The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 13 - Sly Old Fox With Evil Intentions

Chapter 13: Sly Old Fox With Evil Intentions

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Her Uncle Lei Xu must have felt the awkwardness in the atmosphere as he laughed. “Min’er, why are you unable to speak after seeing your sister Fengyan? Fengyan, do not mind him, Min’er has always been this quiet. After leaving the capital for so many years, he has been thinking about you daily. Upon knowing that you are coming to Ji City, he was so delighted that he must have been too nervous.”

Ji Fengyan laughed, but she did not utter a word—

She wasn’t blind.

Lei Mins lips moved, seemingly as if he wanted to say something, but after receiving Lei Xu’s glance, all he could do was nod.

“How about this? Let’s all take a seat and continue our conversation,” Lei Xu said as if he were familiar with the place. He found a chair and planned to sit down but when he realised that the chair was covered in dust, he flashed a disgusted look. He then turned his head to order the two guards standing at the door to clean the chair.

The two guards did not like Lei Xu, but at the thought that he was the elder of their Miss, they could only hold their dislike in and lifted their sleeves, almost ready to wipe the chair when—

“I have been sitting the entire journey. Now my legs are numb. Let’s just stand to speak.” Ji Fengyan smiled as she spoke.

Lei Xu did not expect Ji Fengyan to suddenly say this. Since Ji Fengyan—their guest—was not sitting, it was impolite for them to do so either. He could only laugh dryly and asked the two guards to return, while forcing a smile on his face and continued standing.

“Fengyan, it must have been a difficult journey for you. Today, I have brought Min’er here, one reason is to welcome you, the other to discuss your marriage to him with you.”

Ji Fengyan slightly raised her eyebrows. Now she has finally understood their intentions.

Oh? Is there going to be a scene of a family breaking off an engagement after my father had passed away?

Ji Fengyan was a little excited. She could not wait for the disgusting father-son duo to get out of her sight.

However, things proved to be a little different.

“Min’er is no longer young this year, even though Fengyan is still underage, you also know that the terminator who has inherited the World-Termination-Armour has to wear the armour to battlefield after age 16. Therefore, I intend to let Min’er and you get married within this month, so that you can lead a peaceful life before you reach the age where you are deployed to battle. After all, in the future where you have to go to battlefield to fight with the demon clan, you will have to rush from place to place and will have little time to return. Now that you are the city lord of Ji City, if you were to go to the battlefield, Ji City will probably be in chaos without your management, so we might as well get married quickly since Min’er and you had a marriage agreement beforehand. So that when you go to the battlefield in the future, Min’er can also help you with the matters of Ji City.”

Lei Xu said while smiling. In an instant, he revealed all his intentions, every sentence he said seemed as though all his suggestions were out of consideration for Ji Fengyan.

However, when Ji Fengyan heard this, she wished that she could slap a piece of Five-Blow-Thunderstruck tally on this sly old fox.

This guy was not here to break off the engagement!

Rather, he was here to steal the City Lord’s title.

According to the law, after the age of 16 a terminator had to bear the responsibilities and wear the World-Termination-Armour to fight the demon-clan on the battlefield.

Although Ji Fengyan was the City Lord of Ji City, but when she was a 16-year-old, she would have to leave Ji City—even if she has the title of City Lord of Ji City. During this time, the power to manage Ji City will be left to no one. Lei Xu’s intentions today were aiming for the management power of Ji City in future!

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