The Great Ruler

Chapter 16 Heaven Class

Chapter 16 – Heaven Class

The curtains gradually closed for the Academy Competition. However, the aftereffects created by the Academy Competition continued to envelop the Northern Spiritual Academy. For a few days, the entire Northern Spiritual Academy was discussing about that fierce battle at the Academy Competition.

In the Northern Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen would always remain modest. If it wasn’t because of the matter regarding about the Spiritual Road, perhaps many students wouldn’t even pay attention to him. Although he had quite a powerful background, there was still a bit of gap in terms of reputation when you compare it with a dazzling figure like Liu Yang. Before the match between Mu Chen and Liu Yang, many individuals did not feel that Mu Chen was promising.

But something unexpected appeared in front of their eyes.

Mu Chen, who seemingly remained a low profile, triumphantly defeated Liu Yang. He managed to successfully ascend to the Heaven Class with the title of Earth Class Number One. Moreover, everybody knew that he would be able to have a decent rank in the Northern Spiritual Academy Heaven Class with his Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase strength.

This shocked many individuals. Only now, they felt that it wasn’t so unbelievable for Mu Chen to be able to obtain the only one Spiritual Road’s qualification within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

At the Northern Spiritual Academy, the Heaven Class could be considered the gathering place for all the outstanding students. In other words, the weakest members of the Heaven Class would still have the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase.

Every single student would treat Heaven Class as their goal. This is because it was the only path to enter the “Five Great Academies”. They would only be qualified to compete for a place within the “Five Great Academies” if they ascend to the Heaven Class.

The selection for the “Five Great Academies” was extremely harsh. The first condition was that the student must have reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage before the age of 18. Just this one condition, many youth’s dreams were stopped.

Within the current Heaven Class in the Northern Spiritual Academy, there are probably no more than five individuals who reached this requirement.

Therefore, you could see how terrifying the acceptance conditions are for the “Five Great Academies”. Despite the harsh conditions, many talented youths would flock to it like moths flying towards a flame. This is because of the powerful might of the “Five Great Academies”. Even Mu Chen knew clearly about it. Even this vast Northern Spiritual Realm was less than an ant in the eyes of the “Five Great Academies”. The Territory Lords at this place were at most at the level of a Spirit Stage. This strength would probably be easily surpassed by any instructor inside the Five Great Academies.

Moreover, genuine Sovereign powerhouses exists in the “Five Great Academies”. These individuals are big shots that could easily upturn the world.

If they would like to emerge out of the countless geniuses throughout the Great Thousand World, even gifted youths like Mu Chen would not be able to become someone big without proper guidance. Even the most unrefined diamond would only shine through a master’s careful engraving. This high-end cultivation guidance was something that neither the Northern Spiritual Academy nor Mu Chen’s father could give him.

Based on Mu Feng’s description, if Mu Chen’s mother was by his side, perhaps she could do it, but unfortunately…

So the Five Great Academies was a stepping stone for becoming strong.

“Oi, the two of you should hurry…You’re heading for the first time to train at the Heaven Class today, yet you are still fooling around.” At a gravel road covered by tree’s shadows inside the Northern Spiritual Academy, Tang Qian’Er muttered as she stared in dissatisfaction towards the two boys behind her.

Mu Chen looked at the slim figure of Tang Qian’Er and said lazily: “Why are you so impatient…Isn’t there still some time?”

“You idiot, all the good locations would be taken at the Cultivation Field since you’re so slow.” Tang Qian’Er batted an eye at Mu Chen and spoke.

Mu Chen helplessly shook his head. Beside him, Tan Qingshan scratched his head and said: “Mu Chen, let’s listen to Senior Qian’Er and speed up a bit.”

He stared at the graceful and exquisite figure of the girl and his stern expression turned slightly red.

Mu Chen glanced at his red face in surprise. He could not help but laugh and say: “Do you like Sister Qian’Er?”

Tan Qingshan’s face instantly turned red. Sweat began to emerge on his forehead.


Before Mu Chen had a chance to say more, he noticed Tang Qian’Er turning back and walking over here in anger. Her slender leg was raised and she directly kicked Mu Chen’s knee.

“If you keep talking nonsense, do you believe that I will hit you?” Tang Qian’Er raised her eyebrow and asked.

The pain coming from his knee made Mu Chen grin. However, he seemed to have noticed that the girl was a bit angry from the fact that she raised her eyebrow. He immediately let out a dry cough and quickly said: “Let’s go. Let’s hurry to the Cultivation Field.”

Tang Qian’Er let out a quiet hmph. She walked forward again while she talked: “You two have only just entered the Heaven Class, so you are still considered to be newbies. In the future, you should be more attentive. The Heaven Class is quite troublesome and there are many irritating individuals. Although your father may be the Mu Territory Lord, many individuals would not care about it within the Northern Spiritual Academy.”

“Sister Qian’Er, do I look like a person who enjoys using my father’s identity to oppress others?” Mu Chen chuckled and said.

Tang Qian’Er thought for a moment, then she nodded. Mu Chen never did mention about his father’s identity. The reputation he had within the Northern Spiritual Academy was earned by himself.

“It’s best if you know it…” Tang Qian’Er chided.

“You should also know that you should not tease those old farts in the Heaven Class. They are not qualified to continue higher, but this is why it is a hassle.”

Mu Chen nodded. He knew what Tang Qian’Er was referring to by those old farts. It was the veteran students that have not left the Northern Spiritual Academy and are already disqualified from entering the “Five Great Academies”.

Because these students failed to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage by 18, they lost the qualifications to enter the “Five Great Academies”. Without this goal, there were some that muddle around aimlessly like a mixed taste that hasn’t departed from your mouth yet. It was these individuals who do not care about the Northern Spiritual Academy’s rules. Thus, in most cases, very few were willing to provoke them.

“I do not like to provoke others.” Mu Chen shook his head and did not say anything more. However, Tang Qian’Er understood the meaning behind those words as they were quite close. He would not provoke others, but if others were to provoke him, this seemingly good-natured boy would let them understand a person isn’t like their appearance.

“Relax, I will protect you. Within the East Branch Heaven Class, I was never afraid of anyone.” Tang Qian’Er smiled tenderly. The girl’s smile was like a flower, it was quite moving.

Seeing their informal conversation, Tan Qingshan could not get a word in and he could only just follow them.

The three of them walked towards the east side of the Northern Spiritual Academy. Ten minutes later, they finally stopped. They stared directly in front. Located there was an enormous Great Hall. Outside of the Great Hall, there was a crowd of students hurrying inside.

Mu Chen stared at the Great Hall and a touch of surprise passed through his eyes. At the location, he could feel that the Spiritual Aura within the World seemed to be attracted and gathered at the center of the Great Hall continuously. The Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to be many times denser compared to the outside.

“Is this a…Spirit Convergence Array?” Mu Chen asked.

Tang Qian’Er nodded and said with a prideful voice: “This Cultivation Hall is an important location for the Northern Spiritual Academy. Only the Heaven Class students are qualified to enter this place. The Northern Spiritual Academy paid a great price in order to invite a Spirit Array Master from the Five Great Academies to arrange a Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array inside this Cultivation Hall. This is also the only Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array in the Northern Spiritual Realm.”

“A Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array.”

Mu Chen smacked his lips. A Spirit Convergence Array was a Spiritual Array that is extremely beneficial for cultivation. As the Young Master of the Mu Territory, he naturally understood the value of a Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array. This level of Spiritual Array was not something that the Mu Territory could arrange. Without mentioning about the enormous amount of rare ingredients it required, even a Spiritual Array Master wasn’t something that many forces could afford in the Northern Spiritual Realm. The Northern Spiritual Academy must have performed many favors in order to invite one over.

“It is said that there are Spirit Convergence Arrays at the Sixth Rank or higher in the Five Great Academies. The cultivation speed at those locations is simply incomparable.” Tan Qian’Er said with a longing voice. A Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array was already this amazing, then it was impossible to imagine how amazing a legendary Sixth Rank Spirit Convergence Array would be.

“When you enter the Five Great Academies, you will naturally be able to experience it. Come on, let’s enter now.” Mu Chen smiled and he led them inside the most precious hall within the Northern Spiritual Academy.

After passing through the heavily guarded doors, a vast plaza appeared in their eyes. Many stone pillars with complex spirit engravings were positioned inside the plaza. As the lights flashed, the Spiritual Aura within the World was gathered at this location.


Mu Chen gently let out a light breath. He could feel the rich Spiritual Aura entering his body through his breath and could not help but letting out a praise. It truly is a Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array.

“The cultivation time is about to come. Let’s hurry inside. The closer you are to the Spiritual Array, the denser the Spiritual Aura would be. We must find a good position.” As she pulled Mu Chen, Tang Qian’Er walked quickly with Tan Qingshan to the inside off the Cultivation Field.

There were already numerous Heaven Class students at the Cultivation Field. It was apparent that Tang Qian’Er’s reputation was quite big within the East Branch Heaven Class. Many people shot a gaze over as they saw her actions.

“Who is that boy? He’s actually getting so close to Tang Qian’Er.”

“Oh, you don’t even know him? He is that Mu Chen. A few days ago at the Academy Competition, he defeated Liu Yang and ascended to the Heaven Class with the title of the Earth Class Number One. It is said that this Mu Chen has already reached the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase.”

“Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase? That’s quite amazing, he would be rather high up within the Heaven Class with that level of strength…”

“He’s pretty good. However, it is not enough to become fearless within the Heaven Class… Heh, who knows how many people like Tang Qian’Er over here? Jiang Li, Teng Yong are also both at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. This boy will probably cause a lot of trouble.”

While these people spoke, they stared at the other direction within the Cultivation Field. A few figures were quietly sitting cross-legged over there. However, their face seemed to have slightly darkened and they stared sullenly at the source that caused this. It was Tang Qian’Er pulling Mu Chen.

As Mu Chen was pulled by Tang Qian’Er, he glanced around the location and saw the numerous gazes. He immediately let out a helpless smile, it seems that he underestimated Tang Qian’Er’s popularity within the East Branch Heaven Class.

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