The Great Ruler

Chapter 17 Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array

Chapter 17 – Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array

“Let’s sit over here.”

Tang Qian’Er ignored the gazes coming from the Cultivation Field as she pulled Mu Chen directly inside the Cultivation Hall. Then, she stopped at a location near a golden stone pillar. Beside the stone platform that extended from the Stone Pillar, there were three jade-like rock cushions.

Mu Chen looked around, but his eyes still remained at the golden stone pillar. Following this, he was shocked. This is because he could feel a dense Spiritual Aura emitting from the golden stone pillar. It was evident that this golden stone pillar should be one of the many Spirit Convergence Pillars of the Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array. The effects of a place near the Spirit Convergence Pillar were definitely better than anywhere else.

“This Spirit Convergence Pillar was probably created by Spirit Convergence Rocks. It, indeed, is a Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array.” Mu Chen let out a praise. The Spirit Convergence Rock was a material beneficial to cultivation and the price was not cheap. The cost of creating a Spirit Convergence Pillar completely through Spirit Convergence Rocks would be quite high. No wonder many people would treat Spirit Convergence Array as a sign of wealth.

Tang Qian’Er nodded and sat down cross-legged. Then, she extended her slender arms and puffed up her chest slightly. As her clothes showed a charming curve, it made many individuals sneak a peek at her.

“Qingshan, you should also start cultivating over here.”

Mu Chen also sat down and directed a smile at Qingshan. He knew this cultivation spot was probably pretty good and many would want to fight for it. However, he was not afraid. Although he did not want to be overly well-known, he would not act low-key purposely and insult himself.

Mu Chen’s butt sat onto the jade rock cushion. He felt the surrounding Spiritual Aura become more and more dense. This made him immediately circulate the Great Pagoda Art. Traces of Spiritual Aura were absorbed into his body continuously. It turned into dark black Spiritual Power after it was refined by the Great Pagoda Art and flowed into his aura sea. The Spiritual Aura inside gradually became more vigorous.

Even with Mu Chen’s calmness, this clear increase of Spiritual Energy made him feel joy within his heart. Then, he was immersed completely in cultivation.

Beside him, Tang Qian’Er noticed that Mu Chen had directly entered into the cultivation state. She pouted slightly and then closed her eyes and began the cultivation process.

But their cultivation state did not last long before it was disrupted by a noisy sound from the outside world. Mu Chen was the first one to open his eyes. He looked at his left towards Tan Qingshan. However, he noticed that the boy had a ghastly pale face. His hands were clenched tightly and it was obvious that he was suppressing his anger greatly.

In front of the boy, there were two slightly old youths. They were laughing and would point at Tan Qingshan from time to time.

“What are you doing?!” Mu Chen frowned and said with a cold voice as he looked at the two youths.

The two youths noticed Mu Chen and frowned as well. One of them let out a faint smile and extended a hand over: “So you’re Mu Chen? I’ve heard your name a long time ago, I’m Jiang Li and he’s Teng Yong.”

Mu Chen stared at the hand extended by Jiang Li. However, he did not stretch his hand to shake it. From the latter’s eyes, he noticed a hint of hostility.

“What do you want?”

Seeing that Mu Chen did not react, Jiang Li and the Teng Yong’s faces were quite unnatural. They immediately pointed at Tan Qingshan and smiled: “Nothing, we only wanted to exchange locations with him.”

“We’re not changing. Next time, you should come here earlier and take it.” Mu Chen faintly spoke.

“Jiang Li, what are you doing!” At this moment, Tang Qian’Er also woke up. When she saw this scene, her beautiful eyes revealed anger. She shouted out as she lifted her eyebrow.

Jiang Li shrugged his shoulders and said: “Qian’Er, you should know the rules of this Cultivation Field. This location isn’t a recently arrived newbie can sit in. In order to avoid others from being jealous, I was doing this for his own good.”

Jiang Li said and glanced at Mu Chen. Although they disliked Mu Chen, they also knew that Mu Chen wasn’t someone they should provoke. His strength wasn’t any bit inferior to them and his background was not weak. Therefore, they did not cause trouble for Mu Chen directly and instead picked on Tan Qingshan, who was beside him. It was evident that he was planning to strike at Mu Chen indirectly through this.


Tang Qian’Er’s eyes were filled with rage. She was about to speak, but was interrupted by Mu Chen. The latter frowned at Jiang Li and Teng Yong. He seemed to have thought for a moment before saying: “I know that only powerful individuals are qualified to sit in this position, I believe that I possess this right. Tan Qingshan is my friend so that is why he sat over here. If you have any opinions regarding about this or if you want to show off your strength in front of me, I’ll accompany you.”

Their movements made many people watch them. Thus, Mu Chen’s remarks also entered their ears completely. A commotion rang out instantly. This newcomer sure was amazing.

Jiang Li and Teng Yong’s faces gradually turned unsightly as the commotion rang out. It was evident that they did not expect the seemingly mild Mu Chen would act so tough.

They stared furiously at Mu Chen’s serious expression, but they did not dare to shout at him. They heard about the battle between Mu Chen and Liu Yang. Liu Yang, who possesses a Spiritual Pulse, was someone that they weren’t sure that they could beat, yet Mu Chen succeeded. Therefore, they did not have any confidence that they would be able to defeat Mu Chen.

“Oh, as expected from the Mu Territory’s Young Master. He really is prideful when he speaks.”

Just when Jiang Li and Teng Yong had no way of backing down, a uncomforting laughter sound suddenly came from behind. Jiang Li and Teng Yong looked and a hint of happiness lit up in their eyes.

“Big Brother Luo!”

When he heard their surprised voices, Mu Chen also tilted his head. He only noticed a figure slowly walking over. That figure was around 18 years old with sunken eyes and his thin lips revealed a hint of mercilessness.

“Luo Tong!”

Tang Qian’Er stared at this person and her face sank slightly as she spoke.

“Luo Tong?”

Mu Chen frowned. This name was not new to him. This is because this guy’s father was also a Territory Lord within the Northern Spiritual Realm. However, Luo Tong already passed 18 years old last year, yet his current strength remained at Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. In other words, he had already lost the right to enter the Five Great Academies.

This also means that he was an old fart that Tang Qian’Er mentioned before and was an extremely troubling individual.

“Mu Chen, it’s been a while.”

Luo Tong arrived in front of Mu Chen and smiled. However, this smile was not kind and gentle. The two of them knew each other from a long time ago, but they disliked each other.

Mu Chen glanced at him and said: “So you also came here to put on the airs? “

“How could I possibly dare to do that? You are a genius that obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road.” Luo Tong curled his lips and pretended to be surprised. However, the jealousy within his voice could not be concealed. When he first heard that Mu Chen obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road, he was so jealous that his eyes turned red. Moreover, he is currently 18, yet he failed to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage. This cut apart his wish of entering the Five Great Academies. When he thought about Mu Chen’s talent and that it wouldn’t be difficult for him to enter the Five Great Academies, the flames of jealousy raged within his heart.

Mu Chen retracted his gaze and was too lazy to care about this jealous and pitiful guy. Compared to Liu Mubai, this Luo Tong was nothing.

“Hand over your seat.”

When Luo Tong saw that Mu Chen ignored him, the anger in his eyes grew. However, he did not directly challenge Mu Chen. Instead, he let out a cold shout towards Tan Qingshan.

Whether it was strength or background, it was obvious that he did not put Tan Qingshan in his eyes.

“Luo Tong, you shouldn’t go too far.” Mu Chen’s voice became colder.

“What? You’re unwilling to listen? You want to fight with me?” Luo Tong also let out a cold smile as he spoke. He was at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Therefore, he was not afraid of Mu Chen at all. Instead, he wanted to stir up Mu Chen’s fury and take care of this person, who made him jealous.

Mu Chen’s black eyes stared at Luo Tong. When Luo Tong saw those unfathomable black eyes, Luo Tong’s imposing manner actually paused for a moment. It did not matter how jealous he got, he still understood what it represent when Mu Chen obtained the qualification for the Spiritual Road. If it wasn’t because Mu Chen was suddenly kicked out of the Spiritual Road, he probably wouldn’t have the qualification to yell in front of Mu Chen.

His imposing manner paused for a moment, but Luo Tong quickly recovered. No matter what Mu Chen experienced, he was still a person at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. He simply wasn’t his opponent.

“Do you dare?” Luo Tong turned his embarrassment into fury and said.

“Luo Tong, what are you doing?!”

Before Mu Chen replied, a deep voice rang out from nearby. Everybody looked over and noticed a tall, burly figure approaching quickly. He, then, stood in front of Luo Tong and shouted out.

“Mo Ling, don’t you think you’re too controlling?” Luo Tong stared at the burly boy in front of him and frowned.

The person in front of him was a celebrity in the Northern Spiritual Academy. His ranking is only second to the West Branch Heaven Class’s Liu Mubai. Right now, he is also at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, but he would most likely break through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage in half a year. When that happens, he would be eligible to compete for a place at the Five Great Academies. He is someone who was the Northern Spiritual Academy would focus on nurturing.

“It will soon be the Cultivation Lesson. If you cause trouble here, Teacher Mo would not forgive you!” It seemed that Mo Ling did not like Luo Tong as well and he lifted an eyebrow as he spoke.

Luo Tong’s face instantly became ugly. However, he knew that Mo Ling did not fear him, so he could only bitterly grit his teeth. At this moment, a figure slowly entered the Cultivation Field. Everybody fell silent when they saw that figure. This is because it was Teacher Mo.

When Luo Tong noticed Teacher Mo’s appearance, he did not dare to keep at it and raised a fist toward Mu Chen. Then, he returned back to his seat unwillingly.

“Are you okay? That person is quite annoying, you just have to get used to it.” When Mo Ling noticed that Luo Tong departing, he smiled and asked Mu Chen.

“We’re fine. Thank you.” Mu Chen smiled kindly and replied.

“It’s fine, I’ve heard about you before. You are the only one that qualified for the Spiritual Road. Ohoho, it seems like I’ll have some pressure from now on.” Mo Ling smiled and waved his hand. Then, without saying anything more, he turned around and left.

Mu Chen stared at the back of Mo Ling and smiled. He had a good impression of that burly boy.

“Mu Chen, thank you.” Tan Qingshan also showed some gratitude as he spoke.

“We came here together, so we should take care of each other. Just ignore those individuals, you will become stronger than them soon.” Mu Chen gave a faint smile.

Tan Qingshan nodded strongly.

At this moment, Teacher Mo had always walked leisurely into the Cultivation Field. He glanced at Mu Chen, but he did not say anything at all. He only waved his hand and numerous lights flew directly into the stone pillars. Afterwards, everybody was able to feel that the Spiritual Aura within the Cultivation Field becoming denser. It was obvious that Teacher Mo had completely activated the Spirit Convergence Array.

Mu Chen felt the rich Spiritual Aura and smiled. Without saying anything, he closed his eyes and entered the cultivation state again. He absorbed the Spiritual Energy into his body and refined it.

The cultivation time of half a day quickly passed. Just when Mu Chen absorbed the final trace of Spiritual Energy into his aura sea and was about to end his cultivation, his body suddenly trembled violently. A wonderful feeling emitted from his aura sea.

Mu Chen was startled by this sudden feeling for a moment. Shortly after, a surprised feeling surged through his mind. Did the…Great Pagoda Art reach the Foundation Level?

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