land could stop the main forces of the Devil Race.

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