The Inverted Dragon's Scale

Chapter 528: The situation has changed!

In order to obstruct Li Muyang from saving his family, Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi had set up a number restriction formations below the stone mountain, which were difficult for ordinary people to break through.

Li Muyang was aware of the existence of these formations, so after he entered the stone chamber he deliberately walked around and provoked the Cui family’s black-robed youngster Cui Jianxin to attack him.

If Li Muyang were to break the formations then Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi most likely would have stopped him right away, thereby making it more difficult for Li Muyang to save his family.

However, if it were his people that destroyed the formations then even if Gong Zhouyi found out he may not do anything.

The black-robed youngster’s sword technique was astonishing. After a few sword strikes, the restriction formations laid out across the stone mountain were completely destroyed.

Thus, fatty Gongshu Yuan, who had been lurking around for a long time, immediately began to activate his semi-finished pangolin to drill into the stone wall and launch the rescue operation.

It was just that it hadn’t worked.

Yan Bolai was after all an intelligent man. When he found that the rune symbols overhead were flashing and then vanished without a trace, he was already aware of Li Muyang’s plan.

Li Muyang hoped to break the formations. Li Muyang hoped to safely rescue his father and mother from the stone chamber.

Now that the restriction formations were broken, if someone were able to provide support for him then he could easily bring his parents away.

Unless they’re dead already.

Yan Bolai was not dead, Gong Zhouyi was not dead, and the Ghost King and his disciple also were not dead.

Since these people were still alive, but also living well, then they naturally will not let Li Muyang take anybody away.

Yan Bolai fixed Li Muyang with a fierce look, uttering in a low voice: “It seems that you still have a companion?”

“What’s that to do with you?”

“Li Muyang, I have to say that you are indeed very clever, much more intelligent than when you just left Jiangnan. I admit that you have made great progress. But that’s all. Don’t you know? We don’t care about the lives of your parents. What we care about is whether you’re dead or alive, and now that you’re standing in front of us, you think you have a chance to escape? If I were you, I wouldn’t be in Wind City, I wouldn’t think of coming to save people.”

“How would you know if you don’t try?” Li Muyang said, expressionless. He bent his ear to listen attentively, hoping to know how Gongshu Yuan’s progress was over there.

However, there wasn’t too much movement underground, and he couldn’t hear any useful news.

“If Gongshu Yuan has succeeded he will certainly give me a clear signal.” Li Muyang thought in his mind. “Since there isn’t any movement underground, then this suggests that Gongshu Yuan hasn’t saved my parents yet and will require more time.”

Since Gongshu Yuan needs time then Li Muyang will buy him time.

The formations had been destroyed. Li Muyang felt a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

Li Muyang scanned the place. Yan Bolai was blocking on the left side, Gong Zhouyi on the right, and the Ghost King was located in that dark shadows, like a lone ghost wandering around, and could launch a fatal blow at any time.

The black-clad youngster Cui Jianxin was blocking the cave entrance. After he learned that Li Muyang had used clever bodywork techniques to lure and borrow his strength to break the formations, his expression had turned cold and murderous. The pupils of his eyes turned into a pure ink-like colour, similar to the sky inside the Ghost Domain.

Li Muyang was fully surrounded.

After Snowball swallowed Li Shinian and found that the little girl tasted pretty good, it began to cheerfully spit out bubbles everywhere. Not only was she beautiful, she can also fill its stomach.

Li Muyang must find a way to break through the defense.

“My fellow citizens, this boy is not a human being, but the powerful and evil dragon, we should work together to slay the dragon.”

Yan Bolai was well aware of Li Muyang’s strength, and knew that Old Immortal Song Gudu had also failed to intercept him; thus, he would not be so arrogant as to think that he could capture him alone. Therefore, he urged everyone to join hands to get rid of the hateful little dragon.

After all, cultivators were proud people. They will not make a move easily, and would be even more hesitant to join hands with other cultivators. Who would the credit belong to if they were to kill someone together?

Especially Ghost King Li Lanjiang and Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi who did not see eye to eye from the beginning. One saw himself as an evil ghost, while the other viewed himself as a respectful earth immortal. How could an immortal and a ghost live in harmony?

“Then Ghost King, I, will not be polite.” A piercing voice sounded from the shadows.。

“Earth immortal, I, came to slay the dragon.” Gong Zhouyi stated in a low voice.

The black-clothed youngster did not utter a world, but his figure had disappeared from where he was, transforming into several images making slashing motions and charging forward.

By the time everybody’s eyes were attracted by the illusion above, Cui Jianxin had already mysteriously reappeared behind Li Muyang, aiming his sword for Li Muyang’s head.

The person was silent.

The sword was silent.

He was only seen floating overhead, while the sword image was rapidly slashing through the air.

Dazzling ted light lit up the sky, and the entire stone chamber was covered by the blood mist.

The Ghost Vessel Sword!

The Ghost Vessel Sword was refined from killing millions of people.

The one sword transformed into nine swords, and nine beams of red sword light completely shrouded Li Muyang’s body.

At the same time, Gong Zhouyi flung his sleeve, sending the eight golden toads leaping towards Li Muyang from all directions.

The dark shadow where the Ghost King was located had vanished, and a stream of red sword light appeared out of thin air, heading straight for Li Muyang’s neck.

Yan Bolai would not miss the opportunity to surround Li Muyang and slaughter him. Clenching both hands into fists, two violet-red balls of flames were burning brightly.

The two fists were launched at the same time, like two huge fireballs roaring towards Li Muyang.


The raging flames blazed, carrying a strong qi of destruction.


A resounding roar came from Wind city.

Wind City.

On the city tower, everybody was waiting anxiously.

The Lord of Sky Sea City, Tang Lang, the Lord of White Emperor City, Bai Xiu, the Wolf Army, and the tens of thousands or iron armoured soldiers under the command of Wind City General Lu Tiesheng formed an incomparably powerful allied army, charging toward the Ghost dancer corps, which consisted of only a few thousands of people.

Even if the Ghost dancer corps had the reputation of being the best army in the world, when outnumbered and exhausted, and they had to deal with nearly 100,000 of spirited and determined armoured soldiers, there was still a high chance of being massacre and wiped out.

It was clear to everyone that the Peacock Princess would be captured and the Ghost dancer corps will be annihilated.

There were even some people who were jealous of Lu Tiesheng, because he was the nephew of City Lord Lu Wuyong, thus this great credit will naturally fall onto his head. If they were to lead the attack, it would be easy for them to earn prestige and a promotion to the next rank.

However, until now they still hadn’t seen anyone returning to report the good news or the result of the battle.

“Could something have happened with the alliance army?”

This thought surfaced in everybody’s mind, and then everyone shook their heads and threw it out of their heads.

Eighty thousand iron-armoured soldiers were faced with less than five thousand soldiers of the Ghost dancer corps. If they cannot win this battle, then that 80,000 elites will most likely not have the face to come back to see the elders of West wind.

Lu Wuyong was also waiting in the arrow building, but compared with other generals, his expression was much calmer, as if everything was under his control.

Seeing him looked so relaxed and contented, the other generals finally eased a little. Their General was always right, and there surely won’t be a problem.

Just then, a rumbling broke out in the distance, snow was seen whirling in the air.

“General, someone’s coming.”

“From the sound there seems to be thousands of mounted soldiers.” “

“I wonder which army is the first to rush back or perhaps it’s General Lu’s triumphant return?”

Lu Wuyong bend his ear to listen when his face suddenly darkened.

“The situation has changed.” Lu Wuyong uttered in a low voice. “The clatter of hooves is chaotic, as if a strong army is catching up behind. Our army has been defeated.”

“What?” The crowd was dumbstruck with terror.

“General, how is that possible? We have tens of thousands of soldiers. No matter how strong the Ghost dancer corps is, it is impossible for them to defeat the alliance army of the West Wind.”

“Yes, maybe it’s the Ghost dancer corps that’s fleeing in front.”

While the generals and soldiers were having an intense discussion on the city walls, outside of West Wind, in the wilderness, there were ten thousands of stampeding horses racing out the blizzard. It was like a black boundary line over the huge White Horse Plain.

The rumbling noise drew closer and closer, and the men on the wall finally were able to identify the people from flag and armour worn by the mounted soldiers.

These were the elites of the White Emperor City, led by the Lord of White Emperor City, madly heading straight towards the direction of Wind City.

Bai Xiu’s clothes were torn, long hair disheveled, face and body blood stained and riddled with scars, looking incomparably miserable, as though he had suffered a crushing defeat.

Bai Xiu led in front, incessantly spurring the black horse, leading the remaining 10,000 elites of White Emperor City to Wind city.

Charging all the way until he was at the foot of Wind city walls. Bai Xiu looked up at the city tower and yelled: “General Lu, save me.”

Lu Wuyong looked down from the city tower with an ashen face, asking: “City Lord Bai, what happened?”

“The Ghost dancer corps lured the enemy deep, where hundreds of thousands of the Dark Flame Kingdom’s Demon Army where waiting for an opportunity, and suddenly launched an attack on us.” Bai Xiu’s eyes were red, hands balled into fists, pounding the horseback. “Our army has suffered disastrous losses.”

“Where is General Lu? Did General Lu Tiesheng come back?” Someone on the city wall tower asked anxiously.

“General Lu had died in battle, and none of the 30,000 Wind City Army managed to survive. I led the White Emperor City brothers to guard the left wing and fought the enemy troops at the risk of our life. Finally I brought these brothers back with me. The other brothers are most likely fraught with grim possibilities.”

Thinking of the cruelty of that battle, the Lord of White Emperor City who was known for his bravery and heroicness, couldn’t help tears streaming down his cheeks like rain.

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