The Great Thief

Chapter 28: Underwater Boss

Chapter 28: Underwater Boss

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Azure Sea Breeze seemed like a carefree person who said things offhandedly, but he had a good sense of what was and wasn’t appropriate. As such, although he knew Lu Li could go into the water, he didn’t ask why.

Since Lu Li had offered him the equipment, he didn’t hold back and chose a valuable shield, as well as plate pants. If these equipments were sold, they could definitely fetch a price of at least 3 to 5 gold coins.

If someone told you their secret and trusted you to be their friend, refusing their goodwill would simply be an act of rudeness.

Friends who always acted extremely courteously and did not accept each other’s goodwill could not be said to have truly deep ties.

Lu Li had considered the potential consequences of telling Azure Sea Breeze his secret, but after thinking it through, he still decided to tell him.

Lu Li had received a lot of help from Azure Sea Breeze in his ‘past life’, and he felt that he owed him for the Supreme One Ring. After getting to know him for 2 years, he knew that as long as he didn’t let Azure Sea Breeze down, Azure Sea Breeze wouldn’t let him down either.

Moreover, Lu Li had some plans of his own.

Dawn simply wasn’t a game that could be played as a solo player. Instance Dungeons were incredibly important, as many rare and valuable equipment and materials could only be found within them. Take the Jade Spider Webs for example: there was great demand, but only the Elite level of the Spider Lair spawned them, and they had a horrendous drop rate. Waiting to buy that sort of material for a decent price would take at least 1 or 2 years.

Joining casual groups temporarily was fine, but it wasn’t good for the long term.

Seeing that Azure Sea Breeze was keen on once again embarking on the path of a main tank, Lu Li decided to recruit him for his team.

The main tank was usually the core of the team. Azure Sea Breeze was skilled, and was also a decent person. It would be difficult to find a main tank like him.

A Permanent Party didn’t necessarily mean that every single person was a permanent member, but the main members had to be able to work together efficiently, as well as be amicable in splitting the rewards.

If everyone got along, then they wouldn’t have to worry about disagreements and people trying to take advantage of each other.

In actuality, the 4 Jade Spider Webs that Azure Sea Breeze had given Lu Li were worth far more than the 2 Bronze grade equipment that he had taken. When Trade Professions became more popular, a single Jade Spider Web could be worth as much as 100 gold coins!

Then again, these Jade Spider Webs were exchanged for Lu Li’s guide to the Instance Dungeon.

All in all, this was a good transaction for Lu Li. If they really became a Permanent Party, this would have happened anyways.

Lu Li once again dived to the bottom of the lake and searched for treasure boxes. As he searched, he suddenly saw a ridiculously large turtle- one that was bigger than most Elites.

It had a dark-green shell, 4 grey limbs and a thick and powerful looking body.

Could it be a Boss?

This was entirely possible - after all, Bosses in Dawn could appear on land, in the water, or in the sky. However, despite doing his best to recall, he couldn’t remember there being a Boss in this place.

Bosses had a certain drop rate for rare materials, so large unions would always try to keep them a secret. Whenever a Boss spawned in the wild, they would always chase non-affiliated players away. As such, Lu Li had never been able to kill a Boss in the wild before.

However, it was different now- currently, no one knew that there could be Bosses in the water.

Lu Li ignored the turtle for now, and went to find the other treasure boxes.

After half an hour, Lu Li finally found the other 2 treasure boxes. He received a valuable material and 2 pieces of Bronze grade equipment, as well as a Hunter Skill Book - Trueshot Aura.

It was a pity that it wasn’t Tame Beast!

[Trueshot Aura]: Passive Ability. Cannot be levelled up. Increases the Attack Power for both melee and ranged teammates within 100 yards by 10%.

This was a strong Passive Ability, and was very useful for team situations.

Although it was valuable, it couldn’t be compared with Tam Beast.

Currently, there were people advertising that they were willing to buy a Team Beast Skill Book for $20,000 in the real world, which was about how much Lu Li had sold the Frost Nova Skill Book for.

This Trueshot Aura Skill Book was very suitable for Hunters who worked in teams. It would definitely be able to sell for at least 5 gold coins.

The rare material was called Crocodile Scale, and was a high-quality material used in creating heavy armour. There was even a chance of it giving the armour a special effect. However, since no one would be using it soon, Lu Li could only put it into his storage.

One of the Bronze grade equipment was a hat which had average stats, but Lu Li could at least equip it immediately.

[Black Velvet Cap] (Bronze): 5 Armour, Agility+1. Level Requirement: LV4. Durability: 12/20.

Lu Li swapped out the Fisherman’s Old Felt Cap for this cap. Not only did it look better, it had a few more Armour points and a point in Agility. Lu Li was extremely pleased.

The other piece of equipment was a Magic Staff.

Moon Shadow Magic Staff (Bronze): 15-22 Damage, Intelligence+3. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 28/28.

This Magic Staff’s Damage was quite high - higher than the Whisperer Lu Li had obtained from the Goblin Businessman. Moreover, it gave a whole 3 points in Intelligence that even most LV5 weapons could not compare to it. Lu Li was sure many Magicians would be willing to pay a high price for it.

When Lu Li came out of the water, Azure Sea Breeze was killing Grells. These LV4 monsters had no chance against a LV6 Warrior - it was pretty much 1 hit, 1 kill for Azure Sea Breeze.

It was a pity that they gave very little EXP, and rarely dropped anything.

“Done?” Seeing Lu Li come out, Azure Sea Breeze’s eyes lit up, “Did you find anything good?”

Lu Li shared all the equipment on the Party Channel and replied, “There’s a Boss underwater- do you want to kill it with me?”

“Boss? How would I kill it? I can’t go underwater like you.” Azure Sea Breeze was excited, but soon became deflated.

“I’ll lure it up here and you draw aggro. Do you have enough Potions? Don’t be too reluctant to part with them.” It was Lu Li’s first time hunting a Boss in the wild, so he was a bit nervous.

Will we be able to kill it? And do we need a healer?” Azure Sea Breeze asked.

“I’m not sure, but let’s try. Don’t let anyone know that I can go underwater though,” Lu Li replied.

Apart from players that he wanted to form a Permanent Party with, Lu Li wasn’t considering telling anyone else his secret. When Potions and items that allowed players to breathe underwater became more common, it wouldn’t matter if he revealed it then.

One of the reasons why Azure Sea Breeze had been hunted down in Lu Li’s ‘past life’ was because many people knew he was a Warrior who could turn into a seal.

“If we can kill it, we’ll kill it. If we can’t, we’ll run away. Alright bro, go lure it over.” Azure Sea Breeze was quite open with trying new things.

After Lu Li’s Seal Transformation refreshed, he dived into the water and carefully edged towards the Boss.

It turned out that the massive turtle was indeed a Boss and it even had a name- ‘Kleig’. As soon as Lu Li swam into its aggro range, it immediately charged towards the little seal.

[Seal Transformation]: Instant Cast, Cooldown Time: 30 minutes. You turn into a seal, and can swim in water. The effects last for 20 minutes. You receive Swimming Speed+50%, draw 30% less aggro, and can also breathe underwater. While transformed, you cannot use any Attack Skills. Proficiency: 23/1000.

If it wasn’t for the bonus 50% to his Swimming Speed, Lu Li probably would have been caught very quickly. Lu Li could only swim as fast as he could as he watched the turtle Boss closing in on him.

The little seal furiously swam for its life!

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