The Great Ruler

Chapter 7 Mu Yuan

Chapter 7 – Mu Yuan

Northern Spiritual City. A city that was born because of the Northern Spiritual Academy. The city is basically like the Northern Spiritual Academy and it maintains absolute neutrality within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Furthermore, the one in control of this place is the Northern Spiritual Academy.

This is why none of the disputes within the Northern Spiritual Realm would spread over here. Thus, the Northern Spiritual City is a bustling location. Aside from a few cities in the major territories, it could be considered as one of the top cities within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

As the Northern Spiritual City was born due to the Northern Spiritual Academy, it was naturally a heavenly-like location for the students of the Northern Spiritual Academy. In this city, very few individuals would go against the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students even without mentioning about the status of the Northern Spiritual Academy. After all, many of the students that came to train at the Northern Spiritual Academy would have some sort of a background. Furthermore, the sons and daughters of various territory lords would be among them. It would not be a pleasant thing if they offended these youths.

When Mu Chen stepped out of the Transfer Spiritual Array, he saw the scene of a bustling city. He rubbed his head, which was slightly dizzy due to the transfer, and then looked at the Transfer Spiritual Array behind him.

The arrangement of the Transfer Spiritual Array is extremely troublesome. There are only a handful of large cities that had the ability to position it. It was obvious that the Northern Spiritual City had the ability to do so with the Northern Spiritual Academy’s power.

Mu Chen walked away from the Transfer Spiritual Array and passed through a lively street. He went straight to the Northern Spiritual Academy located at the center of the city.

On both sides of the street, there were many stores. Amongst them, the Spiritual Arts vendors shouted out. However, Mu Chen did not have the slightest idea of staying there. His father is one of the nine Territory Lords within the Northern Spiritual Realm. His collection would naturally be decent. Thus, the Spiritual Arts from these places naturally would not enter Mu Chen’s sights.

After turning around a couple of street corners, the magnificent Northern Spiritual Academy could be seen. Many groups of students from the Northern Spiritual Academy could be seen on the streets. As the boys and girls gathered together, sounds of laughter could be heard. It was filled with youthful vitality.

In his surroundings, many people would gaze toward Mu Chen. A couple beautiful girls would send a curious and shy gaze towards him. Within the Northern Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen could be considered as a celebrity.

Without mentioning anything else, it would already cause others to tremble slightly within their hearts just by the fact that he had once obtained the qualifications to the Spiritual Road. After all, he was the only one to have obtained a spot for it.

Although they did not know why Mu Chen was kicked out after being in the Spiritual Road for one year, but how could a person be ordinary if they obtained an entry for the Spiritual Road?

Mu Chen did not care about the gazes that were thrown to him, he even smiled back. He had a handsome appearance. A gentle and brilliant smile and eyes that were as black as the evening sky. Although he was roughly the same age as the other students, he possesses a unique disposition that the other innocent teenagers did not have.

It was this disposition, coupled with the comforting face, that made the girls’ cheeks slightly hot as they looked at him in secret.

All of a sudden, a commotion rang out in the street in front. Many students quickly dispersed and a couple figures with a depressed expressed ran over. They looked anxiously at the surroundings and an astonished expression appeared shortly after.

“Brother Mu!” Several surprised shouts escaped from their mouth.

“Luo Dong, what are you guys doing?” Mu Chen saw a few familiar people and was slightly bewildered. They were in the same cultivation class as him and their daily relationship was quite good.

“Brother Mu, hurry and help out Su Ling. He was hit by Mu Yuan!” The boy named Luo Dong quickly responded.

“Mu Yuan?”

The surrounding students were shocked when they heard that name. The one that was Number 2 in the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class, Mu Yuan? He was an aggressive fellow who was only slightly weaker than Liu Yang. Why would Su Ling dare provoke him?

“What happened?” Mu Chen frowned. Su Ling could be considered to be his best friend within the Northern Spiritual Academy.

“A while ago, Mu Yuan came over to talk about nonsense. He said that Brother Mu would definitely lose tomorrow. Su Ling could not endure it and said a few things back at him. Then, he was hit by Mu Yuan. The West Branch really is too arrogant…” Luo Dong said bitterly.

Mu Chen’s lip creased slightly. This made Luo Dong, who was beside him, shocked. He was quite familiar with Mu Chen and naturally knew that once Mu Chen did this action, he was probably quite angry.

“Bring me there.” Mu Chen said.

“Ah” Luo Dong and the others were stunned. They quickly said: “Brother Mu, we should still find a Teacher first. There are many people over by Mu Yuan’s side. Xue Dong, who you defeated before, and the Xiao Kun who is ranked number 6 in the Earth Class is also…”

“It’s alright. Lead the way.” Mu Chen smiled and gently patted Luo Dong’s shoulder.

Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, Luo Dong and the others looked at each other. They immediately bit their teeth and nodded. At most, they would only be hit, but how could they allow those guys from the West Branch to think that the East Branch were all softies?

Several people surrounded Mu Chen as they headed over there. Only a few stunned students were left on the street. However, they soon recovered and stared at the direction that Mu Chen and the others have departed for with a fiery passion. They quickly followed them and flew off.

Judging from Mu Chen’s earlier appearance, could he be planning to pick a fight against three violent individuals within the Top Ten of the West Branch Earth Class by himself? This was quite an explosive event.

A muffled sound rang out and a figure was blown away fiercely. His body stopped only after it left a long trace on the ground.

“The people from the East Branch seem to be bursting with too much self-confidence now. Even an unknown person would dare to yell in front of me, Mu Yuan. I really want to know just who gave you guys that confidence.”

A boy in black clothes crossed his arms and sneered at the ten helpless individuals on the ground. The one that was leading those ten men was Su Ling. At this moment, he was staring at the boy in black clothes as he gritted his teeth.

Behind the boy in black clothes were two similarly aged boys. They, too, had a sneer on their face. They could not conceal the arrogance within their eyes.

Surrounding them was a circle of students. However, they did not dare to speak. It was obvious that there weren’t many who would dare to provoke these three individuals.

“Bah, Mu Yuan, stop acting so proud. You were lucky that Brother Mu wasn’t here today, otherwise, your second rank in the Earth Class would disappear!” Su Ling said in anger.

“Mu Chen” Mu Yuan raised an eyebrow as if he was challenging him and a boy behind him let out a cold harrumph. He was the one that lost to Mu Chen, Xue Dong.

“That guy has a bit of skill, but I’m not afraid of him. Ohoho, I can’t wait until tomorrow when the competition between the two Branches is over. The East Branch would behave themselves then.” Mu Yuan grinned and said: “Brother Liu would let him know that it would be better off if he remained a low profile. Within the Northern Spiritual Academy, we, the West Branch, is the strongest!”

“I really can’t wait to see his appearance when that guy loses.” Xue Dong said with a sneer.

“Only before that, I think I want to take care of you East Branch trashes.” Mu Yuan interweaved his fingers and gently gripped it. It issued out a clear cracking sound and he headed towards Su Ling and the others with an evil expression.

Noticing that Mu Yuan refused to stop, Su Ling and the other looked slightly pale. He soon shouted out: “Let’s desperately fight against him”


These boys were still a bit courageous. If they showed no resistance in front of such a big crowd, it would be too shameful. They gritted their teeth and lifted their body as they charged towards Mu Yuan.

“A group of guys, who haven’t even advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage, dare to attack me? How overly confident.” Mu Yuan laughed as he saw this. A faint Spiritual Energy rose from his palms.


He stomped heavily on the ground and darted out like an arrow. He jumped over the numerous charging figures and appeared directly in front of the panicking Su Ling. With a sneer, his fist brought a sharp wind and he smashed directly at Su Ling’s face.

Su Ling stared at the swift wind coming from Mu Yuan’s fist, yet it was simply too late to resist. He could only watch as the fist rapidly became bigger in his eyes. He closed his eyes as if he gave up and thought to himself that it looks like he had to lie down for a few days…


Just when he closed his eyes, he seemed to hear a few screams coming from the surroundings. Then a muffled sound rang out and the blast shook his face a bit. It didn’t hurt as much as he imagined.

He opened a tiny bit of his eyes and was stunned. A long white arm suddenly appeared from behind him and it easily stopped the blast of wind coming from Mu Yuan’s fist.

Su Ling hurriedly turned around. He, then, saw the boy who made him feel relaxed.

“Brother Mu!” Su Ling shouted in joy.

“You did a good job. At least, you did not disgrace the East Branch’s face.”

Mu Chen smiled at him. Then, he looked at Mu Yuan and the others, whose expression changed slightly, and said: “I was the one that gave them that confidence, is there a problem?”

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