The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 23 - Betting Stone

Chapter 23: Betting Stone

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“May I trouble sir to enlighten me?” Ji Fengyan smiled as she said, her well-behaved appearance made it difficult for one to reject.

Even though a little unwilling, but the burly man still started explaining.

Despite being small, Ji City was a good place for ore production, and sometimes there might even be rare ores found. These rare ores could be sold at an expensive price when sold elsewhere, but because too few of these rare ores could be mined, Ji City did not become prosperous, yet this did not hinder Ji City’s people from continuing to mine for ores.

In Ji City, the main mineral vein was under the direct control of the City Lord and ordinary people could not meddle in it. Rather, it was the mineral veins that have yet to be mined or those that have only few ores that would be publicity released for the common people to mine.

However, these mineral veins that were opened for public were either between steep mountains, or found at an uninhabited place. Besides the treacherous journey that had to be taken, one could experience the danger of the cave caving in, and the ores in those mineral veins were so few that even after mining for half a month, there may not even be a rare ore as small as the fingernail. As a result, those willing to mine those places were also very few.

The store that Ji Fengyan was currently in was the largest stone betting place in Ji City. Even though the chances of digging for a rare ore was almost as low as gold falling from the sky, there were still many poor people who would be willing to try. However, they would bring back the entire stone containing the core, and no one would know whether the stone contained the common iron ore or a rare ore.

The store would purchase the ores from the miners based on the quality, then display these ores for sale to others in the store. The people could pick any ore at their own will, and after paying for the piece that they have taken a fancy to, they could just bring back the ore. If a rare ore was obtained, it would be a huge profit from the small amount spent.

However, as the ores were covered by many layers of ordinary rocks, luck, rather than judgement, was more important in choosing a stone with a rare ore.

Some people became rich overnight because of betting on the right stone, while some lost their fortunes. This was a game filled with excitement.

The burly man talked to Ji Fengyan for a while before his gaze returned to the ores again.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and the smile of hers grew deeper.

The stones wrapped around the ores looked no different in the eyes of the burly man and the others, but in Ji Fengyan’s eyes, they became especially interesting. She unintentionally realised that the stones were more or less attached with a layer of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy was very pure and were the best suited ones for cultivation!

Ji Fengyan finally understood the reason for her Master’s message in her dreams. If she was not wrong, the spiritual energy on the ores may speed up the rate of her cultivation!

It was just that Ji Fengyan could still not be fully certain, she still needed to assess for a while longer.

Within a short while, someone purchased the stone that was worth 50 gold coins right away. The stone was as big as a human brain. 50 gold coins were considered a huge sum in a city as small as Ji City. Within the entire store, many stones only cost a few silver coins, and based on the conversion rate of 100 silver coins for each gold coin, this stone was in fact very expensive!

The person who boldly bought the stone was a middle-aged man around 40 to 50-year-old. After his purchase, he decisively asked the storekeeper to open it up on the spot for him to check the outcome.

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