The Great Thief

Chapter 22: Kills In Ten Steps

Chapter 22: Kills In Ten Steps

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“I’m very sorry to have to tell you; my kinsman has found himself in trouble and has sent me to deliver this letter.” Lu Li took out the letter Tap gave him, using the game function to organise his sentences.

In the previous life, there were countless experts who wrote guides which all basically said: Interacting with an NPC in this way is the best way to garner approval, thus resulting in more quest clues and bigger quest rewards.

For example, if an NPC had a piece of Steel equipment and Silver equipment in hand, both could potentially be quest rewards.

To them, they would be equally worthless, but to the players, these two items were significantly more valuable.

Carolina’s gaze only stayed on Lu Li’s hand for a moment before she started to open the letter.

“I’m surprised those low life Cynocephali could hurt Tap; it looks like the Sacrificial Altar in the mines could summon something else. Thief, are you willing to help me?”

“Esteemed Carolina, your wish is my command,” Lu Li said without hesitation, though he knew this could be troublesome.

Other people might have thought that Carolina was just a Sentinel Captain and a beauty of the Night Elves, thus not issuing any good quests. Lu Li knew better because of his rebirth.

In two years’ time, a band of Orcs would enter the Whispering Forest with the intention of invading Darnassus, but on the way there they would run into the sentry team of the Moon Shadow Valley.

This was a team of three that could vanish with the wave of a hand. Together they almost destroyed the entire Orc band.

Carolina had summoned a Moon God!

Moon God Elune, was one of the Gods that the Night Elves believe in. There were many Gods that appeared in Dawn, but a large majority of them were demigods or demons. There were only a handful of real Gods like Elune.

If it weren’t for the fact that Elune never killed, there wouldn’t be a single Orc that would have left the Whispering Forest.

Speaking of which, the Supreme One Ring on Lu Li was actually forged by the Moon God’s son, Cenarius - a demigod with supernatural power.

Some people say that Carolina was actually Tyrande Whisperwind- the Night Elves’ great leader and wife of Malfurion, a strong Druid. However, this has never been officially confirmed.

Carolina smiled at Lu Li as she said: “My subordinate is stuck in a dangerous situation, but I have a quest that I need to complete so I am unable to save him. Can you go and bring him back?”

System: Accept Quest: A female Priest’s request: go to the Cynocephali mine and escort Explorer Tap back to Moon Shadow Valley. Time Limit: 24 hours. Reward: Unknown.

As expected, Lu Li bowed without hesitation: “Moon God on high, Esteemed Female Priest, as an Elf I will pursue this wholeheartedly!”

This quest was going to be difficult because Lu Li was only level 5, but needed to fight level 8 monsters. In addition, he would need to get through a forest that was densely packed with monsters.

However, this wasn’t the end of the road. It was not an Instance Dungeon, so he could ask for others to help him.

“@#*[email protected]!...” Carolina said something in Elven that was incomprehensible to Lu Li before mysteriously leaving.

Lu Li respectfully took two steps backwards, before fading out of sight.

Where he was standing was now covered in arrows and signs of magic.

The formalities took so long that members of the Imperial Secret Service had received news that he was with Carolina.

When Carolina was there, no one dared to do anything, but once she left, no one could wait any longer.

The dozens of members of the Imperial Secret Service immediately attacked, but Lu Li also immediately withdrew. To stave off evil required constant vigilance; if he was 2 or 3 seconds late he would have been killed.

In the previous life he didn’t play as a Thief, but he experienced a lot of PVP, so this ability to hide and escape was one that was very convenient to have.

“Everyone spread out and search, but be careful. The moment he shows his face begin attacking” The commander directed his subordinates, while also loudly exclaiming to the surrounding players: “The Imperial Secret Service is performing its duties. Those who don’t want to die, leave the area immediately”

“Crazy, thinking you’re so great,” Soy Sauce Party scolded, but only loud enough for the 2 to 3 people near him to hear.

“Don’t mumble, and quickly get out of here. The Imperial Secret Service are the most unreasonable. If we aren’t careful they might attack us.”

“I don’t even know how the Thief from before offended these people, but it doesn’t look good at all.” Most people who were watching joked about it; only some people were sympathetic with Lu Li.

“With so many people searching, they’ll find him sooner or later” a busybody said. “I bet this Thief won’t last more than 5 minutes”

“Rubbish. If you want to bet on something, bet how long it’ll be before he gets killed,” another busybody said, rummaging around for a copper coin to gamble with.

Nobody thought that Lu Li could run away, let alone kill anyone.

On the other side, the Imperial Secret Service had over 20 members present, all wielding weapons. They were densely packed and swinging all over the place, hoping to flush out Lu Li from hiding.

After 2 minutes, when the Imperial Secret Service players were about to lose their patience, a miserable cry came from behind a tree.

Several nearby Imperial Secret Service members rushed over, but all they saw was a corpse that was disintegrating into data.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, trying cast some area of effect spells, but to no avail.

“Look, on that side!” Soy Sauce Party who was nearby called out, pointing in the direction for his friend.

His companion saw where he was pointing, and saw a Warlock player with his head low, completely still. Behind him was a Thief wielding his dagger; there was a spray of blood and in one burst the Warlock was killed.

The entire process took less than 10 seconds!

But this the 10 seconds was enough for the Imperial Secret Service players to discover where Lu Li was.

Seeing a Thief rush at him, he smiled before rushing towards him as well.

The Stealth skill was on cooldown, so both Thieves directly confronted each other. Neither of them cast Stealth.

System: Successful parry, damage caused is reduced by 50%!

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 81%, causing 92% damage, target will be stunned for 1 second.

When the skill had been cast, the dagger was put back into its sheath. As it was sheathed, a bloodstain appeared on the back of the other Thief. Before he could even draw, Lu Li had turned and plunged the dagger into him.

During the stun duration, Lu Li performed 3 normal attacks. When the other Thief finally came to, he could only feel the coldness in his throat before falling to the ground.

Lu Li picked up some equipment that fell on the ground while the person underfoot disappeared. Before he even stood up, he had faded away once again.

The viewers around who were whooping were now speechless, with shocked expressions on their faces. Most of them were staring at the body of the Thief who was taken down in one shot as it faded into light, returning to the spawn point.

They were the same occupation; was the disparity between a master and an ordinary player so large?

The shock was unexplainable.

They all knew that masters would be very strong, but they had never seen one battle in person.

The uniformed commander of the Imperial Secret Service roared: “Mages, spread out and cast Blizzard. Warlocks cast Charm. Those who have the Charge skill don’t save it. All Thieves go into Stealth and wait for an opportunity”

After several minutes, the members of the Imperial Secret Service hadn’t done or said anything and the viewers surrounding were getting impatient.

Could the Thief have secretly run away?

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