The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

Chapter 353 - Backfire

Chapter 353: Backfire

The netizens were enjoying the gossip. The relationships between celebrities were bound to spark joy all the time.

All of a sudden, various speculations appeared.

Some speculated that Shi Sui and Zhong Yi had a one-night-stand, but Shi Sui abandoned Zhong Yi and their daughter after he had become famous.There were also speculations that Shi Sui and Zhong Yi had already gotten married a long time ago but had kept their marriage a secret, like Jiang Yun’er and Zhuo Yi. They even claimed that Shi Sui and Zhong Yi would probably announce their relationship tomorrow.

On the other hand, Xiang Yi began to be labeled as the “homewrecker” and drew flak.

While everyone was chattering and discussing, Zhong Yi came out after changing.

She was now wearing a black tank top, tight sweatpants, and an oversized jacket. Her gender-neutral sports attire downplayed the sexiness of her figure, making her look clean and suave.

Zhong Yi’s fans began praising her, not forgetting to criticize Xiang Yi too.

—— [Sister Zhong Yi looks so good in sportswear!]

—— [Queen Zhong Yi looks good in anything she wears, she can be sweet-looking and valiant too! She’s the Best Actress who can be suave and sultry!]

—— [Sister Zhong Yi’s figure is really the best among all actresses. Vase Fairy, who’s nothing but a pretty face, can stand back.]

In the next second, Xiang Yi also stood in front of the camera.

She did not change her clothes and instead just removed her cutesy apron to reveal her blue short-sleeved shirt, which was decorated with a few small daisies that was embellished on the chest, paired with a high-waisted wide-legged pants that made her legs look long and her waist even more slender than they already were.

It was a simple, casual and laid-back outfit.

However, everyone else couldn’t take their eyes off her.

The comments in the livestream seemed to have come to a halt. After a few seconds, the comments began moving past the screen too.

—— [I have a similar short-sleeved shirt. It turns out that the daisy on the fabric of the chest area can look like it’s blooming!]

—— [Seriously, I never thought Xiang Yi was good-looking, but after comparing her to Zhong Yi, I realized that she’s really pretty!!]

—— [I’m laughing my butt off. Is this your first time surfing the Internet? Do you really think anyone can be called Vase Fairy? She can qualify to be called a “vase” precisely because she’s pretty!!]

Xiang Yi and Zhong Yi happened to be in the same frame.

The comparison really made Zhong Yi’s flaws stand out.

Zhong Yi’s fans realized that Xiang Yi seemed to have a better complexion, a slimmer waist, and was much more…well-endowed than Zhong Yi!

‘What did you eat growing up?!’

Changing plant pots was a rather simple task. Xiang Yi demonstrated it once. It was actually just the process of taking the plants out of the pots together with the soil and then moving it into another pot before adding more nutrient-rich soil and slow-release fertilizer.

“You can add some insecticide to the soil to keep pests away… For the slow-release fertilizer, you can also scatter some on the soil…” Xiang Yi explained each step patiently.

Some netizens noticed that the few pots of plans that she had handed to Zhong Yi were smaller and lighter, while the ones she replaced were much larger.

Someone praised: [Xiang Yi is so gentle! I love her, I love her!]

Someone rebuked: [She’s just pretending in front of the camera, isn’t she? She’s just trying to prove that she’s doing more work than Zhong Yi. What a scheming woman!]

When Xiang Yi stood up to pick up a pot of flowers from the rack, her short-sleeved shirt flipped upward by a small section as she moved, revealing her lithe and slender waist, as well as her porcelain skin that was glistening under the sun…

In an instant, the comments of the livestream changed again.

—— [Xiang Yi’s back is not a back, it’s a Bulgarian rose!]

—— [Xiang Yi’s waist is not a waist, but a lethal scimitar!]

—— [Ahhhh, quickly flood the screen with your comments and cover our kid Xiang Yi! Mommy won’t allow others to see Xiang Yi’s waist!!]

None of Zhong Yi’s fans had the cheek to diss Xiang Yi by saying that her looks and figure were inferior to Zhong Yi’s.

After all, the feeling of getting put to shame was too terrible…

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