The Great Ruler

Chapter 13 Fighting Against Liu Yang

Chapter 13 – Fighting Against Liu Yang

Around the ring, countless eyes gathered on the two juvenile figures on the ring. Their eyes were filled with expectation. So this is the strongest two individuals within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class.

“That Mu Chen is finally willing to go onto the ring. I am quite curious if he would be a worthy opponent for Liu Yang.”

At the corner of the West Branch seats, a few boys from the West Branch Heaven Class stared at the two figures on the ring. They could not help but laugh. In fact, they were quite curious about Mu Chen. After all, he was the only one who qualified for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was somehow kicked out of the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen would probably be at a level, where they would not be able to reach, right now. Perhaps even a genius like Liu Mubai would be inferior to him.

After they thought about this point, they snuck a glance at Liu Mubai, who was in front of them. However, they did not dare to say these words out loud.

Hearing those words, the handsome youth let out a faint smile. Within his eyes that stared at the thin boy, a cold radiance was hidden deep inside.

“The Spiritual Road is completely based on luck, so there are times that it would make a mistake. It could be possible that the place should have belonged to Brother Liu instead. In the end, a mistake was made and the place was given to Mu Chen. Otherwise, why would that person be kicked out?” A person, who was quite compatible with Liu Mubai, curled his lips and sneered.

The nearby West Branch Heaven Class students nodded their heads as they caught word of this. Although they did not agree within their hearts, it was evident that it was irrational to offend Liu Mubai, who was at the summit of the Northern Spiritual Academy, for Mu Chen, who was kicked out of the Spiritual Road halfway through.

“Hong Ling, who do you think have a higher chance of victory?” Liu Mubai smiled and asked the charming girl with a red dress beside him.

The girl called Hong Ling stared at the ring. Her pretty eyes remained for a moment at Mu Chen’s body. At this moment, the boy has straightened his body like a spear and the previously seen laziness seemed to have disappeared a little. It was replaced by a gradually exposing sharp edge.

The little boy back then had definitely changed a lot.

“They are both at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase. Liu Yang trained in the Spiritual Tier Low Rank Solarflame that belongs to the Liu Territory. However, Mu Chen’s father is also a Territory Lord. The Spiritual Art that he gave him must not be something ordinary. In this case, they are equal in this category…”

Hong Ling’s eyes wavered, her somewhat lazy expression was even more charming: “However, Liu Yang possesses the Human Level Spiritual Pulse. If he were to activate it, he would have the strength comparable to a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Mu Chen would be in a disadvantaged position due to it.”

Liu Mubai smiled when he heard those words. He stared at Mu Chen, who was inside the ring, and said: “Liu Yang’s abilities aren’t bad. It wouldn’t be injustice if Mu Chen loses to him. Actually, I was curious why he was able to obtain the Spiritual Road’s qualifications.”

Hong Ling glanced at him for a moment. It seems that Liu Mubai harbored ill-feelings to Mu Chen for obtaining the Spiritual Road’s qualifications. He had always been proud of himself and believed that he was the most outstanding person among the young generation within the Northern Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Road’s qualifications should have landed on him instead. But the final results was somewhat beyond everyone’s expectations.

“If he cannot even defeat Liu Yang here, then the selection of the Spiritual Road will have truly disappointed me.”

Liu Mubai gently said as he gripped his hands tightly. A deep hand imprint was actually kneaded onto the railing made by fine iron and a chill flowed deep within his eyes.

He could not tolerate a useless person for stealing something that originally belonged to him.

“Brother Mu, good luck!”

“Brother Mu, take back the Earth Class Number One for the East Branch!”

The surrounding East Branch students all had an excited expression as they stared at the two individuals facing off. For the past two years, the East Branch has always been suppressed by the West Branch. It did not matter whether it was the Heaven Class or Earth Class, they were pressured by the West Branch and could not lift their heads up. And right now, a person finally appeared within the East Branch that could fight against the West Branch.

“A group of whimsical fellows.”

When Liu Yang heard these voices, a hint of hostility appeared on his smile. He stared and Mu Chen and said in a mocking voice: “I really want to know what splendid expressions they would have when you lose.”

Facing his taunt, Mu Chen did not have the slightest anger within the face. He only extended his hand out and said as he gave off a shallow smile: “You probably don’t have that ability.”

“You should know your limits!”

Anger flashed through Liu Yang’s eyes. He grasped his hands tightly and the flame-like, fiery red Spiritual Energy wrapped around his arms. In the next moment, he took a step forward and a subtle sound rang out from below his feet. His body charged out like a cheetah.

Wrapped in fiery red Spiritual, his fist instantly approached Mu Chen. The Spiritual Energy oppressed the air and let out a strange crunching sound.

Mu Chen’s body moved towards the side. The moment the wind from Liu Yang’s punch passed through his body, his right hand sprang up. A dark black Spiritual Energy surrounded his fingertips and like a sharp knife, it chopped Liu Yang’s wrist mercilessly.

Mu Chen did not hold back, but Liu Yang definitely had some ability as he was able to become the West Branch Earth Class Number One. He immediately changed his fist into a palm and slashed heavily at Mu Chen using a backhand hand blade.

A deep sound rang out. The two of them took half a step back when the two Spiritual Energies collided.

“You actually want to compete with me in terms of density of Spiritual Energy?!”

Liu Yang let out a cold laugh and stomped with his feet. A fiery red Spiritual Energy actually wrapped around his legs as well. The strength of this Spiritual Energy was many times more powerful compared to Tan Qingshan earlier.


Spiritual Energy was infused into Liu Yang’s legs and his speed instantly increased. His figure shifted and others were able to see his body vaguely. By relying on this speed, he was able to let out an extremely ferocious offensive in an instant.

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Liu Yang’s blurry figure seemed to surround Mu Chen like a whirlwind of fire. Fist, Leg, Elbow. A mixture of brutal attacks, coupled with a savage Spiritual Energy overwhelmingly enveloped Mu Chen.

Outside of the ring, many students made a commotion as they saw Liu Yang instantly let out fierce attacks. Even Tan Qingshan, who was defeated earlier by Liu Yang, had a serious expression. This density of Liu Yang’s Spiritual Energy was probably about to reach Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Along with the fact that the Spiritual Art that he trained was not a Common Tier, his combat ability was definitely shocking.

The excitement on Su Ling and the others’ face faded a lot and a touch of concerned appeared within their eyes. They only recovered from their surprise now. That Liu Yang is truly a powerful individual.

“Don’t worry. Mu Chen won’t lose that easily.”

Tang Qian’Er’s beautiful eyes stared at the ring. After a while, she let out a smile. She had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, so naturally, she would be able to see Liu Yang’s speed clearly. Although Liu Yang’s attacks were like a tempest, but a blue rock was standing firmly within that tempest.

Many eyes were firmly fixed onto the figure within the whirlwind of fire. The figure either avoided or countered the attacks and actually managed to counter all the violent attacks that Liu Yang sent out. That appearance of his seemed to have seen through every single hidden offensive of Liu Yang.

“As expected from a person that experienced the Spiritual Road’s trial…” Within the main seat, Principal Xiao stared at this scene and a hint of admiration passed through his eyes.

“Mu Chen has an accurate vision and remained calm as he fought against his opponent. This disposition will not be inferior to veterans, who have fought hundreds of battles.” Teacher Mo also nodded. His words were filled with praise. If his Spiritual Energy was weak, he would always be able to cultivate it. However, that strong heart and mind isn’t something that could be easily honed.

“His vision is indeed pretty good. He knows the weakness of Liu Yang’s offensive. It could be considered as breaking through strength using techniques. However, there is also a phrase known as “A Power Breakthrough Ten Users” [1.It’s a Chinese idiom stating how a person with enormous strength would be able to win against ten people who knows martial arts/techniques.]. By avoiding like this, it is obvious that his Spiritual Energy isn’t as strong as Liu Yang. As long as Liu Yang gathers his energy for one attack, it would be difficult for Mu Chen to deal with it.” The thin middle-aged Teacher Xi said nearby. As an instructor, they weren’t just powerful, they also had accurate visions.

Principal Xiao and Teacher Mo also nodded when they heard these words. The situation was indeed like this, but…is Mu Chen currently just taking evasive action?

Within the flame whirlwind, a cry suddenly rang out. They could only see Mu Chen suddenly taking action. His two fingers were sharp like an unparalleled dagger and surrounding it was a dark black Spiritual Energy. Like a lightning bolt, it penetrated the whirlwind and stabbed onto the swift figure.

A cry sounded out. As the whirlwind suddenly became still, a figure staggered back a dozen steps. The clothes located at his shoulder was already destroyed, it was evident that this was caused by Mu Chen’s finger.

The large commotion suddenly intensified around the ring. Both the East Branch and West Branch students had an astonished expression. It was clear that nobody expected Liu, who was still letting out a fierce offensive earlier, would be repulsed by Mu Chen.


Liu Yang’s face suddenly became depressed as if tears were about to come out. He stared at Mu Chen and took a deep breath. On his right palm, a fiery red Spiritual Energy surged out.

The fiery red Spiritual Energy rose like a flame as it gathered on Liu Yang’s palm. The Spiritual Energy quickly shrank and a palm-sized sun slowly appeared.

A violent fluctuation gradually emitted out.

The commotion outside of the ring quickly faded away. Many students watched in shock at this scene. It was obvious that Liu Yang has pushed the Spiritual Energy within his body to its very limits.

Mu Chen looked at Liu Yang, who had gone all out. He curled his lips and his eyes instantly turned cold.

His two palms swirled and he began to circulate the Great Pagoda Art. Within the aurasea in his body, the dark black Spiritual Energy quickly trembled and the levels of amplification ripped as it came out.

“First Level…Fifth Level…Tenth Level…Thirteenth Level…

The dark Spiritual Energy wrapped around Mu Chen’s palms. A domineering atmosphere exploded outwards. There were faint signs that it had already surpassed Liu Yang’s violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

When the Spiritual Energy amplification has reached the thirteenth level, Mu Chen did not stop. As he gradually got used to the Great Pagoda Art, the amplification limit of the Great Pagoda Art wasn’t just this much!

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. A razor sharp edge appeared within them.

Within the aurasea, a slight buzzing sound came out. Mu Chen’s body violently shook.

The Eighteenth Level!

The dark Spiritual Energy violently stormed out of Mu Chen’s body. The pressure from this powerful Spiritual Energy instantly suppressed Liu Yang’s Spiritual Energy.

“What a powerful Spiritual Energy!”

Principal Xiao, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi all had a surprised expression. This degree of Spiritual Energy is almost equal to the Spiritual Energy of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. And they could feel that the dark Spiritual Energy pouring out of Mu Chen’s body contained an overbearing intention. It was clear that this wasn’t something that an ordinary Spiritual Art would possess.

“Mu Chen, you’re seeking your death!”

When his Spiritual Energy was actually suppressed, Liu Yang’s face also showed some surprise. Then, he let out a angry roar and took a step forward. Afterwards, many of the audiences saw that fiery red lights actually lit up on his body. These lights spread throughout his entire body. They could vaguely see a strange vital energy channel rushing out like a snake.

“Spiritual Pulse?!”

Voices broke out around the ring again. They did not imagine that Liu Yang would actually be forced to activate his Spiritual Pulse. But with this, the situation should be reversed by him again!

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