The Great Ruler

Chapter 20 Seal Formed

Chapter 20 – Seal Formed

“The Northern Spiritual Field Training?”

When Mu Chen heard these words, he was slightly stunned. The Northern Spiritual Field was a famous danger zone within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It had a vast territory and a variety of fierce Spiritual Beasts were spread across it. There would be many Adventurer Teams that entered it to hunt Spiritual Beasts. Also, there were many rare materials and elixirs within the Northern Spiritual Field. It could be considered as a treasure place. Of course, if you want to take the treasure out, you must have sufficient strength to do so. Otherwise, you might not be able to obtain any treasure and lose your life there.

Because the Northern Spiritual Field was filled with resources, even Mu Chen’s father would personally lead his men into the Northern Spiritual Field from time to time. Every time they entered, they were bound to have many tragic fights.

“That’s right. We, the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Heaven Class, would organize the students and head to the Northern Spiritual Field for training every now and then. This is because only a true battle would have the effects of tempering oneself.”

Tang Qian’Er nodded and smiled as she spoke: “For the training, we are permitted to form a two-man team. And the top three teams that have the best results would have a special reward.”

“Reward? What is it?” Mu Chen lifted an eyebrow.

“It’s said that it would be Accumulation Elixir this time.” Tang Qian’Er thought for a moment and said.

“Accumulation Elixir?” Mu Chen was astonished. This elixir was said to be extremely beneficial for beginners like them, who had only started their training. The elixir’s medical effects were mild and it would not leave any aftereffects. With their Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase strength, they would soon charge at the Spiritual Movement Strength Late Phase if they were to take it.

“Yes. If I am able to obtain an Accumulation Elixir, I should be able to advance into Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. And I would begin my preparations to enter the Spiritual Rotation Stage in the future.” Tang Qian’Er said.

“How would they judge the results?” Mu Chen asked curiously. It was obvious that the Accumulation Elixir had piped his interest.

“It’s simple. They will look at who killed the most Spiritual Beasts and which ones is the highest rank.” Tang Qian’Er continued to speak: “Because all the students in the Heaven Class are allowed to participate, therefore, there is quite a bit of competition. This is also why I want to get you.”

“I only reached the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Shouldn’t you look for someone stronger when you form a team? With Sister Qian’Er’s charm, I believe that many powerful individuals in both the East Branch and West Branch would want to form a team with you, right?” Mu Chen smiled and asked.

“You’re not willing?” Tang Qian’Er let out a slight hmph, then she waved the dark red jaded script within her hand.

“That’s something that I would wish for. However, if we fail to obtain the Accumulation Elixir, please do not blame me for dragging you down.” Mu Chen smiled. The words he said weren’t just common courtesy. After all, he only had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. There are many candidates that were more suitable than him in the Northern Spiritual Academy.

Tang Qian’Er thought for a moment, then she let out a light laugh. “It doesn’t matter if we fail to obtain it. I am confident that I would reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage within a year even if I do not rely on the elixir.”

As she said this, her slender fingers gently twirled the jaded script. She glanced towards Mu Chen and said: “And I don’t like forming teams with others.”

“Since Sister Qian’Er thinks so highly of me. I will sacrifice my life and accompany you. Don’t worry, Sister Qian’Er. Even if I have to risk my puny life, I will definitely help you obtain the Accumulation Elixir.” Mu Chen had a smile on his face as he pretended to be heroic and patted his chest.

“What a sweet talker.” Tang Qian’Er blushed as she stared at him.

“Then, what about this Spiritual Art?” Mu Chen smiled as he stared at the jaded script in Tang Qian’Er’s hand.

“Don’t do this again next time.”

Tang Qian’Er grunted. She held onto the Spiritual Art as she turned around and headed towards the outside of the Spiritual Arts Room. When Mu Chen noticed this, he immediately followed.

At the door of the Spiritual Arts Room, Tang Qian’Er registered the Spiritual Art. When the old man that manages the Spiritual Arts Room noticed the dark red Spiritual Art, he glanced at Tang Qian’Er and hesitated for a moment. After all, this “Limitless Death Seal” had a vicious name attached to it. Although Tang Qian’Er met the requirements, he still did not want to see a beautiful girl being harmed by this Spiritual Art.

When Mu Chen noticed the old man hesitating, his heart was slightly anxious. He knew that the Spiritual Arts Room’s Old Man Qin was an extremely inflexible person. As long as he did not like a person, then that person would not be able to bring any Spiritual Arts away from his place. Also, don’t judge based on his appearance. He may seem like he is about to die, but his strength is at the level of Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. He is just a step away from reaching the Spirit Stage. In the past, many cocky students suffered because of him.

Fortunately, Tang Qian’Er seemed to have some method on dealing with this old man. Her pretty face let out a pure smile and she called him “Grandpa Qin”. This made the old man nod his head cheerfully. After he warned her repeatedly, he still handed the Spiritual Art to Tang Qian’Er.

Mu Chen followed Tang Qian’Er out of the Spiritual Art Room silently. The latter let out a triumphant smile and threw the jaded script towards him.

“It’s all thanks to you!”

Mu Chen caught the jaded script and fiddled around with it for a moment. Joy appeared in his black eyes. Then, he gave a smile towards Tang Qian’Er. If it wasn’t for Tang Qian’Er today, then it would still be difficult to borrow it out from that Old Man Tai even when he qualified for it.

Tang Qian’Er smiled. She stared helplessly at the jaded script in Mu Chen’s hand. “You should be careful, if anything is wrong, you should immediately stop training in it.”

“Yes, then I’ll head back first.” As Mu Chen held the jaded script, he already couldn’t wait to start deep down inside. He waved towards Tang Qian’Er and quickly left.

The girl stared at Mu Chen’s figure as it quickly vanished. She could not help but pout. That blockhead.

The cold moonlight poured down from the sky and turned into a beam as it landed in the quiet room. Inside this room, a boy was quietly sitting cross-legged. His black eyes stared at the dark red jaded script that was gripped tightly in his hand.

Mu Chen stared at the jaded script for a moment. Then, he gently let it touch his forehead. As the Spiritual Energy circulated, the jaded script’s surface also flashed a dark red light.

And as the light flashed, a large amount of information flowed out from the jaded script and directly injected itself into Mu Chen’s brain.

Mu Chen closed his eyes tightly and accepted the training method for the “Limitless Death Seal”. Shortly after, he opened his eyes and let out a breath. Within his black eyes, it was filled with theories.

After all, the “Limitless Death Seal” had an extremely vicious name before. Therefore, Mu Chen did not dare to be too careless. Instead, he repeatedly looked at the training method before he began to start training in it.

Mu Chen sat down cross-legged and his hands were attuned to each other. His fingers wounded and formed an exquisite seal. He moved his mind and dark black lights flashed on his body. A trace of dark black Spiritual Energy began to linger around his palm.

The dark black Spiritual Energy was like a black snake. It would constantly twist in his palm as Mu Chen changed the seals. It gradually formed into a faint, black light seal.

However, condensing this light seal was not easy. Thus, a faint sound rang out and the twisting dark black Spiritual Energy shattered before the seal was condensed.

Mu Chen did not mind this first failure of his. If this “Limitless Death Seal” was successfully learned this easily, he would not have that big of an interest in it.

Mu Chen refocused his mind and began again.


And failed.

The time passed by quickly, yet Mu Chen continued to train in it tirelessly. The seal that was formed in his hands were gradually becoming more proficient and the condensing speed of the Spiritual Energy also increased rapidly.

His slender hands were like a butterfly passing through flowers. It changed at a curve. Within his palm, the dark black Spiritual Energy was being twisted. The black light seal was a lot clearer than before. A faint cold fluctuation emitted out from it.

Mu Chen firmly fixed his eyes onto the dark light seal that was about to be formed. His mind was strained to its limit. He had failed at this final step many times.

Mu Chen’s fingers changed once again and a dark black Spiritual Energy flowed into the black light seal.

The black light seal suddenly trembled. A humming sound came from it. Afterwards, the black light began to converge and it directly formed into a dark black light seal and was imprinted onto Mu Chen’s palm.

When the light seal was imprinted onto Mu Chen’s palm, his entire body tensed up. This is because the next step was the most dangerous one. The two seniors that trained in the “Limitless Death Seal” had snapped their meridians at this step.

As the black light seal was imprinted onto his palm, Mu Chen was quickly aware of a violent fluctuation emitting from the light seal. Then, it rushed ferociously through the meridians at his palm.

This appearance was like it was trying to destroy the meridians.


However, it was lucky that Mu Chen was prepared for it. A dark black Spiritual Energy rumbled and rushed out from his aura sea. It then collided with the violent fluctuations.

A low humming sound erupted from within Mu Chen’s body.

The fluctuations from the “Limitless Death Seal” were abnormally violent. It was like a wild beast as it charged towards the dark black Spiritual Energy which sealed it off. It attempted to destroy it.

However, the dark black Spiritual Energy that came from the Great Pagoda Art was not like it imagined. It was obvious that it was not easy to deal with it.

Facing against the violent impact, the dark black Spiritual Energy completely exposed its domineering nature. It used an extremely powerful oppression and completely resisted the impact.


Waves of impacts continued. However, Mu Chen did not dare to relax the slightest bit. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead. If he failed to block them, he would probably be gravely injured.

Mu Chen drew out all the Spiritual Energy within his aura sea and tried his best to defend against the impacts. The impacts lasted approximately for ten minutes, then it finally began to weaken.

When Mu Chen discovered that the impact had completely vanished. His tensed body limped down. Sweat covered his clothes and he was breathing heavily.

Although his body was abnormally tired, Mu Chen still held excitement within his eyes. He trembled slightly as he opened his right hand. At the center of his palm, there was a dark seal engraving that made others feel a chill.

“Did I succeed?”

Mu Chen stared at the black seal engraving in the center of his palm. The corners of his lips were raised and a smile of relief appeared.

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