The Great Ruler

Chapter 8 Liu Yang

Chapter 8 Liu Yang

“I was the one that gave them that confidence, is there a problem?

When Mu Yuan and the others looked at the smiling boy in front of him, their expressions changed slightly. The sneer that they had in their eyes became a little bit more dignified. Apparently, they still held a bit of fear towards Mu Chen.

“Hmph, how arrogant.”

However, Mu Yuan was the first to recover. He stared at Mu Chen and let out a cold hmph. He also advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase seven days ago. The two individuals behind him, Xue Dong and Xiao Kun, was also about to advance. What would Mu Chen dare to do when there was such a formation against him?

Xue Dong and Xiao Kun also quickly thought of this point. A tint of fierceness passed through their eyes and the fear within them was weakened by a lot.

“I was only teaching them a little lesson today. In the Northern Spiritual Academy, it isn’t the turn of the East Branch to butt in when we, the West Branch, are talking.” Mu Yuan clapped his hands and let out a sneer towards Mu Chen: “As for you, I think you would not dare to say such words after tomorrow.”

The surrounding students were all frozen and did not dare let out a sound. They stared at the arrogant Mu Yuan. The group of East Branch students were all furious within their hearts, yet they kept the resentment to themselves.

After he said these words, he waved his hand as if he wanted to left together with the others. He had already displayed their authority and power today in order to weaken the authority and power that the East Branch had.

Su Ling and the others were extremely angry and clenched their fists. However, the other side had a powerful momentum now. Even if Mu Chen had finally arrived, he would not dare to fight back against him now.

“I’m going to ask…”

A sound came from behind them. Mu Yuan and the others paused for a moment and turned back to stare at the boy standing in front of Su Ling. At this moment, Mu Chen had a smile on his face.

“Are you not intending…to apologize before you leave?

The surrounding sounds seemed to have become quiet. Many boys and girls stared at the smiling boy in a daze. Although Mu Chen had a brilliant smile on his face, they could feel a sharp chill from it.

Su Ling and the others also froze for a moment. Then their face turned red. They did not believe that Mu Chen would still come forward for them when it was like this.


Mu Yuan’s face turned grim. He let out a mocking smile and said: “Why?”

He was used to being arrogant in the Northern Spiritual Academy. Is this guy crazy for asking him to apologize?

“Looks like it’s useless to talk.”

Mu Chen nodded his head. Without saying anything more, he slowly walked towards Mu Yuan and the others.

Mu Yuan and the others stared at the approaching Mu Chen with a dismal expression. Their eyes made contact for a moment and they could see a hint of coldness within those eyes.

Within the Northern Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen had always remained relatively low profile. Aside from defeating Xue Dong, he had not done any remarkable deeds. However, no students within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class would dare to underestimate him. Even unruly people like Mu Yuan would still fear him. How could a person, who qualified to participate in the Spiritual Road, be an ordinary person?

That’s why…

“Do it!”

A cry came out from Mu Yuan’s mouth. The Spiritual Energy violently surged through his arms. He stomped onto the ground and charged directly to Mu Chen. Behind him, Xue Dong and Xiao Kun followed him and kept to his side. These movements had quite the chemistry.

A commotion broke out from the surroundings. It was evident that they did not imagine Mu Yuan and the others to be so straightforward. They did not hesitate to let out a combined attack. Moreover, they were all aggressive individuals within the top ten ranks of the West Branch Earth Class.

Mu Yuan was the strongest out of the three. He had already advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase. Thus, his offensive was also the most ferocious. The Spiritual Energy wrapped around his palms and the winds coming from it were like blades. He hacked angrily at Mu Chen.

However, just when the palm winds were about the hit Mu Chen, he gently took half a step to the side and his body passed by Mu Yuan. The eyebrows on his handsome face were slightly lowered and just like a sharp sword become unsheathed, the originally gentle face instantly became cold and aggressive.

He did not directly go against Mu Yuan and instead went straight to the Xue Dong and Xiao Kun, who were slightly behind Mu Yuan, as he avoided Mu Yuan. The dark Spiritual Energy surrounded his fingers as he opened up his palm. A sharp sound of the wind could be faintly heard as the Spiritual Energy surged. He let off a smack towards Xue Dong and Xiao Kun.

Xue Dong and Xiao Kun were surprised by this move of Mu Chen. However, they did not have any time to avoid it. They immediately bit their teeth and fired off a punch with all their strength.

As long as they were able to stop Mu Chen for an instant, Mu Yuan would be able to turn back and aid them. When that happens, Mu Chen would be completely surrounded and opened to attacks.

Xue Dong and Xiao Kun had a ranking within the West Branch Earth Class. Naturally, they weren’t just any ordinary individuals. However, they still slightly misjudged the strength of the boy in front of them and the proficiency in his attacks.

When the two fists exploded outwards, Mu Chen’s palm suddenly skimmed through the surface of their punches. It violently went further down and landed on their wrists. He, then, pulled powerfully.

The two of them had their bodies fly forward due to being pulled and the momentum of their punch. Their bodies became unstable. Mu Chen’s palm wind passed through their arms and like a snake charging out of a hole, it landed directly on their chest without any mercy.

A deep sound rang out. Xue Dong and Xiao Kun’s body suddenly flew backwards when they let out an astonished expression. They landed heavily on the ground and issued out a scream. The clothes in front of their chest were completely destroyed.

Just by exchanging blows once, Xue Dong and Xiao Kun lost with ease.

After Xue Dong and Xiao Kun let out a cry, the surrounding students finally recovered. They could not help but grin carelessly. Wasn’t it too fast?

“Mu Chen!”

An angry roar came from behind. When Mu Yuan noticed this scene, he was so angry that his face turned red. He did not imagine that Mu Chen would actually avoid him and take care of Xue Dong and Xiao Kun first.

“Flame Palm!”

A fiery red Spiritual Energy erupted above Mu Yuan’s palms. As the Spiritual Energy rise, it was like a fire and made the air become a little bit hotter.

The surrounding students exclaimed loudly. Is this the strength of the second rank of the West Branch Earth Class?

Mu Chen also turned around at this moment. He stared at the fierce Mu Yuan as he approached. His fingers clenched into a fist. There wasn’t the slightest evasive action done and a punch surrounded by a dark Spiritual Energy was fired out.

The fist and palm bombarded heavily with each other. A surge of air expanded from it. The Red and Dark Color intersected. However, Mu Yuan’s face instantly turned blood red. His body violently trembled and with a Puchi sound, he spat out fresh blood from his mouth. He staggered a few steps backwards and finally sat down on his butt.

With just one move, the victory was decided.

Although they were both at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase, but it was evident that Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy was more condense and sharp. Mu Yuan could not compare to it at all.

Xue Dong and Xiao Kun, who was beaten to the ground earlier, let out an astonished expression. Mu Yuan had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase, why couldn’t he even receive one of Mu Chen’s punches?

“How is this possible!” Mu Yuan also had a look of disbelief as he sat on the ground awkwardly. He did not even remember to wipe off the blood from his mouth.

“Brother Mu is amazing!”

Su Ling and the others were completely stunned. Soon, they let out a face filled with ecstasy. They did not expect Mu Chen would still be able to achieve an overwhelming advantage when he was fighting against three of them.

However, Mu Chen had a calm expression. He stared at the awkward Mu Yuan and smiled: “Now, can you apologize?”

Mu Yuan’s face changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and shouted: “Dream on!”

Mu Chen seemed to have expected that he would say that. The smile on his face became even more splendid. He nodded his head and strode off towards Mu Yuan. A dark black Spiritual Energy slowly appeared once again on his palms.

Mu Yuan stared at Mu Chen who was approaching. He did not know why he could feel a chill when he looked at Mu Chen’s magnificent smile.

Mu Chen approached Mu Yuan. The dark black Spiritual Energy above his palm became more and more dense. However, when his foot stopped in front of Mu Yuan, a gentle clapping sound rang out beside him.

“Ohoho, as expected from a person that had participated in the Spiritual Road before. However, your actions seemed like you do not care about the West Branch at all?”

Mu Chen tilted his head. He looked at the crowd as it separated. From there, a figure slowly came forward with a smile. When the nearby students saw him, they could not help but take a step back and fear appeared within their eyes.

Under the fearful gazes, the boy stood in front of Mu Chen. He had a somewhat handsome appearance. However, the corner of his lips revealed a sense of stubborness as well as pride that could not be concealed. At this moment, he crossed his arms and within the gaze that stared at Mu Chen, there was a disposition as if he was looking at his prey.

It was the number one person of the West Branch Earth Class, Liu Yang.

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