The Great Ruler

Chapter 26 Veteran Hunter

Chapter 26 – Veteran Hunter

“The West Branch people sure are annoying.”

Inside the forest filled with shade, Tang Qian’Er had an angry expression on her face. These people keep coming to trouble Mu Chen, so even a clay figurine would be angry within its heart.

“Only a mediocre individual will not be hit by jealousy.” Mu Chen only chuckled. He looked far behind him and said: “However, that Liu Mubai seems to be quite jealous of me. I don’t think I’ve interacted with him a lot.”

“Liu Mubai?” Tang Qian’Er frowned and said: “He wants to deal with you?”

“Or why would you think that Liu Yang, a newcomer who recently ascended the Heaven Class, would bring Chen Tong over? This was probably incited by Liu Mubai. That guy…He is quite similar to the crazy individuals in the Spiritual Road, but he only lacks a bit of attainment.” Mu Chen said in a faint voice.

“That guy is also really annoying.” Tang Qian’Er’s face turned slightly cold, but she instantly became worried: “It isn’t that easy to deal with Liu Mubai. Liu Yang isn’t the same level as him. Ever since he entered the Northern Spiritual Academy, Liu Mubai had always dominated the title of the strongest within the Northern Spiritual Academy. It seems that he had never lost during these years.”

“Ah, right. Mu Chen, you should be careful about that Liu Mubai. I can’t seem to see through that guy. Although I fought against him before, I still lost badly. Even then, Liu Mubai did not use his full strength.” Mo Ling said solemnly beside him.

“Senior Mo Ling, you are already at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, if Liu Mubai was able to defeat you…” Tan Qingshan was astonished and he could not resist blurting out these words.

Mo Ling slowly nodded his head and said: “It is likely that Liu Mubai has already advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage. That guy… is indeed powerful.”

Tang Qian’Er’s face became serious. If this was true, then it would definitely be troublesome. The gap between Spiritual Movement Stage and Spiritual Rotation Stage was too great.

When she thought up to this point, she stared at Mu Chen. The boy’s face was still as calm as before and he had a gentle smile. That wordless silence and calmness suddenly weakened the worries within Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and Tan Qingshan’s heart.

The boy in front of them seemed to have some sort of magic power. It made others believe that he could do many extraordinary things in the eyes of ordinary people.

“Although the Spiritual Rotation Stage is amazing, it isn’t an existence that could not be deal with. It might be troublesome, but if Liu Mubai was to take action, he will have to pay a certain price.” Mu Chen gently said. There was no vaunting within his words. Only, it did not matter whether it was in the Spiritual Road or the Great Thousand World. If anyone has any ideas towards him, he would definitely make them pay the price regardless of the outcome.

“Forget it. Let’s not talk about this right now. The Northern Spiritual Field Training has begun. We should also officially start now. The two of you are considered our competitors.” Mu Chen looked at Mo Ling and Tan Qingshan as he smiled.

“Then we should take the advantage by striking first!”

Mo Ling and Tan Qingshan exchanged gazes with each other and fiercely stomped the ground as they dashed forward. They were currently at the outermost area of the Northern Spiritual Field. Here, the Spiritual Beasts were quite scarce. Only by venturing in further will they be able to meet them.

Mu Chen stared as the two of them departed. He could not endure letting out a laugh. Then, he gently rubbed his palms and a tiny bit of excitement appeared in his black eyes.

It’s been a long time since he hunted others. If he did not move now, he was afraid that he would become rusty.

“Let’s go as well.”

Mu Chen directed a wave towards Tang Qian’Er and his pace suddenly accelerated. However, he did not follow Mo Ling’s route and instead, went on a slightly different route. During the trial within the Spiritual Road, he understood how to track the Spiritual Beasts’ trails.

The two of them sped up. Within 10 minutes, they gradually entered the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field. Sounds of roars would occasionally came from a distance.

Tang Qian’Er followed closely behind Mu Chen. The girl’s pretty face was slightly nervous. She knew that they would lose their life if they were surrounded by Spiritual Beasts in this kind of dangerous place.

And just when she was nervously staring at her surroundings, Mu Chen’s body suddenly stopped. She smashed straight onto him without any guard up. The girl’s soft and delicate body pressed onto Mu Chen’s back. This soft feeling made Mu Chen blink. Behind him, Tang Qian’Er blushed and quickly tried to step back. However, her hand was caught by Mu Chen.


Before Tang Qian’Er needlessly struggled, Mu Chen had already waved his hand slightly. His eyes pierced through the forest and stared straight ahead. Tang Qian’Er also followed that gaze and she saw a patch of open space. She noticed that there were two blood red bodies with a black horn on its forehead. These two creatures were similar to a tiger and a pig. It leisurely strolled around while emitting piercing endlessly.

“It’s the Low Rank Spiritual Beast Bloodswine Tiger.

Mu Chen said softly. These two Bloodswine Tiger seems to be at the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. However, this beast has a thick skin so it should be able to endure an all-out attack from a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. If it were to enter in a frenzy, it would be exceptionally fierce.

“One for each person, is that okay?”

Mu Chen looked at Tang Qian’Er. The girl’s pretty face was slightly pale, but she still managed to nod her head. This was probably the first time that she was going to face a Spiritual Beast head on.

“Don’t worry. I’m here.” Mu Chen smiled as he comforted her.

“Yes.” Tang Qian’Er gently gritted her teeth and her slender hand gripped onto a short sword. She did not want to drag down Mu Chen. She must work hard for their results.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen gently said as his body rushed out.


When Mu Chen appeared, the two Bloodswine Tiger turned their red eyes over towards him. They let out a roar and a bloody light emitted from their body.


With quaking steps, one of the Bloodswine Tiger charged violently like a streak of red light towards Mu Chen. When the other one planned on following it, a sharp, shattered rock wrapped in Spiritual Energy hit its nose heavily. This made it falter and its blood red eyes stared at the delicate girl. It let out a roar and charged over.

Mu Chen stared at the Bloodswine Tiger that was charging towards him. His eyes did not panic and, instead, a hint of excitement flashed through. He stomped and actually charged straight at it.

A human and a beast skimmed by each other. The fierce winds raised the leaves on the ground. The instant that the two of them were about to collide, Mu Chen’s body suddenly took a diagonal step. His right hand gripped onto a sharp dagger and dark black Spiritual Energy quickly wrapped around it.

Mu Chen’s right hand drew an arc. The black light appeared right as the Bloodswine Tiger passed by and a cold light flashed through the Bloodswine Tiger’s eyes as it sputtered out blood.


The Bloodswine Tiger crashed severely at the large tree behind him. The giant tree toppled down and the ground shook. The Bloodswine Tiger seemed to cry out in berserk. Its pair of blood red eyes was stabbed by Mu Chen and it became blind.


The pain almost made the Bloodswine Tiger become crazy. It used the smell in the air in order to switch directions and charge recklessly at Mu Chen. The mane that covered its body was like barbed wire as it stood up. It was like a steel fortress.

However, Mu Chen seemed to be quite calm as he faced the berserk Bloodswine Tiger. He took a step that allowed the Bloodswine Tiger to charge recklessly by his side. Every time the Bloodswine Tiger rushed passed his body, the razor sharp dagger would bring fresh and hot blood.

The hot blood slowly rolled down the dagger. In the end, the Bloodswine Tiger let out a shrill howl and its body stopped moving.

Mu Chen drew the dagger calmly and cut the enormous Bloodswine Tiger apart. That experienced approach would shock even the Adventurers, who hunted Spiritual Beasts for a living. It wasn’t something that a boy at this age should possess.

After he dealt with the Bloodswine Tiger, Mu Chen looked towards Tang Qian’Er. At this moment, the girl was in a slightly difficult position. Although there were many blood trails on the Bloodswine Tiger’s body, it was basically uninjured for a Bloodswine Tiger with thick skin.


Just at this moment, the Bloodswine Tiger that was entangled by Tang Qian’Er might have heard the cries of its dying companion. Its blood red eyes instantly flushed red and its originally huge body actually swelled up.

“It went in a frenzy?” Mu Chen saw this and lifted his eyebrow.


Tang Qian’Er issued out a surprised cry. When the short sword cut onto the Bloodswine Tiger’s body, an impact shocked her instead and the sword flew away. She immediately retreated a few steps and felt a shadow covering her. A smell of blood charged towards her. The Bloodswine Tiger jumped up high into the sky and firmly squashed down like a little mountain.

Facing the shadow coming down, Tang Qian’Er’s face became pale and her body felt as if it couldn’t move.


A figure suddenly appeared from the side. Its arm wrapped around her slender waist and a dark black Spiritual Energy expanded through the dagger in his hand. Like a dark light, it cut across the belly of the Bloodswine Tiger from below.


Fresh blood fell down. However, this also includes smelly intestines and internal organs.

Mu Chen held onto Tang Qian’Er as they rolled on the ground in order to avoid the heavy press from the Bloodswine Tiger. The Bloodswine Tiger struggled for a moment, before it stopped moving. It was obvious that it has lost its life.


When Mu Chen noticed that they successfully got rid of the two Bloodswine Tiger, he let out a light breathe out. Then, he felt the girl’s struggles within his arm and he released her as he smiled. He said: “Are you alright?”

Tang Qian’Er shook her head as her face was flushed red. She looked at the two dead Bloodswine Tiger and amazement appeared within her beautiful eyes. She understood that it was basically all Mu Chen’s credit for taking out these two dead Bloodswine Tiger this swiftly.

“Why are you so amazing? I fought against the Bloodswine Tiger for so long, yet I failed to kill it.” Tang Qian’Er could not help saying this out.

“It’s best to directly aim at its vital parts. You’ll get used to it after you kill a few more.” Mu Chen smiled before he went up to the two Bloodswine Tiger. His dagger cut across its head and a red light flew out. Two fist-size clumps of light slowly ascended. Inside the clump of light, you could vaguely see a miniature Bloodswine Tiger and a faint violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted from it.

This is the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence.

Mu Chen recovered the two Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence and threw it towards Tang Qian’Er. The latter caught it in curiosity. She looked at it back and forth as if she was quite satisfied with their first reward in their life.

Mu Chen could not help but laugh as he witnessed this scene. He wiped off the blood from his dagger and stared further into the deeper areas. His tongue licked his lips gently. It seems that the earlier bloody events reawakened his suppressed desire.

“Let’s go. This is only the beginning…”

Mu Chen tilted his head as he spoke to Tang Qian’Er. Then, he took large strides again. This level of Spiritual Beast still lacks a bit of challenge…

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