The Great Ruler

Chapter 14 Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase

Chapter 14 – Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase

Following the appearance of the fiery red lights, the fiery red Spiritual Energy violently expanded on top of Liu Yang’s palms and the originally palm-sized sun doubled in size. At the same time, the Spiritual Energy surrounding the world seemed to attracted to these lights on Liu Yang’s body. It further increased his momentum.

Surrounding the ring, many students’ expression became serious as they watched this scene. It was obvious that Liu Yang has exhausted all his strength right now. This offensive would definitely be as powerful as a wild lightning.

He plans on defeating Mu Chen with this one move.

As Su Ling and the others stared at the ring, their expression was filled with nervousness. Beside them, Tang Qian’Er’s beautiful eyes also became more solemn. Liu Yang’s strength was not weak even within the Heaven Class.

“I would like to see how you counter this!”

Liu Yang’s face became dark as he directed a smile towards Mu Chen. His body stormed out and the sun-like, fiery red Spiritual Energy was so violent that it was glaring.

Liu Yang’s speed was extremely fast. He seemed to have instantly appeared in front of Mu Chen and fired off a palm. The sun-like Spiritual Energy on his palm was relentlessly smashed towards Mu Chen.

“Solarflame Palm!”

The violent Spiritual Energy brought over a gust of wind. It made Mu Chen’s clothes flutter as his black hair constantly danced in the sky. Yet, there were no signs of anxiety within the black eyes that stared at Liu Yang.

“Despite all this, you’re still trying to pretend at this moment! Go to hell!”

Under Mu Chen’s calm gaze, Liu Yang’s heart trembled. The fury within him grew even further. I wonder if you would remain this calm after I step on you in front of everybody here?!

“You still want to step on me?”

Mu Chen looked at the quickly approaching Liu Yang. He could see the latter’s eyes clearly and his lips slowly erected an arc.

It was cold like a blade.

“Unfortunately for you, you don’t have the qualifications to do so…”

Mu Chen lifted his head boldly. The dark Spiritual Energy furiously rushed out from his body as he clenched his hands tightly together. The domineering black lights traveled back and forth at his fingers.

A powerful fluctuation erupted out.

“This Spiritual Energy fluctuation…” At the main seats, Principal Xiao and the two other instructors revealed a surprised expression.

“Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase?”

A fierce uproar broke out from the surroundings. This Spiritual Energy fluctuation revealed that it had truly entered into the level of the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Mu Chen had actually broken through and advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase.

“That boy…really has quite the skill.”

At the West Branch seats, the students from the West Branch Heaven Class also had a grave complexion. With the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, he would be rather high up among the Northern Spiritual Academy Heaven Class. They lamented within their hearts as they never imagined that an Earth Class student would be able to achieve it. To be able to obtain the Spiritual Road’s qualification, Mu Chen really had some ability.

Liu Mubai’s handsome face did not show much movement. His eyes only stared at the ring calmly and others could not tell whether he is happy or angry.

The dark black Spiritual Energy seemed to flow out of Mu Chen’s body like a stream. It wrapped around his right arm completely. He extended his ape-sized arm and a powerful fluctuation was formed by this fist as it blasted out!

Collapsing Fist.

Mu Chen’s arm was like a spear that was stretched out to its extreme. It exploded out the most powerful energy it could muster at this short distance. Due to this, the air seemed to be collapsing due to this fist.

Although it was only just a Common Tier Low Rank Attack Spiritual Art, it was like a landslide under Mu Chen’s use as it was mixed with the flowing Spiritual Energy. Under Liu Yang’s slightly changing gaze, it collided fiercely against the violent palm winds.

A deep sound suddenly exploded out from the ring. The black and red lights collided viciously with each other and the air waves produced by it seemed to make the air tremble.

All the eyes were fixed to the point where the Spiritual Energy intersected. Over there, the black and red lights flashed rapidly. Then soon after this, everybody witnessed two figures retreating a few steps after they made contact with each other.

The two figures confronted each other on the ring. One had a dark expression while the other had a calm expression.

They were evenly matched?

Everybody looked at each other. The earlier collision was so powerful, yet it did not decide the victor?

While everybody was stunned about this, Liu Yang’s dark face suddenly became pale. His body curved and fresh blood sprayed out onto the ring.

As the fresh blood was expelled out, Liu Yang’s imposing manner seemed to have instantly become dispirited. The pale white face made everybody in the surroundings cry out.

Liu Yang lost!

After they stared at the pale Liu Yang and the calm Mu Chen, everybody was aware of the results of this match!

“Brother Mu won!”

“Good going, Brother Mu!”

“Haha, we, the East Branch, has finally retrieved back the title of Earth Class Number One!”

At the East Branch’s side, Su Ling and the others stared at this scene. Then, a surprised and excited expression emerged on their faces. Cheers resounded out from the sky and instantly suppressed the silent West Branch.

Even Liu Yang has lost. This time, the West Branch, had really lost to the East Branch.

Mu Yuan, Xue Dong and the others from the West Branch Earth Class gritted their teeth as they were not able to accept it. However, they had to admit that Mu Chen was definitely powerful. They originally thought that he was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase, how would have imagined that…this guy would have advanced to the Middle Phase.

After hearing the deafening cheers from the East Branch, Mu Chen also smiled and his tense body gradually relaxed. He stared at the extremely sullen Liu Yang and asked: “There’s no need to fight anymore, right?”

Liu Yang slowly raised his head and his darken eyes focused onto Mu Chen. These cheers were like knives that stabbed into his heart and it trampled on his pride. His mouth twitched as savageness began to accumulate within his eyes.

Mu Chen stared at Liu Yang’s expression and frowned. Through the immensely vicious trial within the Spiritual Road, he was able to detect a hint of danger.

“I’ll kill you!”

A hideous expression suddenly appeared on Liu Yang’s face. He gripped his hand and a red light seemed to appear within it. An extremely shocking Spiritual Energy fluctuation began to erupt out violently.

At the main seats, the expression on Principal Xiao, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi changed. Then, Teacher Mo shouted out: “Liu Yang, what are you planning to do?!”

However, the instant that Teacher Mo shouted out, Mu Chen had dashed over with a cold expression. He charged directly in front of Liu Yang and a powerful wind appeared from his two fingers, which was wrapped with a dark black Spiritual Energy. He directly stabbed towards Liu Yang’s throat.


Liu Yang never thought that Mu Chen’s reaction would be this fast. It seemed that Mu Chen did not show any signs of defending against him. Within Mu Chen’s cold eyes, there was actually a cold intent to kill.

This killing intent made Liu Yang understood immediately. If the thing within his hand were to activate and kill Mu Chen, Mu Chen would also take away his life in the moment before he died.

He’s using his life to trade for another.

A surge of panic appeared within Liu Yang’s eyes. Apparently, he did not have the courage to truly trade life with Mu Chen. Thus, he could only grit his teeth and protect his throat using his palms.

Mu Chen’s fingers were like a sharp dagger. It stabbed directly at Liu Yang’s palms and blood splattered out. As Liu Yang screamed, the red light held within his hand also fell out.

Mu Chen’s body jumped and caught the red light into his hand.

“Return it to me!”

When Liu Yang noticed Mu Chen seizing the red light, his face suddenly became pale.

Mu Chen ignored his outburst and retreated. Suddenly, the sound of the wind breaking could be heard and a vigorous Spiritual Energy fluctuation shot violently towards him like an arrow.

The sudden attack made Mu Chen frown. His toes touched the ground and he nimbly retreated back a dozen steps to avoid the attack. Then he asked at the slender figure appearing from outside the ring with a cold expression: “What are you doing?”

That handsome and slender figure landed beside Liu Yang. It was Liu Mubai. At this moment, he held out his hand and stared expressionlessly at Mu Chen: “Hand over that item.”

Mu Chen let out a cold laugh. He lowered his head to look at the red light within his hand. But when he saw the item within the red light, his mouth gently lifted up.

“As expected from the Little Young Master of the Liu Territory, you are able to bring out even this item…”

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