The Great Ruler

Chapter 12 Action

Chapter 12 Action

“Spiritual Movement Stage?”

Many individuals issued a cry in surprise as they looked at the ring. Following that, astonished gazes began to gather at Tan Qingshan. No wonder he dared to challenge Liu Yang, so he, too, had advanced into the Spiritual Movement Stage.

“Amazing…” Su Ling also had a shocked expression. He stared enviously at Tan Qingshan’s back. Currently within the Earth Class, there were only three individuals that advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage: Mu Chen, Liu Yang and Mu Yuan. And now, Tan Qingshan was the fourth.

Mu Chen also nodded his head slightly. It was evident that Tan Qingshan was quite talented as he was able to become the number one individual within the East Branch Earth Class before. Most importantly, his family environment wasn’t that good. All his achievements was something that he obtained through desperate training. Thus, Mu Chen actually had a favorable expression towards him. A person, who earned his own right to be arrogant, was someone worthy of respect.

“Oh, so this is why you have such courage. It turned out you also advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage.” Liu Yang was slightly stunned by Tan Qingshan’s aura for a moment, he soon let out a sneer.

Tan Qingshan remained silent. His gaze towards Liu Yang gradually became sharp and the deep yellow Spiritual Energy on his arm exuded a heavy fluctuation as it rise.

Liu Yang stared coldly at Tan Qingshan, he extended a hand and gently curved it: “Let’s do this. Don’t say that I didn’t give you the chance.”

“How arrogant!”

Seeing Liu Yang act like this, Su Ling and the others cursed at him in anger.

Just when Su Ling cursed at him, Tan Qingshan’s legs violent stomped onto the ground. His figure rushed out like a cheetah and the deep yellow flow mixed with a heavy force headed straight towards Liu Yang’s chest.

Liu Yang stared at the approaching Tan Qingshan and issued out a sigh. The fiery red Spiritual Energy exploded out from his arms. He did not try to avoid and instead, his fingers clenched into a fist as it bombarded heavily against Tan Qingshan’s palms.

A deep voice sounded out and blast enveloped the two individuals. Dust immediately stirred above the ground and the two bodies trembled. However, Liu Yang did not move at all while Tan Qingshan took a step back.

A serious expression helped stabilize Tan Qingshan’s body. The deep yellow Spiritual Energy on his arms became denser and his entire arm showed a deep yellow color as if it was a rock.

“Mountain Fist!”

Tan Qingshan rushed out again. The speed that the arms lashed out was slightly slower, but the heavy force was like a rockslide. This made many people’s faces stiffened with dismay.


Tan Qingshan’s arms were like a rock. It let out a fast and sharp blast and waves of offensive were hurled towards Liu Yang. Yet Liu Yang’s face remained cold. The fiery red Spiritual Energy seemed to wrap around his arms like a fire and he forcibly blocked all of Tan Qingshan’s attacks.

The blast formed by the two Spiritual Energies as they collide cleared the entire ring. The people who were nearby even felt pain on their face.

“Tan Qingshan is pretty good. He is able to fight neck to neck against Liu Yang!” Su Ling and the others let out a cry of joy as they watched the fierce battle.

“However, Tan Qingshan had only reached the Spiritual Movement Stage, it would not be easy for him to defeat Liu Yang.” Tang Qian’Er gently shook her head. Although she disliked Liu Yang, she still had to admit that he had quite the skill.

“What Tan Qingshan trained in should be the Mountain Art. It is a Common Tier High Rank Spiritual Art from the Northern Spiritual Academy. However, Liu Yang might have trained in the Spiritual Tier Low Rank Spiritual Art Solarflame…” Mu Chen said as he stared at the ring.

Su Ling suddenly let out a sigh of regret when he heard those words. Apparently, he hoped that Tan QIngshan would be able to win. If that were to have happened, then Liu Yang probably wouldn’t dare to act so arrogant from now on, right?

As they held a conversation with each other, the battle within the ring also became more intense. Tan Qingshan’s face seemed to have turned dark red. It was obvious that he had pushed his strength to the limits. The attacks were also become more and more wild.

A rock-like punch suddenly soared and smashed heavily towards Liu Yang’s belly. However, just when the fist was about to come into contact with Liu Yang’s body, Liu Yang moved backwards using a strange step. He avoided the sharp blow that Tan Qingshan had been plotting for a long time.

When his fist was avoided, Tan Qingshan felt that he was careless. He, then, noticed that the corner of Liu Yang’s lips went up and formed a cold smile.

“Solarflame Fist!”

Liu Yang’s fingers formed into a palm. He suddenly let out a shot. The fiery red Spiritual Energy exploded outwards like a flame and a powerful force and heat erupted out. It directly passed through Tan Qingshan’s defense and fiercely landed on his chest.

The flame-like Spiritual Energy exploded outwards when Liu Yang’s palms made contact with Tan Qingshan’s chest. That enormous energy directly blasted away Tan Qingshan. Under many watchful gazes, Tan Qingshan fell heavily on the ring and immediately spat out blood.

Seeing that the situation changed instantly, an uproar suddenly burst out from the surroundings.

Tan Qingshan wiped the blood from his mouth and gritted his teeth. Liu Yang’s Spiritual Energy was blazing and domineering. It was many times stronger than the Spiritual Energy that he had cultivated.

Liu Yang stared coldly at the helpless Tan Qingshan. He did not have any intentions of stopping. He pushed off with the tip of his toe and he charged out like an eagle. A leg lashed out at Tan Qingshan.

Tan Qingshan weaved around awkwardly and narrowly avoided Liu Yang’s attack. His face was a little bit pale. It was obvious that he did not expect Liu Yang to pursue him relentlessly after he gained the upper hand.

However, he also had a stubborn attitude. Since Liu Yang acted so overbearing, he refused to admit his defeat. He only stared fiercely at Liu Yang.

“So there really is a bit of pride left within you?

Seeing this, Liu Yang shook his head and sneered. Hostility appeared within his eyes and he moved and appeared to the right of Tan Qingshan. Mixed with a blazing Spiritual Energy, the shadow of his leg flashed and he kicked directly at Tan Qingshan’s chest.

Tang Qinshan’s body skimmed along the ground for about ten meters. Blood swelled up from his throat again, but he forcibly swallowed it back down.

“Motherf*cker, do you have any sense of shame? You hit him even after he lost!”

When they saw Liu Yang acting so oppressive, many East Branch students rallied their anger and shouted furiously as well.

“You bastard!” Su Ling also cursed angrily.

When Liu Yang heard the condemning shouts from the East Branch, his eyes darkened. Not only did he not stop, he took a big step towards Tan Qingshan and kicked with his leg again. He fired it towards Tan Qingshan as he retreated awkwardly.

A deep voice rang out. However, this time, Tan Qingshan did not move backwards. This is because a slender figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Liu Yang’s sharp leg strike was grasped tightly by that figure’s hand.

“Mu Chen?”

Tan Qingshan saw the familiar figure and was startled.

“Are you alright?”

Mu Chen turned around and asked him.

Tan Qingshan shook his head and the eyes that stared at Liu Yang were still fierce like a wolf.

“You are already very strong for being able to fight with him when you had just advanced into the Spiritual Movement Stage. If you train for a while longer, it would not be difficult to catch up to him.” Mu Chen said as he smiled.

He knew that Tan Qingshan may remain silent on the surface, but his personality was quite stubborn and prideful. This is why he did not tell him to surrender. If he blurted out those words, it would give a considerable blow to Tan Qingshan instead.

“Thank you.”

Tan Qingshan’s heart calmed down because he heard Mu Chen’s words. He stared at the handsome face covered with a brilliant smile and whispered with gratitude: “I’ll leave this guy to you. However, I will personally defeat him by myself in the future.”

After he said up to this point, he paused for a moment. He stared at Mu Chen and said: “You are stronger than me, so…please help the East Branch win the Number One place back!” When he finished saying these words, he did not stay here longer. He turned around and jumped off the ring.

Mu Chen stared at Tan Qingshan as he jumped off the ring. Afterwards, he turned his head towards Liu Yang, who had a sullen expression, and said: “Next up, I will be your opponent.”

Liu Yang stared at Mu Chen. His mouth cracked open and revealed a sinister smile. Within his eyes, it was filled with ruthlessness and cruelty.

“I will entertain you well!”

On the ring, the atmosphere instantly became tense as the two of them confronted each other. Many students directed their gaze over to this side as well. This, right now, is the match between the strongest individuals within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class.

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