The Great Ruler

Chapter 1564 - The Power of the Spiritual Beings

Chapter 1564: The Power of the Spiritual Beings

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Northern Heavens Continent.

The entire Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was in a state of complete panic and chaos. All of the students’ faces became turned ashen as they looked at the overspreading Demonic Currents with fearful eyes.

As he was a Heavenly Sovereign, even the Northern Sea Dragon felt terrified and powerless when confronted with such a force. As he exchanged gazes with Chief Tai Cang, he said bitterly, “The Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy just escaped a calamity, yet here we are, embroiled in yet another disaster!”

Chief Tai Cang sighed, then replied, “This is indeed a great catastrophe, which will affect the entire Great Thousand World! It’s hard to imagine the intensity of damage the Heavenly Evil Deity will incur if he gets his way.”

These words weighed on Tang Qian’Er’s, Li Xuantong’s, Wen Qingxuan’s, and the rest of the group’s mind when they heard them.

“There’s no way to evade this catastrophe! No matter what, we must show the Extraterritorial Race that the Great Thousand World if filled with compassionate beings!” A long, golden spear emerged in Shen Cangsheng’s hand as he clenched his fist and yelled.

After Shen Cangsheng called out, many of the fearful students seemed to have found some comfort in his words, so they immediately joined in the shouts, one by one…

“Let’s do it together! We will all raise a defense, even if it costs us our lives!”

“Since death is just around the corner, why don’t we just fight it out? It is better than waiting for our deaths!”

Upon hearing this, the Northern Sea Dragon and Chief Tai Cang looked at each other and chortled. He then said, “Awesome! It seems that the young people are still zealous! Now, it seems that the old bones like us are dragging them down! Now that we know that this is the case, we must lay our lives down and protect the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy together!”

After he finished speaking, both of them burst out two forceful spiritual energy ribbons, which threw themselves at the overwhelming Demonic Currents.

Boom! Boom!

Amid the booming sound, everyone within the academy burst out their sources of spiritual light. They then transformed into spiritual energy glows that were concealed in the sky. Following behind the Northern Sea Dragon and the Chief Tai Cang’s spiritual ribbons, they dashed toward the Demonic Currents, which were going to destroy the continent!

After Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy did this, many spiritual energy ribbons started bursting out from other areas of the Northern Heavens Continent as well. Apparently, those who were despairing were still unwilling to succumb to death, so they had decided to retaliate!

The Tianluo Continent.

“All of you, let’s protect the Mu Estate together!” The calm voice of Mandela and Nine Nether resounded throughout the entire Mu Estate as they yelled out in unison.

Instantly, many loud voices replied in agreement. As their voices trailed off, Mandela and Nine Nether took the lead and launched several violent spiritual energy ribbons into the sky.

Shua! Shua!

Subsequently, millions of spiritual lights swarmed toward the destructive Demonic Current. As they faced this crisis, all of the people from the rest of the continents in the Great thousand World let go of their fears and worked together to take one final stand. At this time, the Spiritual Energy Torrents exploded from all of the continents in the Great Thousand World in order to fight against the Demonic Currents.

“All of you are courting your own deaths!” However, a mocking demonic bellow from the Heavenly Evil Deity projected out from the Demonic Currents when he faced such retaliation.

The next moment, the Spiritual Energy Torrents and the Demonic Currents knocked against each other. All of the spiritual beings became downhearted as soon as both of them collided together.

This was because all that they saw was the Spiritual Energy Torrents dissolving into the current, like drops of water, while the Demonic Currents passed through. The Spiritual Energy Torrents then disappeared completely, not even stopping the Demonic Currents for a second.

“Our gap is that huge?” When Shen Cangsheng saw this taking place from his location in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, his eyes could not help but well up with tears. The entire Spiritual Academy was completely silent, and all of the previous courage that had filled the students’ hearts just moments ago was gone by this time.

“Do you think that you can stop me by outnumbering me? Dream on!” The Heavenly Evil Deity continued to sneer from the Demonic Currents, as if he wanted to take revenge on all of the spiritual beings for the indignities that he had suffered at Mu Chen’s hands.

At this moment, the entire continent plunged into silence as everyone became immersed in the hopeless atmosphere.

“Oh? In my opinion, we united for one purpose. Even if we are as tiny as ants, we can still make a difference to the world when we gather together.” Just when everyone was despairing, joyful laughter echoed throughout the world.


Everyone looked up in delight as the spiritual light gathered and formed into a figure above them. It was Mu Chen!

“Senior Mu Chen!” Many students cheered loudly in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Heaven.

Mu Chen did not only show up in the Northern Heavens Continent, but the rest of the continents in the Great Thousand World that were affected by the Demonic Currents too. The same voice resounded throughout the entire world.

“Estate Master!” When the numerous experts in the Mu Estate saw Mu Chen’s figure, they shouted with joy. Everyone was motivated by his appearance.

“All of the spiritual beings in the Great Thousand World, hear me now. Strike again and show the Heavenly Evil Deity our power!” Mu Chen’s voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

Everybody looked at each other. Earlier, they did what they could, but the outcome was devastating. However, Mu Chen’s superiority was at its peak now.

Hence, his appearance helped to cast away the fear and helplessness of all of the spiritual beings. The next moment, a sparse amount of spiritual energy ribbons soared into the sky.


After this, a moment of silence was observed before the entire universe burst into an uproar and millions of Spiritual Energy Torrents rushed into the sky. Everyone on each continent then circulated their spiritual energies. Regardless of whether they were strong or weak, all their energies charged into the sky together.

Mu Chen, who was standing in the air, smiled as he saw this. He then formed a seal with one hand, and instantly, millions of Spiritual Energy Torrents gathered and moved toward him. Eventually, they passed through his body.


When the Spiritual Energy Torrents passed through his body, all of the spiritual energies transformed into another type of force… The Fighting Spirit!

“Heavenly Evil Deity, I’ll show you the power from millions of Spiritual Beings today!” Mu Chen’s voice projected throughout the world, while boundless Fighting Spirit Torrents rushed into the sky and transformed into an enormous Fighting Spirit Dragon.

With a roar, the dragon charged toward the Demonic Currents. At this time, all of the continents in the Great Thousand World saw the same thing…


The Fighting Spirit Torrents and the Demonic Currents collided once again as everyone watched anxiously. The entire world was shaking violently at this moment!

This time, the Demonic Currents did not react in the same domineering way as before. Instead, the Demonic Currents stopped plummeting because the powerful impact was pushing against them.

The Fighting Spirit Torrents became more powerful and robust as they went higher and higher, while the Demonic Currents were only getting weaker. Eventually, the Fighting Spirit Torrents dominated and destroyed the Demonic Currents.

“Aaaah! Mu Chen, darn you!” The furious bawl of Heavenly Evil Deity was heard coming out from those Demonic Currents.

“It’s too bad that you’ll be the one who is doomed today!” Mu Chen’s eyes were icy as he drew a deep breath and dashed out. He then turned into spiritual light and fused into the violent Fighting Spirit Torrents.


With Mu Chen’s participation, the Fighting Spirit Torrents surged as the huge Fighting Spirit Dragon roared. The dragon then spurt out a breath of fighting spirit, which blasted hard against the overwhelming Demonic Currents. This caused the Demonic Currents to give way immediately.

“Master Mu! Master Mu!” All of the continents burst into roaring cheers when they saw this scene.

As the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor watched this scene from the Spirit Demon Continent, they were impressed by it, and the Flame Emperor said, “The War Troop Dispatcher is using the spiritual beings as his troops! This is one of the War Troop Dispatcher’s signature strategies.”

He had almost forgotten that Mu Chen was once a War Troop Dispatcher. Ordinary War Troop Dispatchers could only control limited troops, but Mu Chen could utilize all of the spiritual beings in the entire Great Thousand World. That power was beyond one’s imagination!

When the entire Great Thousand World was shouting with joy, the Extraterritorial Race’s army was filled with uneasiness. Nothing was left on their faces except panic and horror.

After the Demonic Currents in the Great Thousand World broke down, the Heavenly Evil Deity’s furious yet reluctant voice projected out from the currents, “Extraterritorial Race, retreat!”

The Extraterritorial Race plunged into chaos as they heard his voice, and spatial cracks were torn as they all fled to the Lower Planes in a panic.

“All armies of the Great Thousand World, listen up! Kill all of the Extraterritorial Race and wipe them out. Chase all of them away from our Great Thousand World!” The Flame Emperor shouted immediately, when he saw the Extraterritorial Race fleeing for their lives.

“Yes!” All of the experts from the Spirit Demon Continent answered loudly in unison.

The next moment, countless light figures dashed out. In that moment, everyone could tell that the Great Thousand World was gaining the upper hand in this destructive catastrophe.

The Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor looked at Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged in front of them and had just opened his eyes. Mu Chen then said, “I no longer sense the presence of the Heavenly Evil Deity. He must have escaped.”

The Flame Emperor looked at Martial Ancestor, narrowed his eyes, and said, “We cannot let him escape. Otherwise, it would pose a great threat to us in the future.”

The Heavenly Evil Deity, who had such a tyrannical strength, was far too dangerous. If he escaped, the Great Thousand World would be in big trouble in the future.

Mu Chen nodded, then answered, “He has caused far too many troubles in our Great Thousand World during these past thousands of years. How can we just let him escape?”

With a stern face, Mu Chen stretched out his palm. The surrounding space immediately exploded as countless Fighting Spirit Torrents whizzed in.

Eventually, they gathered and formed a ball of light on Mu Chen’s fingertip. Within the ball of light was a world that collected the Fighting Spirits of the millions of spiritual beings from the Great Thousand World.

“Go!” Mu Chen yelled as he flicked his finger. In that moment, the ball of light beamed into a streamer and whizzed out into the empty space.

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