The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 10 - A Thousandth of a Tael Has Baffled a Hero

Chapter 10: A Thousandth of a Tael Has Baffled a Hero

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Previously, the burly man said that Lei Min was anticipating her arrival. However, looking at the situation now, Ji Fengyan thought that the situation was not so optimistic.

The two female servants were looking at her sharply, closing to scraping off a layer of her skin.

On one hand, the burly man was still arguing with the two city guards while on the other hand, the two female servants seemed to have finished studying. Without any words, they turned around and left.

“Miss, how about we wait a little longer? Lei Xu is busy and won’t be able to make it here, while Lei Min…” the burly man was explaining, but before he could finish his statement Ji Fengyan laughed unexpectedly and said.

“There is no need to be so troublesome. The two brothers can just lead us the way,” Ji Fengyan said with an amiable grin while walking forward.

Lei Min?

She reckoned that even if their bones had become ashes, that chap would still not appear.

The burly man was slightly stunned for a moment. He wanted to say something, but when he saw the beaming smile on Ji Fengyan’s face, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

As the two city guards saw that Ji Fengyan understood the current situation, they immediately agreed, leading Ji Fengyan and her people into the city.

As Ji City was not big, the city guards who were leading Ji Fengyan and her subordinates reached the place in no time. However, when they stood in front of the run-down door, the bodyguards beside Ji Fengyan were very disappointed.

“City Lord’s residence is currently occupied by the important guests. City Lord said that Ji City is very small and does not have a lot of financial resources, so he has to trouble the new City Lord to stay here in the meantime,” the two city guards explained politely but before Ji Fengyan and her people spoke, they had already left.

After the two city guards had left, the fatigued subordinates had already suppressed their feelings until their eyes turned red.

“What are you all waiting? Faster, get into the house,” Ji Fengyan said with a smile on her face.

Seeing the grin on Ji Fengyan, all the bodyguards were looking down and they felt as though their emotions were filled with sour water.

There was no form of happiness or joy. The guards entered the dilapidated house without any mumbles. The old, rusty door was creating squeaky sounds when it was being pushed open. Every step that they took, dust was flying in the air.

The condition of the courtyard was even worse.

The paint on the pillar was peeling off and the weeds were growing out between the paving stones. Someone even cried out after seeing the spider webs which were intertwined at the gate.

“Miss, you can rest first. We will clean up the place,” the burly man stated and took a few deep breaths.


Ji Fengyan just sat on the flight of stone steps and waved her hand, exclaiming, “No need to be anxious. Oh yes, also I don’t even know what’s your name.”

The burly man was stunned for a moment. He scratched his head and replied, “I am Linghe.”

“Then I shall call you Brother He. That’s not a problem, right?” Ji Fengyan smiled.

‘He’? She liked this word a lot!

Linghe blushed and he could only nod his head silently.

“Brother He, do we have any money?” Ji Fengyan asked all of a sudden.

Linghe stood rooted to the ground, and the blush on his face disappeared immediately. Instead, his face took on a ghastly expression.

After Ji Fengyan’s father had passed away, his Majesty had ordered the people to send them the World-Termination-Armour as well as lots of gold. However, before Ji Fengyan could even take any of the money, Ji Family had detained all of them.

During the journey, all their expenses were pooled together by Linghe and other bodyguards with much difficulty. They had already finished spending the money along the way so right now, they did not have any money left.

Linghe’s face turned from white to red- as red as the pig’s liver.

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