The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

Chapter 351 - Daddy, Carry Me

Chapter 351: Daddy, Carry Me

The netizens were dumbfounded.

‘What? Where did this kid come from?!’

Someone asked:

[It’s not… Zhong Yi’s baby, is it?]

As soon as this pop-up comment appeared on the screen, Zhong Yi’s fans retorted aggressively.

—— [Please don’t create rumors!]

—— [You can eat anything you want, but you can’t speak freely without caution. *smiley*]

—— [How would you know? Are you the midwife? If not, shut up, okay?]

The program team was dumbfounded too.

However, Ruan Qing merely made a few hand gestures at Li Jianyu, who then coughed and picked up the microphone to say to Zhong Yi, “Zhong Yi, welcome to Two Under One Roof, I hope you have an enjoyable day~”

He didn’t mention anything about the child because he didn’t want to put Zhong Yi in an awkward spot.

Zhong Yi nodded and said, “Hello, everyone, it’s been hard on you guys.” Looking at the little girl in her arms, she said with a tender gaze in her eyes, “This is my daughter, Jiangjiang.”

The program team was shocked speechless!

The netizens were dumbfounded!

The corner of Li Jianyu’s mouth twitched and he thought, ‘I’m in luck lately, huh? Our variety show is going to make it to the hot search list today…’

The Muyao TV executives next door, who were secretly watching the livestream of “Two Under One Roof” again, almost vomited blood when they heard that!

It was a juicy piece of information that was bound to be a hot topic again!

Why did “Two Under One Roof” get lucky again?! They thought.

They had spent hundreds of millions of yuan to hire Zhuo Yi and Jiang Yun’er for the show. In addition, the cost of hiring the other guest stars for each episode ranged from several millions to ten million yuan too.

As far as they knew, the program team of “Two Under One Roof” wasn’t paying their guest stars much, mainly because they had been inviting veteran actors to the show, all of whom would charge a friendly rate that was cheaper than usual, with the maximum being a few hundred thousand yuan.

Xiang Yi and her families were starring in the show for free and her third brother, Xiang Qi, had even forked out lots of money from his own pocket…

There were also other guests whom they hired for free, such as the chairman of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, the male idol group SEASEVEN, and Logic’s e-sports team which was about to join the show very soon…

They had reaped big returns with a small capital

That was enough to make others green with envy.

Yet, the variety show was full of newsworthy and juicy topics!

For example, the folk music bigwigs’ comments on Weibo when Xiang Yi played the zither, the Chinese Music Association, the cruelty revealed by the incident at Mingxi Boys’ High School, and the subsequent societal reflection on education…

Not to mention, the boost in popularity that the show got when Xiang Yi’s brothers revealed their true identities!

Now, Zhong Yi even revealed herself to be a mother of one!

The station manager of Muyao TV was livid. If he had kept Li Jianyu around back then, wouldn’t all these achievements, clout, and popularity brought about by “Two Under One Roof” bring him glory?!

Jiangjiang had soft and cute features, with round, puerile eyes. She seemed to be scared of strangers as she kept her arms wrapped tightly around Zhong Yi’s neck.

When Zhong Yi told her to greet everyone else, she refused outright.

However, when Zhong Yi carried her to the courtyard and saw Shi Sui who went out to welcome the guests, Jiangjiang blinked.

Shi Sui greeted gently and politely, “Good morning, Senior Zhong.”

Although Zhong Yi was just three years older than him, it had been more than ten years since her debut in the industry and thus deserved to be called his senior.

“It’s been a while since we last met and you’ve gained so much weight. Seems like you’ve been well-fed lately,” Zhong Yi teased.

Shi Sui smiled and asked, “Is it that obvious?”

As soon as he said that, the little girl in Zhong Yi’s arms suddenly reached her hands out to Shi Sui. “Daddy~”

In an instant, Li Jianyu’s vision turned black and he almost passed out.

‘Daddy? Shi Sui has a daughter!?!’

‘Oh dear, not only are we going to make it to the hot search list today, Weibo might crash too!’

Shi Sui raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you… Jiangjiang?”

“Yes, yes! Daddy, carry me~” The little girl reached her fair, chubby and stumpy arms towards Shi Sui.

When Li Jianyu saw Xiang Yi, who had appeared behind Shi Sui, his vision became darker,

“Ruan, if I pass out later, can you press the acupoint on my philtrum?”

Ruan Qing squinted. “Ruan?”

Li Jianyu was about to break down. ‘Now’s not the time to dwell on the way I address you!’

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