The Great Ruler

Chapter 6 Spiritual Energy Amplification

Chapter 6 – Spiritual Energy Amplification

Inside the courtyard, Mu Chen’s body stood up straight. His palms bent slightly and a dark Spiritual Energy gathered quickly within his palms. A faint and sharp fluctuation came out from it.

Mu Chen sensed the Spiritual Energy within his palms. He could feel that subtle changes were happening within it. In the next moment, his eyes suddenly froze for a moment and the gentle, dark Spiritual Energy within his palms suddenly trembled violently.

It was like dropping a few water droplets into a boiling pan.

Within that quaking vibration, the Spiritual Aura fluctuations also rapidly increased.

Mu Chen’s palms trembled slightly. He could feel that the Spiritual Energy was speedily amplifying…

One Level…Three Levels…Five Levels…Eight Levels…

When the Spiritual Energy had amplified to the Ninth Level, the vibrations within his hand became even more intense and there were signs that the Spiritual Energy was escaping his control.

“It’s only the Ninth Level. This isn’t enough.”

Mu Chen frowned as he wrinkled his brow slightly. He could faintly feel that a wild horse-like Spiritual Energy was about to explode outwards!

The Thirteenth Level!

The black Spiritual Energy covered Mu Chen’s palm. He solemnly looked at it. At the next moment, he moved his hand violently and bent all but two fingers. He then stabbed at the stone pillar in front of him at lightning speed.

The sound of the wind breaking could be heard!

Common Tier Middle Rank Attack Spiritual Art, Bone-Shatter Finger!

Mu Chen’s two fingers had penetrated the stone pillar deeply. Cracks began to appear from where his finger had stabbed into.

Mu Chen stared at the cracks as he retracted his fingers from within. He muttered to himself: “Thirteenth Level.”

He nodded. He is only at the starting line for the Great Pagoda Art, yet he was already able to amplify his Spiritual Energy by thirteen levels. It was enough to prove how powerful the Great Pagoda Art is and Mu Chen could sense it that the amplification would only increase as he gets more skilled in it.

“The Great Pagoda Art is at least a Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art.”

Mu Chen grinned. The item left behind by his mother really isn’t something ordinary. It was probably difficult to find a Spiritual Tier High Rank Spiritual Art within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. However, this Spiritual Art was quite difficult to train in. Mu Chen was confident in his cultivation talent, but even so, it would still be difficult to train in this Great Pagoda Art.

“However, I do not lack time.” Mu Chen muttered and immediately clapped his hands as he turned back to return to his home. It looks like he must put all his effort into training this Great Pagoda Art.”

Not far away from the courtyard, Mu Feng witnessed the events that happened. He could not help but let out a smile. Within that smile, you could see that he was quite satisfied: “Little Mu’s cultivation talent truly is outstanding. I had once trained in the Great Pagoda Art before, but I was only able to the first batch of Spiritual Energy to circulate through after 5 days. And the first batch of Spiritual Energy only reached the Seventh Level of amplification.”

“That boy actually successfully trained in it within half a day and the level of amplification was that shocking. He really hurt my pride.” Although he said this, Mu Feng could not conceal the prideful and delighted feelings within his eyes.

“Ohoho, Little Mu’s talent is truly amazing. He would definitely be someone that far surpasses the outdated fellows like us in the future.” Zhou Ye also smiled as he nodded his head. His voice held a bit of longing.

“That’s right. The Northern Spiritual Realm may seem very significant to us, but for Little Mu, it is way too small…”

In the next few days, Mu Chen focused all his efforts on training the “Great Pagoda Art”. The boy may occasionally look like he was lazy, but deep down inside, he was extremely stubborn. It was this stubborness that allowed him to have a distinguished reputation within the Spiritual Road. In the end, he even caused the massive event, which even numerous geniuses were stunned about.”

By focusing all his efforts, the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s aura sea had rapidly become thicker in just seven short days. He was able to obtain a deeper insight regarding about the Great Pagoda Art. However, it seems that he was still some distance before he reached the Foundation Level. This made him let out a sound of disapproval. The Great Pagoda Art was truly something extraordinary.

As his training in the Great Pagoda Art was going well, Mu Chen relaxed a bit. Then, he began to multi-task and searched through numerous scrolls to find a few suitable Attack Spiritual Arts for him to learn.

Although he has strengthened the base of his Spiritual Energy, it is still essential to have a few Attack Spiritual Arts to enhance his combat abilities.

And Liu Yang was not an ordinary person as well. He is ranked first in the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class. This was enough to prove just how powerful he is. At the same time, his father was the Liu Territory’s lord. The Liu Territory is the strongest territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It is even slightly stronger than the Mu Territory. They often had many disputes with the Mu Territory over the past few years and did not like each other. Although the Liu Territory could not extend their reach to the Northern Spiritual Academy, they would still be able to give the best support to Liu Yang…

However, was it really that easy to step on Mu Chen? Even the numerous geniuses within the Spiritual Road couldn’t do that, a mere Liu Yang was far from being able to.

At the training ground filled with stone blocks, a figure caused the dust to scatter around. Within his hands, a dark Spiritual Energy was constantly rotating and it emitted faint fluctuations.

Only two of his fingers weren’t bent. Under the dark Spiritual Energy, an extremely sharp, black stab landed onto a block of stone.


The shattered rock pieces exploded outwards and cracks quickly spread through the block of stone. Within the boy’s black eyes, a cold atmosphere passed through. The two fingers that were deep inside the block of stone moved violently and with a muffled ringing sound, the waist-sized block was directly pierced through.

The block of stone shattered. The boy did not stop and changed his hands from just fingers to a palm. With a faint sound of thunder, the Dark Spiritual Energy surged through and he hit a stone block using his backhand.

The moment the palm landed onto the stone bloc, the boy stood on just one leg. The other leg lashed out with power at another block of stone.


The two muffled sounds rang out. Two stone blocks shattered and crashed straight down. The gravel from it flew off to the open space. The boy slowly lowered his leg and maintained a calm atmosphere. The dark Spiritual Energy within his palms quietly dispersed.

Clap Clap.

Sounds of applause rang out from the side. Mu Chen looked and saw Mu Feng standing outside of the training ground with a smile. He was quite satisfied with the performance that Mu Chen had done earlier. It was like a tempest, the killing intent was hidden within the sharpness. It was in no way inferior to those his men that had honed it through battles of life and death. It looks like his son did not waste the year when he entered the Spiritual Road.


Mu Chen patted the dust off his arm and walked towards Mu Feng.

“Are you returning to the Northern Spiritual Academy tomorrow?” Mu Feng asked with a smile.

Mu Chen nodded.

“If you are able to pass through the competition this time, you should be able to advance to the Heaven Class of the Northern Spiritual Academy. At that time, you will be qualified to compete for a place within the “Five Great Academies”. Mu Feng patted Mu Chen’s shoulder as he spoke with a smile.

“A place within the Five Great Academies, huh.”

Mu Chen stretched his waist and a smile emerged on his face. “Dad, relax. I will definitely obtain that place…”

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