The Great Ruler

Chapter 1565(End) - The Death of the Evil Deity (End)

Chapter 1565: The Death of the Evil Deity (End)

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The strong wind howled while space was pulling closer than ever in the chaotic land. No Divine Grade experts would dare to step into this place. Amid the disorder, space fluctuated, and a black glow flitted out from it. Eventually, it formed into a figure – the Heavenly Evil Deity.

His expression was cold, and his eyes looked fierce as he stared at this disordered land. The area was situated at the end of the Great Thousand World where the thin border was just further down. For thousands of years, he led the Extraterritorial Race to the Great Thousand World through this place. Never had he expected that he would be forced to leave thousands of years later.

“D*mn! Mu Chen, Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, I won’t give up easily. I’ll be back!” the Heavenly Evil Deity said icily.


As his voice trailed off, the space in front of the Heavenly Evil Deity suddenly burst into pieces while a streamer dashed out from it. The streamer might not have looked exceptionally impressive, but it still struck a change in the Heavenly Evil Deity’s expression, as he could sense a destructive aura charging towards him. The Heavenly Evil Deity let out a bellow while overwhelming demonic light gathered in front of him to form a thick layer of defense.


However, his defense was instantly destroyed as the streamer flitted through it. Within a second, the streamer came into sight. What the Heavenly Evil Deity saw now was a dazzling shiny ball of light. Through the ball of light’s reflection he could see his own appalling face.

Before the Heavenly Evil Deity could do anything, the ball of light charged at him with a hair-raising aura and shot at that evil eye at his glabella. No unusual sound or loud explosion was heard. Only black-colored blood spattered out as the ball of light shattered the eye and embedded itself in the wound.

The Heavenly Evil Deity froze and was incredulous as he touched his glabella with trembling hands. The evil eye was shattered, and so was the ball of light. Soon after, the furious fighting spirit of all the spiritual beings in the Great Thousand World gushed into his body.

“How could this be possible…” the Heavenly Evil Deity muttered.

A figure stepped out of the rippling space in front of him. Mu Chen stared at the Heavenly Evil Deity with chilling eyes. He said indifferently, “The world may seem insignificant, but it can exterminate you.”

The Heavenly Evil Deity had mixed expressions on his face while the black-colored blood flowed down from the gaping hole at his glabella. It made him look hideous. As he felt the destructive force tearing his body apart, he gave a soft sigh and uttered to himself, “Never did I expect that I, the Heavenly Evil Deity, would lose to the Great Thousand World.” He lifted his chin. Even without his eye in its socket, he still looked at Mu Chen. “The Great Thousand World is becoming strong. I guess soon it will have three guardians, including you. Tsk tsk, how formidable can that be…”

“The Great Thousand World is outstanding.” Mu Chen fixed his nonchalant stare on the Heavenly Evil Deity and continued, “You have wreaked havoc in the Great Thousand World for thousands of years. In between, you plunged the people of the Great Thousand World into misery and suffering with two catastrophes. Today is payback time.”

The Heavenly Evil Deity smiled without any emotion. “Worthless spiritual beings… I don’t care about their deaths. I’m defeated by you today, and this is the mishap that I ought to encounter. But if you expect remorse from me, then you’re looking down on me.”

The Heavenly Evil Deity paused as he seemed to have other regrets. He muttered, “I wanted to take over the Great Thousand World to build up the Extraterritorial Race. Too bad… my wish didn’t come true.” As he finished his sentence, cracks emerged on his body’s surface and quickly spread to the rest of his body.


The next moment, the Heavenly Evil Deity’s body exploded with a vast amount of demonic aura sweeping out into the air. As Mu Chen looked at the overwhelming demonic aura, he used his mind to control a spiritual light that shot out from the top of his skull. The light transformed into a descending ancient pagoda that absorbed all the demonic aura.


The black pagoda landed on the disordered and desolate continent. At the same time, spiritual lights flickered in it as it sealed off the entire continent. No one could find this continent at all.

The pagoda suppressed the demonic aura that the Heavenly Evil Deity had cultivated throughout his entire life. If the demonic aura were to spread, it would pollute the spiritual energy of the universe. Hence, Mu Chen could only suppress it with the pagoda to purify it.

This time, the Heavenly Evil Deity perished completely.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the pagoda for a while before he swung his sleeve. The spiritual light fluctuated, transmitting the current scene to every corner of the Great Thousand World along with Mu Chen’s loud and clear voice. “The Heavenly Evil Deity is executed, and the catastrophe of the Great Thousand World is over. From now on, anyone who tries to invade the Great Thousand World will be killed.”


Every continent in the Great Thousand World burst into deafening cheers while many people knelt down and bowed. They were insignificant when they were confronted by the domineering oppression. Apart from enduring the pain with their physical bodies, there was nothing they could do. Luckily, the Great Thousand World was not fated to be destroyed. Finally, a supreme talent rose to wipe the demons out in the nick of time.

“Master Mu!”

“Master Mu!”

“Master Mu!”

The entire world quaked with the loud cheering voices.

Back in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, all the students were screaming at the top of their lungs while waving their arms in the air. Their hoarse voices could not stop their passion as they watched the superior figure projecting his image in the air.

Shen Cangsheng lifted his chin and exclaimed, “This fellow… I wonder if I can ever catch up to him in my entire life.”

“Hope is always there when you never say die. Work harder,” said Li Xuantong, smiling.

The two of them looked at each other and chuckled. They still remembered they had been more powerful than Mu Chen when they were in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy a long time ago. But when did that young man ever back down? He made his way step by step, overtaking them, and had even progressed way ahead of them.

Mu Estate.

“My son is really remarkable,” Mu Feng grinned and said to Tang Shan and the rest while he watched his son at the front of the hall. They were old friends of his from the Northern Spiritual Realm. He brought them to the Mu Estate to seek cover when the Great Thousand World was in turmoil.

When Tang Shan and the rest looked at Mu Feng’s extremely proud expression, they could not help but shake their heads. Your son has become number one in the Great Thousand World, and you are showing off to us shamelessly?

Back in the Spirit Demon Continent.

With her hands at her back, Luo Li lifted her chin slightly and looked up into the sky. The space in front of her rippled, and Mu Chen emerged from it. “Wow, is our hero back?” Luo Li chuckled.

Mu Chen laughed and stepped forward. He stretched out his arm and hugged her soft, slender waist. Softly, he said, “Earlier on, I was so afraid that I couldn’t protect all of you.”

Luo Li gave a gentle smile and hugged Mu Chen’s waist with her arms. “Mu Chen… you did a good job. I’m proud of you. You’re a true hero now. You fulfilled the promise you made back then.”

Mu Chen lowered his head and looked at her fair and flawless face. He grinned and asked, “When can we get married?”

Luo Li blushed slightly, but there was anticipation in her bright eyes. “Anytime.”

Mu Chen gazed at the beautiful face that was impossible to forget. Suddenly, he thought he saw the same cold and strong-willed young girl whom he had met at the Spiritual Road back then.

“Luo Li.”


“It’s good to have you by my side for the rest of my life.”

“You, too.”

The calamity had ended, and the Great Thousand World was at peace again. After the Heavenly Evil Deity was executed, the Extraterritorial Race fled for their lives. Even though the armies of the Great Thousand World killed a number of them, some capable ones escaped out of the Great Thousand World through some of the Lower Planes. However, without the Heavenly Evil Deity, those beaten ones could not create trouble anymore.

After banishing the Extraterritorial Race, Mu Chen circulated the Ultimate Force of the World to purify the demonic aura in the regions that had been invaded by the Extraterritorial Race. Thousands of years later, the spiritual energy of the universe loomed over the other half of the region in the Great Thousand World.

Naturally, many conflicts and disputes arose when such a vast and boundless land was developed. The various supreme forces began to fight with one another for the land and the resources. However, Mu Chen never interfered in such competitions, as he knew that such conflicts were neverending. This was the rule of the game. If the Great Thousand World had no competitions, the world would come to an end.

After a year of recuperation, the Great Thousand World had recovered from the devastating conditions after the demonic calamity. The entire world became more robust and vibrant. At this time, the wedding of the century was held at the Mu Estate on Tianluo Continent. The event captured the attention of all the spiritual beings from the Great Thousand World.

“Bow to heaven and earth!”

“Bow to the parents!”

Amid the festive atmosphere, red lanterns glowed brightly in the Mu Estate’s main hall while delightful voices traveled miles away. Within the hall, the elders from both parties’ families including Qing Yanjing, Mu Feng, and Luo Tianshen were sitting on throne-like chairs. They were all beaming as they watched the two young figures bowing to them.

The Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor, along with their wives, were sitting at the side. The rest were all the well-known figures from the Great Thousand World. Apparently, this wedding had drawn the attention of the world, and the entire Great Thousand World was happy for them.

“Husband and wife, exchange bows!”

Mu Chen, who was wearing a bright red robe, looked at the girl in her phoenix coronet. The two of them bent down and straightened up. The moment they lifted their heads and exchanged gazes, they drew smiles at their lips, just like the young boy and girl who had met each other in the forest at the Spiritual Road for the first time.

Time flew quietly by. Twenty-seven years passed in the blink of an eye. During those 27 years, the Great Thousand World grew prosperous with supreme forces sprouting up. At the same time, top-notch experts continued to mushroom, generating exciting stories. However, no matter how many outstanding people stood out in the world, everyone knew that no one in the Great Thousand World could surpass those three persons.

Mu Estate Headquarters in Tianluo Continent.

Mu Chen was half-lying down in a laid-back position on one of the serene hilltops. A spiritual energy river was flowing at the foot of the mountain. At the end of the river stood an ancient stone door – the Dragon Entrance Gate. Many disciples of the Mu Estate who tried to leap and fly over the Dragon Entrance Gate drew many gasping sounds.

While Mu Chen watched them casually, a little figure staggered and dove into his arms. “Daddy!” A young and childlike voice was heard.

Mu Chen quickly cuddled the little thing in his arms with a doting smile on his face. The one who dove into his arms was a little girl who was about two years old. She was pretty with white teeth and red lips. Her big, bright eyes were gleaming. She wore a little green top with two ponytails on her head. Her liveliness was so cute that it almost melted Mu Chen’s heart. She was Mu Chen and Luo Li’s daughter, Mu Yunxi – a name that had been given to her in the early years.

“Hey, Little Yunxi, did you miss me?” Mu Chen hugged the little girl and grinned.

“Yes.” Little Yunxi replied innocently. Then her little hands tried to reach for the fruit on the stone table. Her bright eyes were drooling over it. Apparently, her father was not as attractive as that delicious fruit.

When Mu Chen saw that, he laughed and chided her. “Little glutton.”

A lovely voice came from the back. “She didn’t see you for only a short while, why would she miss you?” Luo Li walked out slowly in her black dress as she looked helplessly at the two of them cuddling together. Ever since Little Yunxi was born, Luo Li was jealous at times because of the love and concern Mu Chen showered on his daughter.

Mu Chen chuckled and stretched out his hand to hold Luo Li’s jade-like hand. He pulled her close so she could sit beside him. The joyful family of three was indulging in their happiness.


While Mu Chen was enjoying such an atmosphere, he suddenly squinted as he sensed an odd fluctuation coming from the universe.


Not long after he sensed the weird fluctuation, the entire Great Thousand World suddenly shook, and the spiritual energy of the universe surged frantically.

Luo Li noticed the changes and shouted in surprise, “What’s going on?”

Mu Chen stood up. He stared into the empty space and looked beyond it. He saw the land where the spiritual energy fluctuation was coming from. With a smile, he said, “The day has finally arrived.”

As his voice faded, all the spiritual beings in the Great Thousand World sensed the same thing, too. They lifted their heads and were shocked to see a mysterious light screen falling from the sky. It was the Heaven’s Declaration!

Two tall figures stood in the air at the faraway Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border. Using their hands as pens, they drew upon an enormous amount of spiritual light. When the spiritual light diminished, two full names slowly emerged on the Heaven’s Declaration.

“Xiao Yan!”

“Lin Dong!”

Back on the hilltop, Mu Chen put down Little Yunxi and lifted his chin. He cupped his fist in the direction of the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border. The loud and clear voice cut through the entire universe. “Congratulations to the two seniors for making it to the honorable Heaven’s Declaration!”

At that faraway land, the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor smiled as they nodded and cupped their fists to Mu Chen.

Tremendous cheers broke out in the Great Thousand World. Many experts were showing their envious and respectful looks as they knew that another two domineering experts had emerged in the Great Thousand World from today onwards. All the spiritual beings bowed in their direction where the three of them were.

With the three guardians safeguarding the Great Thousand World, the Great Thousand World would continue to flourish and prosper forever.

(The End)

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