The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 27 - A Highly Insulting Bet

Chapter 27: A Highly Insulting Bet

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Once the words were out of Su Lingsheng’s mouth, everyone in the store stared in disbelief.

Su Lingsheng was unexpectedly going to bet stones with this unattractive brat?

Everyone’s gaze at Ji Fengyan filled with pity.

Su Lingsheng’s sensitivity towards ores had exceeded everyone in Ji City. Even the store owner did not dare to befriend her. Who knew how this brat had offended Su Lingsheng, causing her to be Su Lingsheng’s target.

Faced with everyone’s pity, but also their rising anticipation for the show, Ji Fengyan simply smiled and looked at Su Lingsheng.

It seemed like this beautiful woman had a huge grudge against her.

“Fine,” Ji Fengyan did not evade her challenge and agreed instantly.

Even though she did not want to stir up trouble, if anyone wished to oppress her, they at least needed to possess the capability to do so!

“But… there seems to be no meaning in a mere bet,” Ji Fengyan said.

“Oh? How would you like to bet then?” Su Lingsheng arrogantly looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Regarding this…” Ji Fengyan scanned Su Lingsheng’s entire body. This outfit on Su Lingsheng looked plain but it was in fact very expensive, but Ji Fengyan had no interest in these, and her gaze landed on the piece of jade hanging on Su Lingsheng’s waist.

The piece of jade had a clear and smooth texture and was obviously of superior grade at one look. But what really attracted Ji Fengyan was the spiritual energy emitting from that jade!

That was a layer of white spiritual energy, it was very thick even though it was not vigorous. Right from the start when Ji Fengyan had seen Su Lingsheng, she had already noticed this jade pendant.

“The jade pendant on your waist looks not bad, if I win, you can just give me this jade pendant,” Ji Fengyan nonchalantly said.

But Su Lingsheng’s gaze suddenly became sharp. She instinctively felt for the jade pendant around her waist with her hand as her gaze became complicated.

This jade pendant was gifted to her by the eldest princess and its origin was very special. Su Lingsheng had carried it on her every day, but she had not thought that Ji Fengyan would directly demand her to bet this jade pendant!

After reconsidering, Su Lingsheng calmed down.

She was very confident in her judgement, Ji Fengyan could not possibly win against her in stone betting.

“Sure, but since you have asked for this wager, then,” she paused, “I also would like to pick a wager I want,” Su Lingsheng narrowed her eyes as she looked at Ji Fengyan, an evil look that did not suit her flashed across her eyes.

“Sure, what do you want?” Ji Fengyan replied at ease.

Su Lingsheng lifted her head slightly and looked conceitedly at Ji Fengyan, who appeared unattractive, and said, ” I couldn’t care less about the things on you, but I hate that look of yours. If you lose, I don’t want anything on you, I just want you to crawl along the streets and alleys of Ji City for a week! Do you dare to do it?”

Crawling in Ji City?

Everyone was shocked at the highly insulting wager that Su Lingsheng had mentioned.

Ji Fengyan looked at Su Lingsheng and scoffed.

Lei Xu had not transferred his duties as City Lord to her yet and Ji City’s people still did not know that she was the new City Lord. But if she had lost this time, and crawled in Ji City, she would become a laughing stock when she was officially appointed.

Indeed, Su Lingsheng had a deep hatred for her!

Ji Fengyan’s lips formed a smile, “I’ll accept this wager!”

The two people’s stone betting had already exceeded the usual norms, and everyone’s eyes had been drawn to them.

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