The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 28 - I Just Like It Big!

Chapter 28: I Just Like It Big!

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The burly man who had talked to Ji Fengyan previously was the only one who was nervous for Ji Fengyan among all the other people.

Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan, her eyes flashed with complacency. She instructed the store owner to prepare the stones that were to be picked. Those stones had different sizes, some were as small as a quail egg, while some were as large as half a human.

“I shall not take advantage of you. This time’s bet shall only depend on the value of the ore, how about that?” Su Lingsheng haughtily looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Sure,” Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders.

Su Lingsheng laughed softly, and the bystanders whispered among themselves.

The method suggested by Su Lingsheng seemed fair, but in fact, it was hiding a trickery. These stones had very different sizes, even if ores were found inside, the size of the ores matter, and most importantly, even different sized ores were obtained, if the quality of the ores were different, the price would also differ greatly and be very unpredictable.

Su Lingsheng was experienced in stone betting and naturally knew which rare ore had the highest value, however Ji Fengyan, who seemed unfamiliar with it, would probably be quite unaware.

“We shall decide the winner in a single round. I can allow you to choose first, otherwise others will say that I am taking advantage of you,” Su Lingsheng purposely acted all high and mighty, and looked at Ji Fengyan with a smile.

Ji Fengyan shot Su Lingsheng a glance, but did not decline and directly took a step forward as she stood before the pile of stones with varying sizes.

Her gaze drifted above each of the stones that had weird shapes and appearances. These stones prepared by the store owner were securely covered, making it almost impossible to tell the type of ores inside just from their external appearances.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Ji Fengyan. They were all well aware that in stone betting, the person who chose the stone first did not have an advantage, rather they were disadvantaged, especially for an experienced better like Su Lingsheng, she could clearly determine the value of the ore within the stone chosen by the other party, then pick a stone with a higher value.

Everyone understood this very clearly, but no one was willing to take the risk of offending Su Lingsheng in order to help an unfamiliar young girl.

Ji Fengyan circled the pile of stones and finally stopped in front of the largest stone.

That stone was almost as tall as Ji Fengyan and seemed gigantic.

Ji Fengyan lightly tapped the stone with her small hands, then looked up and smiled at Su Lingsheng, saying, “I will be choosing this piece.”

Su Lingsheng was slightly stunned as she looked at Ji Fengyan strangely and asked, “You sure?”

Ji Fengyan firmly nodded.

Su Lingsheng sneered without saying anything, and instructed the store keeper at the side to stick a red label on that piece of stone to indicate it as Ji Fengyan’s choice.

The bystanders saw that Ji Fengyan had chosen the largest piece of stone and could not help but shake their heads.

In their eyes, this young girl was an amateur just from one look. Stone betting did not depend only on the size of the stone, instead it depended on the volume and grade of the stone, otherwise regardless of the size, if the stone had contained iron ore or an extremely small ore, it would also not be worth a lot. Moreover, for a larger stone, there is likely to be a thicker layer of earth stone wrapped around it, making it even more difficult to determine the type of ore inside.

Therefore, in stone betting, there was hardly anyone who would choose a large stone.

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