The Great Ruler

Chapter 5 The Great Thousand World

Chapter 5 – The Great Thousand World

The sun shined into the courtyard with lush branches. It formed a beam of light. Within the beam, many tiny lights danced along with it. It made the whole courtyard seemed very transparent.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged on a stone chair. One of his hands was on his face; the other was fiddling with the black script. In the end, he selected the “Great Pagoda Art”. It was also a commitment that he made to his own father.

However, even Mu Feng did not know what rank this “Great Pagoda Art” was. He could only vaguely tell that this thing was extremely powerful. As to why he said it was very powerful, the reason he gave was that it was because your mother was very, very powerful…

Mother was very, very powerful?

Mu Chen blinked his eyes. Mu Feng was able to lift up the entire family and create this Mu Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm. He became a famous powerhouse within the Northern Spiritual Realm. In fact, he could be considered as quite amazing. But if even he said that she was powerful, just how powerful was mother?

“If mother was that powerful, why did she fancy dad?” Mu Chen grinned. It looks like dad had a wonderful encounter with mom when he was young. It should be a good story.

Mu Chen organized his chaotic feelings for a while. Then he gazed at the black script within his hand. He would have to fight Liu Yang ten days later. That guy is also a person at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase and possesses the Human Level Spiritual Pulse. Although he had met monsters with a much more powerful Spiritual Pulse at the Spiritual Road, but the Spiritual Road was somewhat peculiar.

The so-called Spiritual Road is, in fact, a very enormous stage for a trial. The creators of the Spiritual Road are the “Five Great Academies”. Every three years, the Spiritual Road will activate. The entry selection for the Spiritual Road was also quite strange. It was not selected through human means, but it was searched out by a Divine Artifact known as the “Mirror of Judgment”. This search was quite strange, but the people that were selected by this Divine Artifact were mostly people with excellent talents. In general, they would be able to enter and train at the “Five Great Academies” once they successfully pass the Spiritual Road’s trial.

The Spiritual Road is formed in a world. In this strange world, nobody is able to use any energy. In other words, whether it is Spiritual Aura or Dou Qi and Yuan Li from Lower Planes, nobody can use them within the Spiritual Road.

The selected person would face many life and death experiences when they enter the Spiritual Road. Under the circumstance that they could not use Spiritual Energy, they could only use their own physical body and their own dexterity and wisdom to resolve a variety of dangers. This method of forcing them to a corner is the best way of tempering their willpower.

When entering the Spiritual Road, the selected person would be told that if they want more power, then they must have an unshakable resolve. Only by controlling this resolve, will they be able to become someone truly strong.

In the ten million years, 70-80% of the strongest powerhouses that came out of the “Five Great Academies” had participated in the Spiritual Road’s trial. Thus, you can see how important the Spiritual Road’s trial is. This is also why many geniuses would go after it like ducks.

“The Five Great Academies…”

Mu Chen clenched his fist tightly. He must enter that place. Not only did he promise her, but he would only obtain the qualifications to stand in the outside world if he comes out from the “Five Great Academies”.

Towards the outside world, Mu Chen was not aware of it that much. However, he would occasionally hear about it from Mu Feng. The Great Thousand Worlds he currently resides in is a vast, endless place. Many clans live here. The Northern Spiritual Realm is just like a tiny speck of sand within an ocean. It is an insignificant place. Moreover, the Great Thousand Worlds interweaves with numerous worlds. However, those worlds could only be called Lower Planes. This is because this world seemed to be at a higher level than those worlds. The Great Thousand Worlds is the center of numerous planes.

However, the ones that were able to come from a Lower Plane to the Great Thousand Worlds all possess amazing talent. They must be the strongest individuals in their world. Otherwise, they would not be able to break through the shackles of the world.

Mu Chen had once overheard a conversation about the overpowered people that came from the Lower Planes in a higher up meeting at the Northern Spiritual Academy. There were two that were the most well-known. Mu Chen did not hear their names, but he could hear their titles.

Flame Emperor.

Martial Ancestor.

They were both domineering titles. They came from the Lower Planes, but according to Mu Chen’s speculation, they were probably considered as a true Sovereign within the Great Thousand World. That Martial Ancestor had once caused an enormous ruckus in the Great Thousand World. It was said that he charged into a rather powerful clan, the Ice Spirit Clan, within the Great Thousand World by himself. The Ice Spirit Clan could not stop the man, who was holding a Lightning Staff. That one battle trembled the heavens. When that was known, the entire Great Thousand World was shocked. And it was rumored that he had done all of this in order to save the person he loved.

In contrast, the unworldly Flame Emperor kept a low-profile. However, it was rumored that he had gone to the Fire Spirit Clan and the Fire Spirit Clan even asked an Old Ancestor, who had lived for numerous years, to come out. Yet, he was not able to get the upper hand against the Flame Emperor and had to let the Flame Emperor leave. This stunned everyone from the Fire Spirit Clan.

The powerhouses that came from the Lower Planes would still be as amazing as before and were overbearing even after they came to the Great Thousand Worlds.

The outside world was really filled with excitement, making one extremely thrilled.

However, Mu Chen also understood that he has not reached that level yet. However, he truly believed that he would be able to reach it if he had enough time.

Mu Chen stared at the black script in front of his hand. A smile emerged on his innocent face. Then, everything should begin from this…

Mu Chen placed his hands together and slowly closed his eyes. The black script within his palm let out a warm glow.

His eyes were filled with darkness. Mu Chen moved using his mind and urged the Spiritual Aura within his body to flow through the meridians in his arm and eventually into the script within his hand.


Soon after the Spiritual Aura was inserted inside, the script let out a subtle buzzing sound. Then the darkness began to be torn up and something seemed to enter Mu Chen’s body through his palms.

“Use your body as a Pagoda to witness the Road of a Spirit…”

The mysterious and obscure chant seemed like an ancient bell sound. It quietly echoed in Mu Chen’s mind. Then, he quickly protected his mind and firmly memorized these chants.

The ringing sound gradually dispersed. The training chant contained way too many things. Many of them were things that Mu Chen had not touched before. Thus, he wisely decided to put it aside for now and accept the parts that he could understand. However, the chant was so obscure that his brain was still in pain. He had never seen such a mysterious and complex chant.

It was obvious that Mu Chen had extraordinary talents. Otherwise, he would not have qualified for the Spiritual Road. Within the mysterious chant, he understood the secret within it. Shortly after, he finally began to move the Spiritual Aura. Based on the chant, the route circulation within the meridians were all quite strange. If you were able to trace the lines, you would be able to discover that the path that it travels seemed like a strange tower shape formed within his body.

The Spiritual Aura followed this weird meridians route and began to circulate. The first circulation obviously uses up an enormous about of energy. However, Mu Chen was able to fight back the tiredness and tried to maintain and complete the Spiritual Aura circulation.

The strange meridian route was extremely difficult to circulate. Even if Mu Chen tries to desperately control, he would still fail repeatedly. However, he did not feel rash about it and maintained a calm state as he circulated it over and over again.

This process lasted an entire afternoon. After repeated failures, a tiny portion of the Spiritual Aura finally passed through the final meridian under Mu Chen’s careful control.

When the Spiritual Aura passed through the final meridian, the originally transparent Spiritual Aura began to change. The color gradually became a dark and deep color.

Only now can the Spiritual Aura be truly called Spiritual Aura. And although this dark Spiritual Aura seemed quiet and reserved, Mu Chen could vaguely feel that underneath this quietness is a hidden overbearing an fierce feeling.

It was evident that the quality of the Spiritual Aura that came out through the Great Pagoda Art was extremely high. It was not something that an ordinary Spiritual Art could compare with.

The thing that mother left behind was truly amazing! Mu Chen secretly thought to himself in excitement while he was completely sweaty.

This dark Spiritual Aura quietly occupied Mu Chen’s aurasea. As long as he insisted on training this Spiritual Aura, it would definitely become massive.

And in the moment that the dark Spiritual Energy occupied his aurasea, Mu Chen’s body violent shook. A sudden burst of dizziness appeared within his mind. He could feel that something was resonating with it inside his body. It was a wonderful feeling. It started from within Mu Chen’s heart, but it soon vanished.

“What was that all about?”

Mu Chen recovered quickly. He was quite alarmed and quickly began to probe around within his body. However, he did not find anything wrong with it. It was as if the early feeling was just an illusion.

However, Mu Chen firmly believed that it wasn’t an illusion.

“Was it because of the Great Pagoda Art?”

Mu Chen thought quickly, then he looked at the dark Spiritual Energy within his aurasea. He pondered about it for a moment, but he did not find any clues related to it. Thus, he could only give up. The Great Pagoda Art was left behind personally by his mother. Although he had never seen her before, he believed one truth. His mother would not leave behind anything dangerous to him!

“Or is it because of this?”

Mu Chen suddenly moved his mind. He could only see that there was a black glow floating on top of the dark Spiritual Energy within his aurasea.

The black glow flashed and then it returned back to its original appearance. It was actually a piece of black paper. On top of the black paper, there wasn’t any writing, but you could vaguely see some extremely fuzzy lines.

The black paper quietly floated within his aurasea and let that dark Spiritual Energy warm it up. Within that simple and unadorned paper, a mystery that could not be described was revealed.

Mu Chen stared at the piece of mysterious, black paper. He was quite confused. That item was something that he obtained during the Spiritual Road. However, he did not see any effects from it ever since then. He was able to faintly tell that the mysterious, black paper wasn’t something ordinary. It was just that he didn’t have the strength to unlock its secrets now.

Was the previous resonance because of it?

Mu Chen thought for a moment, but he shook his head. Although the black paper was mysterious, it was obvious that it did not cause the earlier commotion…

He pondered seriously about it but to no avail. Mu Chen could only finally give up and put aside this issue. He stared at the dark Spiritual Energy within his aurasea again. Based on the chant, the Great Pagoda Art was divided into 3 Levels. First being Foundation, Second being Shape-Condensation and Third being Towerform.

However, he had not even reach the Foundation level yet. He could only be regarded as just entering the initial phase. If he wanted to advance to the Foundation Level, it would require quite a bit of effort.

Inside the courtyard, Mu Chen slowly opened his closed eyes. He looked at the sweat on his body and could not help but shake his head. The Great Pagoda Art was definitely difficult to train in. It was already this difficult considering that it was just at the starting line. He really did not know when he would be able to train it into the Towerform Level and just how difficult it would be.

“I wonder by how many levels will this Great Pagoda Art amplify my Spiritual Energy?”

Mu Chen’s heart trembled for a bit. He was curious about it. A Spiritual Art had another important role. That is to amplify the Spiritual Energy. In general, a Common Tier High Rank Gong Fa Spiritual Art would be able to amplify the Spiritual Energy by 5 levels. A Spiritual Tier Low Rank Gong Fa would be able to amplify the Spiritual Energy by 10 levels. The more levels it could amplify, the stronger the Spiritual Energy would be when it was released.

You could also use this method to roughly distinguish just what rank the Spiritual Art is.

Thinking up to this point, the curiosity within Mu Chen’s eyes began to increase. He spun his hand around and a dark Spiritual Aura emerged from his palm. Then he slowly gripped his palm and his eyes began to boil up.

He was going to test just how powerful this Great Pagoda Art is!

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