The Great Thief

Chapter 27: Buying Loyalty

Chapter 27: Buying Loyalty

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Within the Trade Window were 4 Jade Spider Webs!

Jade Spider Webs only spawned in the Elite level Instance Dungeon for the Spider Lair, and had an incredibly low drop rate.

Yet Azure Sea Breeze had suddenly taken out 4.

“Don’t worry, they all came by legitimate means.” Azure Sea Breeze sent them over as he explained, “After clearing the Instance Dungeon, I contacted some of the big unions, and planned to sell the guide to clearing it. After comparing the compensation they each offered, I decided to sell it to…”

“The Blood-red War Flag?” Lu Li realised what was going on.

“That’s right, I sold the guide to them. We agreed that they would give all of the Jade Spider Webs to me, but I couldn’t sell the guide to anyone else.” Azure Sea Breeze said.

“4 Jade Spider Webs… that’s amazing,” Lu Li sighed in awe, “The Grand Hegemony only obtained 1.”

The Blood-red War Flag was much more powerful than the Grand Hegemony, and they had probably invested at least 100 teams into clearing the Instance Dungeon. Assuming that they didn’t keep any for themselves, a 4/100 drop rate was simply astonishing.

“How many do you still need?” Azure Sea Breeze didn’t ask Lu Li what he needed them for. He knew that to require so many of an incredibly rare item, Lu Li was definitely planning something big.

“I still need 2 more,” Lu Li said as he patted Azure Sea Breeze’s shoulder, “Thanks bro!”

He would be a liar if he said that he wasn’t touched. No words could express the gratitude in his heart, so he could only say a simple “thanks”.

Azure Sea Breeze was good friends with him in his ‘past life’ as well. Azure Sea Breeze’s character was bold and refreshing, and wasn’t the type to plot against others. Once he saw you as a friend, he would be completely loyal and devoted to you. Otherwise, Lu Li would have never known about the secret of the Supreme One Ring.

Lu Li couldn’t be as open as Azure Sea Breeze, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want a friend who would be open with him.

“Alright, alright, just take it. I wasn’t this courteous when you gave me your equipment.” Azure Sea Breeze punched Lu Li, “If you’re grateful, then help me level up.”

“You sure you want me to help you level up?” Lu Li didn’t think he was much stronger than Azure Sea Breeze, who was a Warrior. In Dawn, Warriors, Magicians and Hunters were the kings of levelling.

After what happened in the Instance Dungeon, I’ve come to enjoy playing as the main tank. I’m going to lean more towards Constitution in the future, so I won’t be able to deal as much damage,” Azure Sea Breeze said.

“Being a main tank is good; you’ll have lots of potential in the future. If you have good equipment, you’ll also be strong in PVP. In his ‘past life’, Azure Sea Breeze had also been a main tank, however, he had been dragged down by the Supreme One Ring and his attack was even weaker than Lu Li’s who was a Druid.

“Levelling up is going to be a pain.” Azure Sea Breeze sighed.

“The Public Instance Dungeons can be repeatedly cleared, and there’ll be more and more Instance Dungeons in the future. Just level up through doing Instance Dungeons and quests. If you can make a good team, it’ll be even more efficient than killing monsters,” Lu Li advised.

There were very few quests in Dawn, and relying on them wasn’t enough to get to high levels. As such, most players relied on killing monsters to level up. The monsters in Instance Dungeons were harder to kill than monsters outside, but they gave more EXP. If Azure Sea Breeze could form a team with high efficiency, just like Lu Li had said, he really would be able to get on the Player Level Rankings.

The two of them walked as they talked, and soon arrived at a LV8 Stone-skinned Boar Territory.

There were two types of boars here- one was the Stone-skinned Boar, which had high Defence and average Attack, while the other type was called the Stone-toothed Boar, which had high Attack and average Defence. Both types had high HP, so players generally preferred not to train here.

Lu Li and Azure Sea Breeze both had quite a few pieces of Bronze grade equipment, so that bit of HP was nothing to them.

The most efficient way to train was to not share monsters with anyone else.

Azure Sea Breeze usually spoke a lot, but was incredibly focused while training. He was like a silent monster-killing-robot.

While killing monsters, Lu Li would also practice using his skills, slowly applying the things he had learnt in his ‘past life’ to his current playing style.

Continuously testing and continuously improving.

On the forums, everyone revered Lu Li, saying that “he had opened a door for Thieves and melee professions.” However, most of the things he used were not his own - he had absorbed many skills and tricks from other Thieves that he had read about in his ‘past life’.

If one didn’t want to fall behind, they would have to continuously improve.

It was getting closer and closer to night in the game world, and Lu Li soon stopped, “Alright, let’s go. I want to take you somewhere before it’s night.”

Lu Li wanted to go and open the treasure boxes at the bottom of the lake.

The game was progressing quite slowly, but he didn’t know when other players would start to obtain items that could allow them to breathe underwater. The power of a large union was not something a solo player could compete with.

Most players had reached LV4 by now. It was much more efficient to form a team and hunt high levelled monsters, so there were barely any players at the Moon Reflection Lake by now.

Azure Sea Breeze was completely in the dark as to why Lu Li had wanted to come here.

What made him even more curious was that Lu Li told him to stand on the shore, then looked around and jumped into the water.


Before Azure Sea Breeze could yell out, he saw a seal break out of the water and nod towards him.

The Elf Warrior was completely shocked and his eyes widened as his world collapsed.

Lu Li grinned, then dived into the water.

Not long after, he found one of the respawned treasure boxes.

There were 2 pieces of Bronze grade equipment, both of which had average stats.

With treasure boxes, the more there were together, the worse the items inside would be.

However, during the early stages of the game, any equipment was good equipment. A Bronze grade piece of equipment that had a decent bonus stat would definitely sell for at least 50 silver coins. Equipment that weren’t gender or class specific and had 2 good bonus stats could sell for at least 1 gold coin.

Normal players couldn’t afford that sort of equipment, but a team definitely could. A group of people could pool together their money to buy good equipment for their main tank or main attacker, and upon earning more money, they could buy the rest of their team equipment.

This was how non-affiliated players played.

There were water plants everywhere, and it was difficult to find the other 2 treasure boxes. Lu Li looked around the bottom of the lake, but couldn’t find any, so he could only go back to the surface and wait for the skill to refresh again.

Upon reaching the surface, he saw Azure Sea Breeze anxiously looking down.

“You finally came out. I thought you drowned!”

“I opened a treasure box down there, but there should be 2 more. I’m going to go down again after my skill refreshes.” Lu Li replied.

“Goddamn, you’re frickin’ overpowered. Even GMs might not be as overpowered as you.” Azure Sea Breeze could not help it, as the crude words rolled out of his mouth in shock. Even receiving 4 Jade Spider Webs hadn’t made him this shocked.

This guy Lu Li was simply incredible. He had turned into a seal and dived down to open treasure boxes.

Perhaps he was the only person in the game to do this.

Lu Li was speechless. He didn’t really know what to say. Inwardly, he was muttering, “It’s because of the item you got in my ‘past life’, but as a Warrior, you wouldn’t have been able to open the treasure boxes anyways.”

Lu Li could only take out a few pieces of equipment saying, “Have a look, and take what you need!”

What magnanimity!

Azure Sea Breeze nearly got down on his knees and called Lu Li ‘big bro’.

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