The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

Chapter 350 - Zhong Yi’s Smile Is Charming

Chapter 350: Zhong Yi’s Smile Is Charming

[@TwoUnderOneRoof: Please accept today’s surprise! We’re honored to have invited the Best Actress @ZhongYi to join our livestream today. We also have two secret guests, you may look forward to them~]

Everyone was shocked that they had invited Zhong Yi!

Zhong Yi had excellent acting skills and was absolutely gorgeous. However, during the early years after her debut, she had the persona and image of a seductress, which people often use against her nowadays.

The production that propelled her to fame was the movie “Untainted”, in which Shi Sui was her co-star. Shi Sui played a detective, who was the protagonist of the movie, while Zhong Yi played a dance hostess, who was neither good nor evil. She was the love interest of Shi Sui’s character.

The director formed a lot of artistic metaphors through their relationship, and both Shi Sui’s and Zhong Yi’s superb acting skills were showcased in the scenes that they acted out together. Since then, they were both put on a pedestal, and the film was regarded as a classic in the film industry.

Both of them were about the same age, with Zhong Yi being thirty years old this year. After the film premiered, many people were shocked by the acting skills they displayed in the film, and they even mistook the two of them for a real couple. There was a relatively high number of fans who shipped the two of them.

The reason was none other than Shi Sui’s lack of interaction with actresses.

Zhong Yi’s fans immediately expressed their opinions.

—— [Her Highness, the lawful wife, has arrived!]

—— [Shipping #ShiZhong is a guaranteed profit!]

—— [During an interview back then, Shi Sui said that girls like Zhong Yi are her type.]

—— [Hahaha, there’s a good show to watch now. Zhong Yi is beautiful and invincible. Vase Fairy is indifferent and shriveled~]

Seeing that Zhong Yi’s fans were mocking Xiang Yi, Xiang Yi’s fans were displeased.

‘Is Xiang Yi someone you can bully just because you want to?!’

Hence, Zhong Yi’s fans were taught a lesson bright early in the morning.

They were dumbfounded. ‘Is this Xiang Yi that famous? Why does she have so many fans?’

The livestream started at nine in the morning.

The loyal fans of “Two Under One Roof” surged into the livestream immediately.

There was a long-distance shot and the green mountains could be seen vaguely. The colorful windmills of Little Rabbit Farm rotated rapidly in the wind. The vegetable field was fertile, the garden was lush, and the chickens and ducks were moving about in flocks.

Xiao Naofu and Little Xiji were fighting in the courtyard.

To be more precise, Xiao Naofu was bullying Little Xiji.

Xiao Naofu refused to drink its goat’s milk and insisted instead on vying with Little Xiji for the milk in its bowl.

The little Shiba Inu’s black eyes were full of tears. It was punched a few times by Xiao Naofu’s fleshy paws, but it didn’t retaliate at all. Instead, it even took the initiative to let Xiao Naofu have the goat’s milk.

The netizens were appalled.

—— [Hooligan Xiao Naofu! Spay and Neuter Warning!]

—— [Wow, this Shiba Inu is so cute! It’s such an adorable puppy!]

—— [Have I been watching too many couples lately? Why does Little Xiji seem to pamper Xiao Naofu?]

—— [Hahaha, you don’t need to feel that way. Yesterday, I saw their profile information that the staff uploaded. They may be of different species, but they’re of the same gender. Nothing will come out of their interaction!]

After the heartwarming scene was filmed, the camera turned to the entrance of the manor.

The black iron gate was covered in vines and roses. Zhong Yi, who was dressed in a red V-neck dress and had a domineering vibe, alighted from the car. She strutted over in black heels that seemed to have elongated her fair and straight legs. Although she had a curvaceous figure, she didn’t look fat at all. She ruffled her wavy hair and her instincts as an actress allowed her to find the camera accurately. She smiled sweetly.

The pop-up comments on the livestream:

—— [Ahhhh, kill me, Sister!]

`—— [Zhong Yi’s smile is so charming, she makes everyone else pale in comparison!]

—— [Zhong Yi is such a queen! I finally understand the charm of a 30-year-old woman. Vase Fairy really can’t compare to her at all!!]

In the next second, Zhong Yi turned around.

She reached into the car and carried a chubby little girl, who was dressed in a tulle dress and had her hair tied into a bun. She was also holding onto a rainbow-colored lollipop tightly in her hand.

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