The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 22 - A collection of Stones

Chapter 22: A collection of Stones

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“Don’t tell me that there is this kind of advantage from being here?” Ji Fengyan rubbed her chin. Her Master had passed away for quite a long time, this was the first time he had left a message in her dreams (if he really had), even though they had often bickered when he was still alive, but this time, she vaguely felt that she would not have heard his voice without a reason.

Linghe and the rest just went to sleep. The yard that was so big finally looked decent after one night of cleaning, even though it was slightly empty, at least it was livable.

Ji Fengyan loitered around the yard, and she decisively snuck out while the sun was still rising.

She wanted to take a look and find out what was unique about this place.

Although the Ji City was small and its people led a simple life, even in the early morning, the streets were already bustling with life, big and small stalls were already lined up at both sides of the street and stores offering all kinds of items had already opened for business.

Indeed, the city was not lacking in clothes, food, accomodation and transportation. Ji Fengyan circled the city and had a better understanding of this place. Compared to the 24th century, this world was more simple and primitive, but it was different from Ji Fengyan’s memory of the past. There were neither jackets, skirts or long shirts, nor were there swords and broad knives. There were some western items, spears and short swords, silver armor, and also a wooden stick that looked almost like a matchstick and was called a ‘magic staff’ by the people.

Ji Fengyan scanned the place and her interest dwindled. Just when she was about to look for a place to fill her stomach, she saw a crowd gathered in front of a store, it was so noticeable because of how packed it was.

Ji Fengyan scurried over with the intention to watch the excitement.

It was an extremely big store, but unlike other stores, the store did not display luxury clothes as their products, instead there were many pieces of dirty and broken stones!

There were stones of various sizes, the big ones could fit a square table, whereas the small ones could be as small as a quail egg.

All these unattractive stones piled up together, forming many “small hills” in the store.

There were some stones that were placed on exquisite shelves and they looked very strange.

The people who had gathered at the store were all quarreling, some even almost got into a fight from trying to vie for the stones. There were also some people donning tattered clothes who were entering the store from the other side, each of them were carrying a large wicker basket filled with stones on their backs. When these people carrying the baskets walked into the store, the storekeepers immediately attended to them, whereas the people in the noisy crowd all stared intently at the stones in the basket.

As if those stones were actually gold bars.

“This sir, what are you all doing?” Ji Fengyan squeezed to the front of the crowd—using the advantage of her small body—and asked a burly man beside her who was shouting until his face was red and flushed.

The burly man’s eyes kept on following the stones in the store. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s question, he was surprised, and looked down to see a fellow who was only as tall as his chest, “Brat, this is not a place you should be at, shoo!” The burly man waved his hands impatiently.

But Ji Fengyan said with a good temper, “Why can’t I come here?”

The burly man frowned and looked at Ji Fengyan who had the look of a curious baby and said, “Brat, are you not from this city?”

“Sir you have such good judgement!” Ji Fengyan nodded.

“No wonder you did not know,” the burly man moved the corner of his lips.

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