The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2603 - Final Preparations (4)

Chapter 2603: Final Preparations (4)

Shen Yanxiao’s words made everyone’s heart sink.

They all knew very well that Shen Yanxiao would never make jokes at such a time.

“I’m all ears.” The Elf King turned slightly pale and tried his best to calm down.

“The numbers of the devil army are far above our previous estimation. The elite troops of the twelve devil

generals alone have reached tens of millions, not to mention the ordinary soldiers inside the Devil Race; in

addition, there are countless demons and demon beasts. I followed the rst batch of the devil army

through the underworld entrance. This rst batch is as large as three hundred thousand troops, and this

number is less than one percent of the entire devil army!” Shen Yanxiao spoke with a frown.

Leaving the underworld was not dicult for her, but when she inltrated the rst batch of troops to reach

the Radiance Continent, she was completely shocked. As she crossed the passage to the Radiance

Continent, she could see that the place in the underworld that was connected to the passage was densely

packed with the armies of devils waiting to pass through. A glance wasn’t enough to see the end of it.

That was denitely the most frightening army she had ever seen.

Compared with the devil army, both the army in the Barren Land and the former four-nation alliance were

pitifully small.

That army of devils was like a gigantic tide. Looking at it, Shen Yanxiao was horried. Once such a huge

army turned out in full strength, the doomsday of Radiance Continent… was coming.

If she hadn’t joined forces with other races to ght against the enemy, Radiance Continent would have

fallen in ten days at most.

The Devil Race was really the most terrifying race in the world!

Shen Yanxiao would never forget the image of the devil army swarming from every direction, devouring

the entire border of the underworld. The border cities had also been slightly leveled, all to allow the devil

army to concentrate on the passage.

All Shen Yanxiao’s eyes could see were the devil soldiers. She did not even see the shadow of demons nor

demon beasts. It was conceivable that the huge army that shocked her was only the Devil Race’s own

troops, and the armies of demons and demon beasts simply could not squeeze into her vision.

The huge devil army was a number that Shen Yanxiao could not even think about. It ranged from thirty

million to forty million, or more…

Shen Yanxiao simply could not imagine.

Such a large number; let alone Shen Yanxiao, all the people in the hall had completely quieted down when

they heard what Shen Yanxiao said. The whole hall was enveloped in dead silence and a miserable


Tens of millions of troops…

What a horror!

There were many races among them, but all the races put together were not even as large as the entire

main forces of the devils!

The size of the Devil Race was so huge that even human beings could only concede defeat in horror.

“Apart from the huge numbers in the devil army, the strength of the twelve devil generals has exceeded

my expectations. To be honest, I think that if we confront the devil generals, the outcome… is only the

death of our side, apart from big brother Siyu, the Dragon God, and Yaksha.” Shen Yanxiao clenched her

sts in her sleeve and forced herself to utter this ruthless remark.

Whether it was Gui Jiang or Yan Di, their strength was beyond the ordinary; only the strength of the

superior gods could compete with them.

Even though Qi Xia and others had inherited the godhoods of the superior god, they still could not be

compared with a real superior god.

If they were to confront Gui Jiang and others, the result would only be death!

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