The Great Thief

Chapter 21: Massacre

Chapter 21: Massacre

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After only a Shadowstrike, the poor Warlock was already at half HP, in addition to being stunned. After 2 normal attacks, the Warlock followed the fate of the Magician before he could even summon a small demon.

The party’s priest had raised his Magic Staff twice, but still hadn’t cast a single skill.

His expression was pale, what kind of Thief was this? Both of his friends were already level 4, and they didn’t even stand a chance against him.

The party of 5 watched as 2 of them fell. There was only the Druid, Hunter and Priest remaining.

The Druid as the Main Tank put all his points into Constitution for the sake of survival, so his attacks were pitiful. The Hunter had no pets and he hadn’t reached level 5 yet. As such, he didn’t have Bow Proficiency so his attack speed was greatly inhibited. As for the Priest, would you expect him to use his Magic Staff to beat someone to death?

"Big brother, this is a misunderstanding" The priest called out: "We were only passing by"

Lu Li completely disregarded him, picking up the Common Equipment that the Warlock dropped and slowly disappearing.

With his opponent going invisible, this told him that Lu Li had no intention of sparing anyone.

The Priest’s face darkened and called out: "We are all part of the Imperial Secret Service, please examine us objectively and don’t mess with people you don’t know…"

The Imperial Secret Service sounded funny, but those who ran into these people would be unable to laugh. Their union was great in number and they all enjoyed PVP, so being targeted by them would be very troublesome.

Lu Li tightened the grip on his dagger and took a deep breath.

So it was them!

The Imperial Secret Service!

The dagger flashed before the Hunter’s neck released a spray of blood.

The Druid let out a roar and started charging towards Lu Li, but Lu Li circled around the Hunter to dodge and go back into hiding.

This time, the Priest had finally found a good opportunity.

Hunter: +35, -62, the heal wasn’t as much as the damage taken. Who says that having a Priest means you’ll never die? In the face of all these skills and equipment, anything could happen.

In close range, the Hunter could only use melee weapons or engage in hand to hand combat with Lu Li. The Druid on the other hand, who busying circling the Hunter to chase Lu Li, couldn’t find a way to engage him.

After the 6th hit, he had only managed to achieve 50% on Backstab’s Skill Completion. But it was still more than the Hunter could bear, and he yelled as he fell onto the ground.

"Run!" The Priest despaired and turned around to escape.

Lu Li sprinted forwards; he was behind the Druid and he used both daggers to repeatedly attack the back of his head. 3 down 2 to go, and after attacking the Druid to death, he moved onto the Priest. He could only Heal and had short legs, so there was no way he was going to make it far. Lu Li quickly ended the fight with the use of his 2 daggers.

Now that he had cleared out the area, he continued fighting the Giant Wolf.

"They were from the Imperial Secret Service and you didn’t give them any dignity." Lonesome Flower sighed; she had only been in the game for 2 days but she knew that messing with the Imperial Secret Service was a bad idea.

"Yeah I killed people from the Imperial Secret Service." Lu Li’s eyes were a little bloodshot. There seemed to be a glint on the dagger in his hands and he obviously was affected.

In the previous life, he had many unions hunting him, one of which were the Imperial Secret Service. For the sake of raising money to treat his sister’s illness, he asked a friend to be a middle-man to apologise to a high level Imperial Secret Service member. He apologised and even promised to do the same on a public forum, but he never thought that the Imperial Secret Service member would agree and then later set up an ambush to kill him once.

Until this day, he still hadn’t understood how he offended this Union, and would take that question to the grave.

In terms of who he hated, the Gangnam Royals were first and the Imperial Secret Service was definitely second.

What those unfortunate eggheads didn’t know, was that once they spoke the words Imperial Secret Service, they had sealed their fates. As long as a person was part of the Imperial Secret Service, Lu Li was determined to immediately kill them.

In this life, this was one of the reasons he chose to play Thief.

The Thief was not the strongest in PVP, but in terms of mobility, or quickly eliminating someone, he was unrivaled.

The escaped Giant Wolf didn’t have much HP left and after short flurry of attacks, it cried out before falling onto the ground.

The wild Elite Monster didn’t drop things that were as good as the Elite Instance Dungeon, but he was lucky. It dropped a Bronze equip, and three "Head of escaped Pet".

Obviously within the game, it was impossible for the players to take out a knife an actually decapitate the wolf.

"We just need to take the quest item, we don’t want the equipment" March Rain timidly said. He didn’t even dare look at Lu Li and was completely scared, not knowing if he was going to have nightmares about him.

"This is a Priest item, you can have it." Lu Li picked up the items and lightly said: "PVP is a very normal thing in the game. Go quickly, there’s going to be many Imperial Secret Service members here soon. You didn’t enter a war so they won’t be able to find you."

"I still need to find an NPC for a quest" Lu Li said.

"What kind of NPC? We’ve explored this nearby area, and we’re quite familiar with it" March Rain didn’t dare participate in PVP, but he didn’t want to just leave, instead looking for other ways to help out.

"Moon Shadow Valley’s Sentinel Captain Carolina" Lu Li responded.

"Carolina? We’ve seen her before, she was by the small river saddled on a horse. If you walk west along the main road, you should be able to catch up to her. "

"Let’s add each other as friends, we can play together later if we’re free." Lu Li put the Quest Item in his bag and slowly escaped back into the shadows.

"Goodbye Big brother Lu Li" March Rain bit his lip, and made a fist: "Next time we will definitely be stronger, we won’t hold you back."

"Okay, if you want to be stronger, next time, I can take you to an Instance Dungeon" Lu Li’s voice sounded from afar, slowly dissipating.

The breeze ruffled the grass, undoing the footsteps that he left behind. The yellow flowers in the grass waved in the wind and you couldn’t tell that someone had walked through this area.

"Oh" Lonesome Flower pat her thigh: "Speaking of Instance Dungeons, was brother Lu Li the one who got the first clear on the Spider Lair? It had to be him: his equipment was so good and his technique seemed too strong."

With such a big gap in skill, March Rain’s eyes darkened but quickly lightened up again: "I will definitely learn to play the Priest well; I want to be Dawn’s number 1 Priest!"

Occasionally you could see Silver Leaved Grass by the side of the road, but Lu Li didn’t stop to pick them. He quickly moved while invisible, wanting to find the NPC quickly and hand over the letter. Then he could return to kill those Imperial Secret Service members who were doing their job.

His equipment was good, but that didn’t mean that he was immortal. As long as the party was ready for battle, it was possible that he would be affected by crowd control until his death.

However, as Lu Li understood better than anyone: becoming an expert comes only from killing others. In Dawn, PVP accounted for a large proportion of gameplay. It taught skills that could not be learnt by merely training with the NPC.

Carolina was riding a white leopard, leisurely walking along the road. There were a few players following behind her.

Carolina was a famous Demon woman; her stature was fantastic and she only wore enough clothes to cover the important parts. There were many perverted people here who would just follow her all day, not doing anything else.

Of course, her beauty was one thing, but her temper was considered bad.

Those who gathered in front of her were killed instantly and their deaths cost double exp.

"Your excellency, I have brought news from Tap" Lu Li revealed himself in front of Carolina with a hand on his chest. Her expression was solemn as he performed this act of courtesy. In the face of a superior demon, politeness would only serve as an advantage.

"Oh, so it’s a Thief. It has been a few days since I have seen Tap, how is he?" Under the gaze of numerous players, Carolina not only did not instantly kill this person obstructing the road, but instead sat up from her saddle and spoke with a delightful voice.

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