The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 14 - Two Women to Serve One Husband

Chapter 14: Two Women to Serve One Husband

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As long Ji Fengyan and Lei Min were married, when Ji Fengyan leaves Ji City to fight in the future, Lei Min could naturally ‘replace’ Ji Fengyan in managing Ji City.

This idea is really… thick-skinned.

Ji Fengyan was too disgusted by that hypocritical look of Lei Xu.

“Uncle Lei, I appreciate your kind intentions but you should also know that once a terminator is above 16-year-old, he or she will either die or be heavily injured on the battlefield, I think it is best for me to not be a burden on Lei Min.” Ji Fengyan was dazed for a brief period, as she simply could not say those disgusting words of ‘Brother Lei’.

Trying to take advantage of me?

It is still up to me!

Unfortunately, Lei Xu did not realise the rejection in Ji Fengyan’s tone at all. With Ji Fengyan’s infatuation with Lei Min in the past, he really thought that Ji Fengyan had said this because she did not want to burden Lei Min. As such, he smiled even wider and was even more certain of Ji Fengyan’s ‘deep affection’ for Lei Min.

He stepped back and pointed to the frowning beautiful woman standing beside Lei Min and said: “Fengyan, you do not have to worry about this, these small obstacles cannot be hindered given your feelings for Min’er since a young age.” He smiled and continued, “Even though you will need to go to the battlefield in the future, leaving Min’er alone most of the time, and most likely be unable to give birth to a child, I have come up with a solution for you.” He then pointed at the girl who had been shooting disruptive glances at her. “This lady is Su Lingsheng, a member of the Su family. She will marry Min’er along with you, so that you can freely finish your duties as a terminator, while Lingsheng will take care of Min’er. You do not have to worry at all, even if you have children in the future, Lingsheng can also raise them for you, so that you do not have to fret over your husband and children on the battlefield.”

Lei Xu said each word clearly and every sentence with a smile. That look of genuine concern made it seem as if he had sacrificed a lot for Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan reached a point in which she was already enjoying the wrathful anger that came with this old man’s words.

It was no wonder that woman had a look with such deep hatred once she entered.

Did Lei Xu really think that she was that dumb?

Seeing that Ji Fengyan was still smiling and did not say a word, Lei Xu secretly shot Lei Min a meaningful glance. Lei Min frowned and unwillingly said in a cold voice, “Lingsheng has a good temperament. She is very skilled at taking care of people, so you do not have to worry about anything in the family in the future.”

Hearing that, Ji Fengyan laughed.

This family had indeed thought of the original owner of this body as a fool. As a terminator, she would likely lead a dangerous life outside in the future, and this Lei Xu had intended on letting his son enjoy the company of a beauty in Ji City, and lead a prosperous life using the glory that Ji Fengyan would earn from shedding her own blood.

Had this body been occupied by the original owner whom anyone could vent their anger at and bully, it was possible that she would have agreed and thanked them for this.

Unfortunately, this body already had a new owner!

“I appreciate Uncle Lei’s kind intentions. Sister Su is born so charming. How could she share a husband with someone else? Isn’t that such a pity? I know that the life of a terminator is going to be tough in the future, so I have decided to live alone.” Ji Fengyan deflected the plans that Lei Xu had made while smiling.

Ji Fengyan’s words made everyone in the room stunned, especially Lei Min. His patience had run dry and his expression turned unhappy, all accumulating to his fierce stare towards Ji Fengyan.

Lei Xu’s expression also turned dissatisfied.

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