The Great Ruler

Chapter 25 Spiritual Beasts Soul Essence

Chapter 25 – Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence

The warm firelight from the rising campfire illuminated Tang Qian’Er’s body. However, she still felt quite chilly. This chill came from Mu Chen’s description of the Spiritual Road that she had once longed to enter.

“It seems that the Spiritual Road isn’t a wonderful place, it’s lucky that I didn’t go. Otherwise, not even my bones would remain.” Tang Qian’Er’s heart beat irregularly as she spoke. She did not imagine just how anxious she would be if she had to survive in a place where she could not trust anyone.

“It wasn’t a nice place from the start.”

Mu Chen smiled and lifted his head. He noticed that Teacher Mo was waving to everyone and many students turned their gaze over.

“For this time’s Northern Spiritual Field Training, this place will be our camp. All of you will head out tomorrow from this place and venture into the Northern Spiritual Field for training, where you will confront directly against Spiritual Beasts. Before this happens, I would like to remind you that the Spiritual Beasts are divided into three ranks: High, Middle, Low. Most of the ones at the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field will be Low Rank Spiritual Beasts. However, you will still need to team up in order to deal with it.

Teacher Mo looked around as his calm voice echoed throughout the camp. Every single student was listening carefully. They knew that this isn’t a mock battle, but a true fight. A single mistake would cause them to become food for Spiritual Beasts.

“The Low Rank Spiritual Beasts are approximately at the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage; The Middle Rank Spiritual Beasts are Spiritual Rotation Stage; The High Rank Spiritual Beasts are comparable to the Spirit Stage. In the depths of the Northern Spiritual Field, High Rank Spiritual Beasts exist. Therefore, you should definitely not enter depths of the Northern Spiritual Field!”

When Teacher Mo said to this point, his voice had already become quite severe. Even he would find it a hassle to deal with the High Rank Spiritual Beasts in the depths of the Northern Spiritual Field. These students that just came out from the academy would be like a defenseless sheep.

Everybody nodded their heads. They weren’t foolish enough to joke around with their own lives. Not to mention a High Rank Spiritual Beasts, they would run far away if they encounter a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast.

“At the end of this training, the each member of the top three teams would be able to obtain an Accumulation Elixir.”

Teacher Mo relaxed his expression slightly. He stared at the boys and girls, whose eyes lit up, and smiled as he said: “So, in order to obtain an excellent result, you should work together with your companion. With your strength right now, you must cooperate in order to survive in the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field.”


The students replied in unison.

“After you hunted down the Spiritual Beasts, you should remember to collect the Soul Essence. Although the Low Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence isn’t something that a Spirit Stage powerhouse would ingest, it will be used to evaluate your performance.”

Mu Chen nodded his head slightly. A Spirit Stage powerhouse has the ability to ingest Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. With their strength, they naturally wouldn’t take a fancy to a common Spiritual Beast.

“Teacher Mo, you are also a Spirit Stage powerhouse, what Beast Spirit did you ingest?” A few students asked in curiosity. They were quite interested in the special ability of ingesting a Beast Spirit that a Spirit Stage possesses.

When Teacher Mo heard these words, he hesitated a bit. Then, he immediately formed a seal with one hand and a powerful Spiritual Energy erupted from his body. The golden light condensed behind him and it actually formed into a giant golden wolf that cried into the sky. On the surface of the giant wolf’s body, a lightning pattern seemed to be there. It seemed very powerful and extraordinary.


Surprised sounds erupted from the camp. Even the West Branch students that were located at the other side of the camp turned their gaze over. They were slightly shocked by the giant golden wolf behind Teacher Mo.

Teacher Xi, who was also explaining the rules to the West Branch, noticed this and pouted his lips. His body shook and a mighty Spiritual Energy exploded out. Behind him, a black lion figure appeared. On the back of the lion, a grey turtle shell was there.

All of the students looked at the Spiritual Beast Soul Essence that the Spirit Stage powerhouses ingested and summoned. They were envious. This power was something that they wanted.

“I ingested the High Rank Spiritual Beast Golden Thunderwolf’s Soul Essence. The Golden Thunderwolf is ranked in the Myriad Beast Record. However, it is not ranked up high. It is only at the 382th place of the Earth Ranking. Teacher Xi ingested the High Rank Spiritual Beast Rockturtle Lion’s Soul Essence. It is ranked at the 390th place of the Earth Ranking.” Teacher Mo smiled when he saw Teacher Xi’s action. Afterwards, he waved his hand and the golden wolf vanished from behind him.

“It’s such an amazing Spiritual Beast, yet it is only ranked somewhere in the 300s of the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking? Then won’t the top 100 Earth Rank Spiritual Beast be even more insane? There is also the legendary Heaven Ranking for the Myriad Beast Record… Wouldn’t it be too overpowered?” A few students exclaimed. Just the Earth Ranking was this amazing, just how terrifying would the Heaven Ranking for the Myriad Beast Record be?

“The Spiritual Beasts that are able to enter the top 100 in the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking are not any ordinary Spiritual Beast. Their strength surpasses a Spirit Stage powerhouse greatly and are comparable to a powerhouse at the level of Three Heavens Stage. Therefore, they are known as known as Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, in short Heavenly Beasts.” After he said to this point, Teacher Mo suddenly glanced at Mu Chen. Mu Chen understood what he meant. This is because Mu Chen’s father ingested the Dragonfire Bird, which was ranked in the top 100 of the Earth Ranking. Thus, the Dragonfire Bird should have achieved the Heaven Rank. Normally speaking, it should be quite difficult for a Spirit Stage powerhouse to ingest the Soul Essence of a Spiritual Beast that is stronger than them. For Mu Feng to be able to ingest it, he must have been quite lucky. Mu Feng’s strength is definitely in the top three even among the Nine Territory Lords within Northern Spiritual Realm because of this.

After reaching Spirit Stage, the strongest attacking method is ultimately the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that they ingested. It is considered a powerful fighting force. Therefore, it was natural that their strength will be stronger if they ingested a stronger Spiritual Beast.

“As for the existences in the Myriad Beast Record’s Heaven Ranking….” Teacher Mo paused for a moment and immediately smiled: “Even the powerful individuals at the Sovereign Stage in the Great Thousand World wouldn’t dare to easily attack them.”

“Okay, it’s about time now. You should all rest earlier today. The Northern Spiritual Field’s training will officially begin tomorrow morning!” Teacher Mo felt that he said enough. He waved his hand to stop the excited youths.

When everybody heard these words, they dispersed as they carry a bit of excitement back with them. Mu Chen also returned to his tent and closed his eyes to train. He, once again, tried to see if he could condense the second Limitless Death Seal.

A peaceful night passed by.

The following morning. When morning arrived, many students were already prepared at the camp. They stared excitedly at the inside of the vast forest.

Mu Chen was together with Tang Qian’Er. He swept his eyes around and noticed Tan Qingshan nearby. Mo Ling was actually next to him. It seems that the two of them have formed a team. This surprised Mu Chen a bit. After all, Mo Ling had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. If he wanted to find someone to team up with, there are many people more suitable than Tan Qingshan.

“Mu Chen, you formed a team with Qian’Er?” Oh, I formed a team with Qingshan. Since he is a newcomer, it would be a bit risky to come here. I thought that I should take care of him a bit.” Mo Ling said as he noticed Mu Chen and he brought Tan Qingshan over.

Mu Chen smiled slightly and nodded his head. From Mo Ling’s words, he could tell that he wanted to form a good relationship with him. It seems that the majority of the reason why Mo Ling wanted to take care of Tan Qingshan was because he wanted to form a good relationship with him.

“Senior Mo Ling sure is thoughtful.” Mu Chen smiled. He did not have any ill feelings towards Mo Ling. Therefore, he did not object in forming a relationship with him.

They talked and laughed for a while. Then, their voices suddenly stopped. From their right, a group of individuals suddenly separated and a few familiar figures appeared in front of Mu Chen. The one that led the group was Liu Yang, who lost to Mu Chen at the Academy Competition.

Liu Yang stared at Mu Chen. His eyes were a bit cold. The battle during the Academy Competition had impacted his reputation quite a bit. Although his big brother was Liu Mubai, he was secretly scoffed at when he entered the Heaven Class. Thus, his heart was still filled with rage.

Mu Chen only took a glance at Liu Yang before he tilted his head away to the one beside him. There, a tall and burly boy was staring at him in interest.

“You are that Mu Chen? I heard that your reputation isn’t that small recently.” The boy in yellow clothes smiled as he stared at Mu Chen and spoke in a careless manner.

“Chen Tong, what do you want?” When Mo Ling saw these two boys, he lifted an eyebrow and asked in a deep voice.

Mu Chen’s face remained calm. Chen Tong. This name was quite well-known in the Northern Spiritual Academy. Although he could not compare to Liu Mubai, he is still ranked third overall in the Northern Spiritual Academy. He is at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase and is like Mo Ling, an important individual that the Northern Spiritual Academy focuses on nurturing.

“Before, you were always the one that tries to make a show of authority. Why do you have to bring someone over now before daring to come over?” Mu Chen glanced at Liu Yang and he smiled as he spoke.

“Oh, you’re quite arrogant. Let us introduce ourselves? I am the West Branch’s Chen Tong. I wanted to meet the only one, who qualified for the Spiritual Road, a long time ago.” Chen Tong held out his hand and chuckled.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen let out a slight smile. He was too lazy to care about these two individuals. He passed straight through Chen Tong’s side. Then, he stopped his footsteps and stared into the distance. At that location, Liu Mubai, who was wearing white clothes and looked exceptionally handsome, was staring over to this side.

The two of them exchange glances. A faint chill seemed to flow in the air and it made the surrounding students quietly closed their mouth.

“If you dislike me, then come at me by yourself. These people are not up to my standard.” Mu Chen gently laughed. He did not stay at that place longer and brought Tang Qian’Er out of the camp. They moved quickly towards the Northern Spiritual Field.

Liu Mubai narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at Mu Chen. A cold light flashed through his eyes.

“That bastard!” Liu Yang gritted his teeth as he spoke.

Chen Tong let out a grin, but his eyes were quite dark.

“It’s fine. We’ll let him show off for now. There’s always a chance of meeting in the Northern Spiritual Field. At that time, nobody will be watching so I’ll teach him what manners are. He really is…a boy, who doesn’t respect his seniors.”

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