The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 12 - Please Do Not Disgust Me

Chapter 12: Please Do Not Disgust Me

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Ji Fengyan stared at the three unwelcome guests with her eyebrows raised. Before she was able to open her mouth, two of her guards rushed in. Upon seeing the three people at the door, they were displeased and turned towards Ji Fengyan, “Miss, they forced their way in so quickly that we were unable to stop them.”

“What do you mean by forcing my way? Fengyan, your guards have such poor judgement. Min’er is your Miss’s fiance. Don’t tell me a fiance has to even inform his fiancee before meeting her?” A middle-aged man glanced at the two guards with dissatisfaction.

The two guards were stunned by his sentence and their gaze at the middle-aged man was filled with confusion.

The middle-aged man shot them a disapproving look and then turned to look at Ji Fengyan with a gentle smile. “Fengyan, why are you not speaking? Have you forgotten? I am Lei Xu, your Uncle Lei, and this is your Brother Min.”

Ji Fengyan was so disgusted by hearing ‘Brother Min,’, yet she had to maintain an ignorant look. After Uncle Lei Xu ended his sentence, she placed an enlightened look on her face.

“So you are Uncle Lei…”

“Yes, knowing that you are coming today, even though I was held back by some matters, your Brother Min and I came to see you right after I was done. You must have been tired from the journey here, right? Have you rested?” Lei Xu said—despite the joyful look on him, there was hardly any warmth emitted from his shrewd face.

“Since you are busy, you do not have to rush here.” Although Ji Fengyan did not express it on her face, she was utterly disgusted by this “Uncle Lei”. Even if he was trying to coax someone, he should have put in more effort—while he had seemed very enthusiastic from his words, he had left her at this run-down place.

Did he think that she was a 3-year-old girl who could be so easily coaxed?

“We are all family, there’s no saying of being too courteous. Come, Min’er and you have not met for so many years, knowing that you are coming, he was so elated. Min’er why don’t you say something to your Sister Fengyan?” Lei Xu glanced meaningfully at Lei Min, who was standing beside.

Lei Min’s dashing eyebrows frowned even more, and his cold eyes openly scanned Ji Fengyan’s skinny body. When his vision landed on Ji Fengyan’s shallow and bony face, the negative emotions selling inside him were even more obvious.

Ji Fengyan also did not speak, and she stared innocently at his struggling gaze. Just when she thought Lei Min would leave angrily, Lei Min suddenly took a deep breath, walked towards her and said, “Sister Fengyan, it’s been a long while, how have you been?”

It was a tone with neither emotions nor enthusiasm.

Lei Xu was happily smiling at one side. It was only the beautiful woman standing beside Lei Min who started frowning her brows in a displeased manner.

“Not bad,” Ji Fengyan replied calmly. Rather, she wanted to see what these pair of father and son had up to their sleeves.

Ji Fengyan scanned the three people, the original owner of this body had some recollections of Lei Xu and Lei Min, but she did not remember that woman at all. However, Ji Fengyan could sharply detect that the woman’s eyes shone with hostility and disregard every time she was stared at.

Oh! This woman seemed to be looking down on me!

Ji Fengyan’s reply was exceedingly simple, and Lei Min could not continue the conversation—the atmosphere became colder in the room.

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