The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

Chapter 8 - Ji City’s Fengyan

Chapter 8: Ji City’s Fengyan

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Although the scenery at Ji City was picturesque, it was too remote and hardly anyone would go there. The lofty walls had already been mottled, jade green moss was covering the entire wall and weeds had already sprouted from the crevices between the bricks.

The burly man slightly frowned. “This is the Ji City?”

Even though they had heard that Ji City was remote, they had never thought that it would be in such a desolate state.

At the thought of their family’s Miss having to take up the role of City Lord at such a city, the group of guards felt an aching pain.

“This place is not bad.” Ji Fengyan’s voice entered the guards’ ears out of a sudden.

Those guards who had previously felt unfair for Ji Fengyan were instantly stunned when they saw her sticking her head out of the horse carriage and smiling at the pathetic Ji City.

“Not… not bad?” the corner of the burly man’s mouth twitched. Not only was this city smaller than his palm, it was also dilapidated and old, how was it not bad?

“Green mountains and clear waters, a right fit. Its name is also not bad – it is named Ji City, and I am Ji Fengyan, isn’t this a good match?” Ji Fengyan was very pleased with Ji City she was seeing.

What an immortal cultivator needed most was the closeness to nature. Only by absorbing the essence from heaven and earth will one’s powers become purer.

On the way, Ji Fengyan had already checked her inner core.

The inner core was the root of an immortal cultivator and all of their powers originated from the inner core. When Ji Fengyan was previously transcending the tribulation, her inner core was very rich but after her reincarnation, her inner core had tragically been crushed during her tribulation transcendence.

As a result, using one tally for her Five-Blow-Thunderstruck was insufficient to kill those bunch of bastards.

Now, Ji Fengyan urgently needed her inner core to recover. Otherwise, not only would her immortal ascension fail, even her body might break down.

Ji Fengyan genuinely felt that the environment at Ji City was suitable for her cultivation, but the guards did not think so. Each of them stared at Ji Fengyan with a pained look, their eyes almost tearing.

How much hardship had their Miss experienced in the past?

She came from a flourishing capital, yet she felt that Ji City is good? One can only imagine the tragic life she had led when she was still living in the capital.

The guards all at once felt sorry for Ji Fengyan’s ‘past’.

Facing everyone’s ‘loving and pitiful’ gaze, Ji Fengyan was confused, if not for the fact that these people did not know about her inner core being crushed, she would have thought that they were grieving over it on behalf of her.

“Uh, enough, hurry up and inform them that the documents have already been sent here, they just need to let the previous City Lord come out and hand over his duties,” the burly man cleared his throat, as he secretly wiped away his heart-rending tears, and spoke in a serious voice.

“Chief, i heard that the original City Lord of Ji City is from Lei family, Lei family and Miss’s family are in-laws, maybe things are not as bad as we had imagined,” a guard at the side said.

Lei family was also a family clan with a terminator, the current in-charge of Ji City is a person named Lei Xu, who is a member of the Lei family. Lei Xu has a son—Lei Min, who was a 20-year-old this year. A short while after Ji Fengyan was born, the head of Lei family and Ji family agreed to marry Ji Fengyan to Lei Min. Lei Min was previously raised in Lei family and lived with Ji family in the capital. When he was young, he had interacted with Ji Fengyan for a period of time and only returned to Ji City five years ago.

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