The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

Chapter 352 - Shi Sui’s Daughter?

Chapter 352: Shi Sui’s Daughter?

“Sister Ruan, I’ll call you Sister Ruan, okay?!”

Ruan Qing pondered quietly for a few seconds before saying, “Wait a while before you faint, observe the situation.”


“If you faint now, work will be affected.”


‘Sister Ruan, you’re the definition of a capitalist.’

When Xiang Yi heard the little girl calling Shi Sui ‘Daddy’ softly, she was clearly stunned.

‘Shi Sui’s daughter?’

‘How is this possible?!!!’

Even though her rationality told her that the probability of it was almost nonexistent, she somehow felt suffocated.

She was even a little vexed.

Shi Sui didn’t like children so he didn’t carry Jiangjiang and instead, just rubbed her little head gently while saying, “Jiangjiang, I’m not your father.”

However, Jiangjiang was insistent. She exclaimed in a babyish voice, “You… You’re Daddy!”

There was an uproar in the comments section of the live stream.

—— [Oh my goodness! Jiangjiang is the daughter of Shi Sui and Zhong Yi!?]

—— [No wonder Zhong Yi went on a long hiatus and stayed out of the limelight for such a long period of time a few years ago. She had probably gone to give birth to Shi Sui’s baby.]

—— [Shi Sui is so mean. The kid’s already calling him Daddy and he still refuses to acknowledge her? Does your on-screen persona matter more than your own flesh and blood?!]

Lots of advertising accounts flocked over and those who were quick at typing had already rolled out full writeups and news articles with attention-grabbing titles!

—— [Shocking! Shi Sui’s daughter is exposed, she’s actually…]

—— [The #ShiZhong ship has sailed and come to fruition! I believe in love again!]

—— [The lawful wife, Her Highness Zhong Yi, has risen to glory with her child! She has defeated the shameless homewrecker!]

There were some who were enjoying the gossip, chasing clout, and spreading rumors… All of a sudden, the gossip spread as quickly as possible and the number of viewers of the livestream for “Two Under One Roof” had surged rapidly. Within just a few minutes after it had begun, the number rose to a few million!

In the midst of all the attention, Zhong Yi merely said calmly, “Jiangjiang, you got the wrong person.”

“Mommy…” Jiangjiang blinked her large, grape-like eyes and began bursting into tears. “Mommy, you’re lying!”

However, Zhong Yi changed the subject smoothly, “Jiangjiang, there’s a kitten there. Don’t you like kitties the most?”

Jiangjiang was only three years old, the age where children have the shortest attention span. When she saw Xiao Naofu, her eyes lit up immediately and she started dangling her legs. “Mommy, put me down!”

Zhong Yi put her on the ground, after which she scurried toward Xiao Naofu in a puerile, naive and carefree manner.

Zhong Yi tried to make light of the matter, but the netizens weren’t buying it.

—— [Zhong Yi must be hiding something!]

—— [That’s it? What a weak denial!]

—— [Umm, I was only 30% convinced just now but based on Zhong Yi’s current attitude, I’m 70% convinced that there’s something going on between her and Shi Sui!]

“Miss Xiang.” Zhong Yi had just watched some video clips of “Two Under One Roof” before coming over so she could recognize Xiang Yi.

Xiang Yi stepped forward and greeted her politely.

Zhong Yi asked, “Are there any tasks scheduled for us?”

Li Jianyu answered on her behalf, “Today’s task is to change the flower pots and fertilize the plants, and also to put up a fence for the vegetable patch.”

Zhong Yi nodded to indicate her understanding. She asked Xiang Yi, “Where’s the room? I’d like to get changed into some lightweight clothing.”

“Senior, this way please.” Xiang Yi took her to change her clothes.

The two were polite and slightly distant from each other, which was actually quite normal. After all, they didn’t know each other personally prior to this.

However, the netizens had countless ways of interpreting their interaction.

—— [Zhong Yi really looks like the empress, while Vase Fairy seems like a palace maid in comparison!]

—— [Tsk, tsk, I think a battle is about to begin. Zhong Yi’s figure is superb, she can easily defeat Xiang Yi!]

—— [Zhong Yi has worked with Shi Sui five years ago! A certain actress is considered the third wheel who came in between them…]

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