The Great Ruler

Chapter 21 Disturbance at the Training Grounds

Chapter 21 – Disturbance at the Training Grounds

Northern Spiritual Academy, Training Ground.

Many students were sweating as if it had rained. A loud and clear cry, mixed with vitality, spread out far away.

Mu Chen was sitting under the shades of a tree. He lazily leaned on the trunk as he stared idly at the various heated duels. It was obvious that these duels did not interest him.

“Oi, although you have excellent results right now, you shouldn’t be so sloppy, right?” A slender figure suddenly blocked Mu Chen’s view. Then, Tang Qian’Er’s voice playfully rang out.

Mu Chen stared at the slim waistline in front of him. Then, he slowly moved his eyes up. The girl’s apricot color dress, slightly lifted up soft chest and slender figure made her quite attractive.

As he looked at the girl’s beautiful face, Mu Chen did a stretch and said: “It’s not that I’m acting sloppy, but these duels are useless to me.”

In the Spiritual Road, he did not know how many times he experienced battles of life and death. At that location, nobody was able to use any Spiritual Energy, thus they must push their minds to the limit and use their wisdom. Just a little bit of negligence and the cruel fate of being disqualified would occur. Then, they would only be able to wait at the safety zone until the trial was over.

And compared to that place, the gentle duels between students in the Northern Spiritual Academy would have no effects on Mu Chen.

“Hmph, you only know how to boast.” Tang Qian’Er hummed softly. Yet her beautiful eyes could not help but look at the comforting face of his. There was a gentle smiling intent in his black eyes as well as a sense of calmness deep inside that not many people possess at his age. It made others slightly immersed in them.

Tang Qian’Er also sat down beside Mu Chen. She then stretched out her slender hands and unlocked her ponytail. Her bluish black hair suddenly poured down like a waterfall. The scene was so touching and it instantly attracted a lot of attention over. Envious looks were thrown to Mu Chen in the end. This person really is great to have such a treatment.

“That’s right, how did your training in the Limitless Death Seal go? There weren’t any problems, right?” Tang Qian’Er tilted her head and she asked with her eyebrow lifted.

Mu Chen smiled. He extended his palm over towards Tang Qian’Er. In his palm, a looming black seal slowly came out while emitting a cold chill.

“You succeeded?” Tang Qian’Er gently opened her mouth as she made a shocked expression. She could not help but immediately grabbed onto Mu Chen’s hand and stared at the black seal on his palm. Her fingers poked at the black seal. A cold chill penetrated through it and made her body shiver.

“It can only be considered as succeeding the first step. But it must be continuously nurtured by my Spiritual Energy.” Mu Chen shook his head and he moved his gaze. He noticed that a lot of eyes were heating up in the surrounding and immediately let out a soft cough. He said: “You’ll pull in a lot of hatred for me if you continue to do this.”

Only then did Tang Qian’Er recover, her face instantly turned red and she quickly let go of Mu Chen’s hand.

Not that far away, Luo Tong stared at this scene. His eyes were a bit sulky. Tang Qian’Er was the East Branch’s flower. He naturally liked her as well. Moreover, Tang Qian’Er’s father was also one of the Northern Spiritual Realm’s Territory Lord. His father had once mentioned that if he was able to obtain Tang Qian’Er’s love, then their strength would increase tremendously after the Luo Territory and Tang Territory teamed up.

This idea was definitely good, but Luo Tong did not manage to obtain this girl’s heart like his father had wished for. Instead, Tang Qian’Er treated him quite cold. This made him extremely frustrated. And now, he saw how close Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er were and he was naturally jealous.

“Brother Luo, that guy really is insolent.” Jiang Li and Teng Yong stood beside Luo Tong and jealously stared at Mu Chen as they spoke.

Although they were unhappy seeing this scene, they knew that Mu Chen wasn’t that easy to deal with. Therefore, they did not act arrogantly as they would usually and pick a quarrel with him.

“He is only just a newbie that recently entered the Heaven Class. Yet he dares put on airs in front of me.”

Luo Tong’s eyes were dark and his eyes immediately turned around. He stared at Tan Qingshan, who was sweating like mad as he trained nearby, and let out cold smile: “Jiang Li, go find Tan Qingshan and have a duel with him, remember, you must take good care of the newbies.”

Jiang Li was startled for a moment. He hesitated and said: “That Tan Qingshan has a good relationship with Mu Chen. If I were to cause trouble for Tan Qingshan, then Mu Chen would probably…”

“I’m here, what are you afraid of?” Luo Tong frowned as he asked.

When Jiang Li noticed the dissatisfaction within Luo Tong, he did not dare to say anything more. He immediately got up and walked quickly towards Tan Qingshan.

Tan Qingshan, who was in the middle of his training, noticed that Jiang Li was coming for him. He frowned for a bit, but he did not say anything as he was not very talkative. He continued to practice a fist technique.

“Tan Qingshan, I’ll have a duel with you for a bit. This way, you will be able to improve much faster. As an old hand, I should take care of you newbies.” Jiang Li said as he directed a malicious smile towards Tan Qingshan.

After the surrounding students witnessed this, they immediately understood what Jiang Li wanted to do. However, nobody dared to say anything because of Luo Tong’s dark gaze coming from nearby. This kind of duel was definitely quite normal.

“These guys are really going too far!” When Tang Qian’Er saw this scene, she immediately frowned. She tried to get up, but her wrist was pulled by Mu Chen.

“What is it?” Tang Qian’Er looked at Mu Chen suspiciously. It was obvious that Luo Tong and the others troubled Tan Qingshan in order to allow Mu Chen to see it. It could be regarded as a deliberate show of strength as a warning.

“Although Tan Qingshan is silent, he has a stubborn personality. Sometimes, he does not need any help. Do not underestimate a man’s pride.” Mu Chen said faintly.

“The act of old hands bullying newcomers would appear everywhere. If I were to come forward and help him, it might allow him to be less troubled. However, this isn’t something that he needs. Moreover, in extreme situations, he might even drift apart from me. So in order to avoid this kind of trouble, he must use his own abilities to tell the others that he isn’t someone that everybody can just bully.”

“But he isn’t Jiang Li’s opponent.” Tang Qian’Er said.

“Victory isn’t just about beating down the other.” Mu Chen smiled slightly and said: “As long as he is able to let the others know that he isn’t a pushover and that they would have to pay some sort of price in order to push him around, it is fine.”

Tang Qian’Er thought for a moment. She felt that there were some truths within Mu Chen’s words. However, she still hesitated and said: “Hmph, even though you’re younger than me by a year, why did you pretend to be so old?”

Mu Chen smiled. He looked at Tan Qingshan whose face color changed. The latter clenched and loosened his hands in a cycle. He seemed to struggle for a bit before he stared towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen gave a smile to Tan Qingshan and gently nodded.

Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, Tan Qingshan gripped his hands tightly. Fierceness appeared within his eyes and he coldly said: “Then, senior Jiang Li, please advise me!”

Jiang Li was startled when he saw that Tan Qingshan actually accepted and immediately let out a sneer. He really is a boy who had no idea of his own limitations.

The two individuals slowly retreated backwards and many students surrounded them. However, it was obvious that many of them felt that Tan Qingshan was really unlucky this time.

Under the crowd’s gaze, the duel instantly began.

It was just like everyone had expected. This duel was simply one-sided as their strength was at different levels. However, everybody’s sympathy gradually changed shortly after.

Because they saw Tan Qingshan continued to charge at Jiang Li without the slightest fear of death. Even when he was repeatedly kicked down by Jiang Li, he did not show any signs of surrendering. The crazy imposing manner coming from his red eyes even shocked Jiang Li.

Bang Bang Bang!

The two figures interweaved at the grounds. Although Tan Qingshan was quite helpless, he risked being hit by Jiang Li a few times in order to bite at him.

When Jiang Li blew away Tan Qingshan again with his fist, the latter continued to pounce forward and bit into his arm. It left a bloodstain. Jiang Li finally could not stand the mad wolf-like imposing manner and retreated a few steps. He shouted out: “You’re crazy!”

Tan Qingshan ignored it and he pounced forward again with his red eyes.

“I quit!” Jiang Li hurriedly escape. He screamed out loud as he stared at Tang Qingshan’s red eyes.

The surrounding students rushed forward and pulled at Tan Qingshan. However, the latter was overly crazy right now and they failed to stop him for a moment. This scene made many students tremble. This Tan Qingshan was truly crazy.

Under the surrounding students’ shouts, Tan Qingshan gradually calmed down. He had cracked lips, his entire body was filled with pain and a bruise was even on his face. However, his eyes were filled with excitement.

In front of him, Jiang Li’s clothes were also ripped a lot. Although he did not have any injuries, his filthy face and the horror in it were visible to everyone.

Tan Qingshan might have lost in strength, but he won in terms of imposing manner. This was enough to make the other Heaven Class students look at him with new eyes.

Tan Qingshan wiped the blood from his mouth and looked towards Mu Chen. The latter smiled and gave him a thumbs up: “Amazing.”

Tan Qingshan rubbed his head and smiled. He felt gratitude towards Mu Chen as he had given him a chance to win back his pride with his own efforts. In the future, there aren’t many old hands that would probably come to bully him.

“That guy has quite a crazy nature.” Tang Qian’Er also smiled. Tan Qingshan’s craziness earlier even made her slightly alarmed.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head. Then, he stood up.

“What are you doing?” Tang Qian’Er asked suspiciously.

“Tan Qingshan did what he was supposed to do. Next, it’s my turn. Others tried to show their strength as a warning, so I must pay them back. Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome.” Mu Chen smiled and he gripped his right hand tightly: “Also, I wanted to find a person to test how powerful the “Limitless Death Seal” is.”

Mu Chen slowly walked forward. Then under many people’s gazes, he entered the grounds and stared at the gloomy Luo Tong.

“Senior Luo Tong, I recently learned a Spiritual Art and I wanted to invite senior over to give me some guidance. I hope that you would advise me as well.”

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