The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 9 - What on Earth Is With This Fiance?

Chapter 9: What on Earth Is With This Fiance?

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“Miss, I believe Mister Lei has been looking forward to your arrival. Miss should be able to meet Mister Lei very soon. ” The burly man pretended to be happy while looking at Ji Fengyan.

However, Ji Fengyan was laid back.

Ji Fengyan knew that the Mister Lei mentioned by the burly man was referring to Lei Min.

Regarding Lei Min, he was the one the original owner of this body had many ‘pleasant’ memories with. It can be said that among the dark and torturous memories at Ji family, the appearance of Lei Min was like a streak of sunlight and brightened her life. She yearned for that very handsome looking ‘Brother Lei Min’ while Lei Min was also considerably kind and polite to her.

Lei Min could be said to be the best memory she had at Ji family.


As an onlooker, Ji Fengyan did not have a good impression of the ‘gorgeous and kind’ Brother Lei Min that the original owner had in her memory.

When Ji Fengyan did not respond, the burly man asked the guards to proceed with notifying the city lord.

Upon receiving the news, the two sloppy city guards neither looked nervous nor serious. Instead, they openly scanned Ji Fengyan and the miserable-looking guards following them, and a look of disdain flashed across their eyes.

After a while, they stood up in an unconcerned manner, and said while staggering, “The city lord had already briefed us, please follow us here.”

Their tone was lacking respect.

There was no welcoming, not even Lei Xu had appeared, and only the two sloppy city guards were there to guide them into the city.

Today was Ji Fengyan’s first time assuming office at Ji City, yet Lei Xu did not make any preparation and acted in such a perfunctory manner?

“Where is Lei Xu? Why is he not here to welcome us?” The burly man’s face instantly darkened.

Those two city guards were not at all flustered in the slightest, they looked at the dirty clothes on the burly man, and said monotonously, “Since some important guests from the royal family have arrived at the city, our city lord naturally had to welcome them personally. Otherwise, do you expect him to disregard them and run out to welcome you guys? You guys think too highly of yourselves.”

“You!” Upon hearing the cynical tone in the city guard’s words, the burly man almost could not stop himself from using his sword to slice these two bastards up.

“Enough, if you guys are displeased, you can look for the guest for an explanation. Why do you need to make things difficult for us? If you want to enter then do so, if not you can just wait here, maybe you can even wait till the city lord is free to come here after attending to the guests,” the city guard smiled sarcastically as he said.

Just when the city guards were mocking them, two beautiful women walked out from Ji City suddenly. One of them was wearing pink and the other was in blue, and they both had makeup on.

While the burly man was still angry at the guards’ insolence, and completely did not notice the two women’s presence, Ji Fengyan was irritated by the pricking stare that the two women shot her, and she raised her brows to look at them. At this glance, Ji Fengyan was delighted.

These two women were the servants of Lei Min. In the capital, they were always surrounding Lei Min, so the body’s owner had seen them a few times.

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