The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO

Chapter 511 - Jia Li Learns Of Her Mother's Past

Chapter 511 - Jia Li Learns Of Her Mother's Past

It was such a heartwarming scene to see the old man and the little girl enjoy a plate of ice cream together. Jasmine was so attentive that she continued to feed her great grandfather each time she noticed that he wasn't moving his lips and Grandfather Fu would in turn feed the little girl as well.

After taking the Ice cream, Grandfather Fu finished a glass of water because of the sugar content in the ice cream he just took, before taking the little girl to the dog kennel because she wanted to see Ocean and her kids.

When Jia Li learned that her little girl was playing with Ocean and her kids, she sighed and asked Mei to bring her inside after an hour time, so they could go through her classwork together.

A few days later, after Fu Hua had spoken to grandfather Fu concerning letting Jia Li know about the Huang family and he allowed him to do so, Fu Hua prepared to tell Jia Li about them.

After reviewing the take-home work Sunny had given to her in the study, Jia Li left for the bedroom.

On seeing that Jia Li was not looking tired and this was the weekend, which was the perfect opportunity for her to take care of her emotions before Monday came, he called her to come and sit beside him on the sofa.

Jia Li noticed his serious gaze and felt that he had an important matter to talk to her about, so she came to sit beside him and asked, "Is everything alright?"

Fu Hua did not reply to her question and went straight to ask, "Do you remember that you said you can handle the news of your mother's past?"

"Have you found news about my mother's family?" Jia Li asked immediately as she grabbed his hand.

"Yes, I have. Are you ready to hear her story?" Fu Hua asked with a serious gaze on her.

"I'm ready!" Jia Li said immediately. She looked impatient and couldn't wait to learn her mother's story. As for whether she was ready, that was not an important question to her.

Fu Hua looked her in the eye before gently releasing his hands from her hold to pick up the gold pendant that was on the table.

"Your mother's name is, Huang Li and she is from the Huang family in **** city." Fu Hua revealed.

"Huang Li? How did you find out her real name?" Jia Li asked with a curious gaze, then Fu Hua proceeded to show her the name engraved on the pendant.

"I saw this name engraved here and I guessed that was your mother's name, so I used that to find information about her and truly, she is Huang Li from the Huang family in **** city. The Huang family is wealthy and the amongst the Top 10 wealthiest family in China." Fu Hua said to her.

Jia Li who looked relieved to finally get information about her mother clutched Fu Hua's arms and asked him more questions about her mother and the reason she left her family.

Fu Hua first pointed out the other people in the picture, before going on to tell her about her mother and the Huang family.

When Jia Li finally learnt the reason her mother left her family, she feels hurt that her mother was treated unjustly by her father.

Jia Li feels that her mother's father was a very mean man for him to control his entire family and instruct them on every step to take, including their career path.

Since Jia Li was yet to acknowledge the Huang family as her maternal family, Fu Hua was careful with the way he addressed them. He didn't address Old Mrs. Huang as her grandmother.

"Your mother's father had a stronghold and authority over all his children and grandchildren, including his wife, until recently when his authority was shaken."

Fu Hua went on to tell her how her Aunt, Mu Keer tried to deceive the Huang family when they came searching for answers and Jia Li forgets her anger with her mother's unfair treatment and transfers the anger to her Aunt.

"Sometimes, I wonder how my father was related to this kind of woman! They were born from the same parents but they both have very different values and upbringing." Jia Li said in an annoyed tone.

Fu Hua brought her to his arms and said, "Your Aunt keeps crossing the line and most times, I am tempted to get rid of her."

"I really wish you can get rid of her. How dare she lie about me not being my mother's child, what was her aim?" Jia Li asked with a deep frown.

"It's obvious that she was trying to get revenge on you after you refused to give her money. She is probably jealous that you are doing so well now but has refused to give you a penny." Fu Hua said.

Jia Li glanced at Fu Hua and said, "Any other move from her and I'm going to send her off."

"I will surely help you with that when the time comes." Fu Hua promised.

Jia Li heaved a sigh and said in a low tone, "I feel sorry for my mum if I had caused her troubles when I was younger. Hearing her past story, makes me feel pity for her. She didn't have the choice to make her career choice and later, the same wanted to happen when choosing a partner. If her father had accepted my dad, my mum wouldn't have to suffer emotionally because I'm sure she did."

"I also feel pity for the entire Huang family. They have lived all their lives under the surveillance and instruction of the head of their family. Your mother had freedom when she left because she got to marry the man she loved and had you. But the others didn't have the freedom because they lived in the Huang family." Fu Hua said.

"I feel pity for them as well and that is the reason I will never step foot into that family." Jia Li said.

"You don't need to step your feet there, nobody will stop you and besides, Mr. Huang does not acknowledge you since you are the daughter of the man he never approved for your mother.." Fu Hua added.

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