The Inverted Dragon's Scale

Chapter 529: Raging fire burns the city!

“Where is the Lord of Sky Sea City Tang Lang?”

“Lord Tang Lang has died in battle, the tens of thousands of heroic soldiers of Sky Sea City also died with Tang Lang.”

“Where’s the Wolf Army?”

“The Ghost dancer corps attacked the Wolf Army head-on, Lin Tingfeng has been killed, and the collpased army was slaughtered by the Ghost dancer corps——”

“White Emperor City——”

“What you see are the ones lucky enough to escape.” —

Lu Wuyong couldn’t ask anything more.

With just a few questions, the answer he got had already shocked everyone present.

The Lord of Sky Sea City Tang Lang had died in battle. The entire army of Sky Sea City was destroyed. General Lu Tiesheng had died in battle, and the whole elite army of Wind City was wiped out. The Wolf Army was swept away in the first round, and the others were slaughtered by the Ghost dancer corps. And the White Emperor City——the people that were still alive had all gathered at the foot of the walls of Wind City.

“The Ghost dancer corps is really that powerful?”

“The Dark flame imperial court——they have never helped anybody, why would they attack the West Wind so ruthlessly all of a sudden? And why do they happen to have hundreds of thousands of troops on the border?

There were countless questions in Lu Wuyong’s heart.

“General Lu.” Bai Xiu looked up, crying out in a sorrowful voice: “There is something that I shouldn’t say. My death is not to be regretted, but the near ten thousand soldiers——they have parents they need to provide for and children they need to take care of, they cannot die so easily, they have to continue to live well.”

“General Lu, you and I are both generals of West Wind, responsible to defend the Kingdom’s borders. We should help and defend one another——I ask General Lu to open a small door to let my brothers in, give them an opportunity to live. Otherwise, when the Ghost dancer corps army and the Dark flame army catch up here, then waiting for them would be the fate of slaughter——General Lu, give them a chance to live.”

“General Lu, give us a chance to live.” The soldiers of White Emperor City who had escaped begged in unison.

“Lord Lu, I have elders and children——”

“I know Lord Lu has a son. I also have a three-year-old child.” ——”

Lu Wuyong’s face was ashen, remaining silent.

“General, the White Emperor City is one of our brother forces.”

“If we don’t let them into the city, they’ll certainly die——”

“General, why hesitate?”——

Lu Wuyong kept silent for a long while, before he said to Bai Xiu: “City Lord Bai, I know you are in a difficult situation, I also have my own difficulties——at this time the city is suffering a major calamity, it really isn’t appropriate for me to open the city gate at this time to let your people enter. How about this, I will tell people to bring down food and firewood for City lord Bai and your subordinates to eat and to keep warm. Then after a good rest you can return to White Emperor City? After this great difficulty, I think the brothers will also want to go back to see their parents and family, what do you think?”

Bai Xiu’s expression was fierce, eyes on the verge of cracking, as he fumed: “Lu Wuyong, I knew you have the heart of a wolf, but I didn’t expect you to be this ruthless——You are the Lord of Wind city, I am the Lord of White Emperor City. Although we each have our own city, have our own territory, you and I both belong to the West Wind Kingdom. The enemy is almost here, the brothers’ lives are in danger, yet you still won’t open the gate? Do you want us to wait for death at the city walls? Lu Wuyong, you’re not afraid of going to hell after you die?”

“City Lord Bai, I have my own difficulties.”

“Lu Wuyong, you and I are both soldiers, and military personnels naturally have dignity and an unyielding nature. Since the Wind City is not willing to let my White Emperor City brothers enter, then my White Emperor City brothers will not enter Wind City.”

Bai Xiu looked back at the defeated soldiers, shouting in a loud voice: “Brothers, you all heard it, this is our West Wind comrades, this is our compatriots——From today, my White Emperor City will sever all relations with Wind City. We are now enemies and not friends, either you’re dead, or I die.”




The near ten thousand soldiers of White Emperor City, although they had been defeated, their vicious tendencies were greatly sparked by this humiliation. One after another, they couldn’t wait to charge up there to kill Lu Wuyong in order to ease their hatred.

“General, you mustn’t do this.” The advisor next to Lu Wuyong hurriedly dissuaded him, “If this spreads, it would most likely ruin General’s good reputation.”

“Good reputation?” Lu Wuyong sneered. “What good reputation do I, Lu Wuyong, have?”

“But General——are you going to be an unworthy ruler?”

“Unworthy ruler?” Lu Wuyong chewed over these two words. “I’m worried the city would be lost. If this Wind City is taken away, would there be a place in the Divine continent for us to seek shelter?”

“But General——”

“I’ve made up my mind, there is no need to say anything more.”

Li Muyang’s body vanished, and in the stone chamber, a black dragon covered in scales had appeared.

Because the stone chamber was narrow, the dragon appeared incredibly large. It was as if the whole stone chamber was filled with the dragon’s body.

The dragon’s tail flung across, immediately shattering the several beams of sword lights that the black-clothed youngster had launched out.

The giant dragon widened his mouth and immediately swallowed the two balls of flames that Yan Bolai hurled over.

Its scales were as tough as iron. The eight giant golden toads pounced onto the dragon’s body, tearing into its giant body.


The thin, long teeth of the toads were cracked and broken.

The black dragon’s body continued to grow bigger and bigger.

He felt the restriction. He felt it was difficult for him to stretch his body.

His expression was violent, the blood in his pupils were bubbling, and then all of a sudden he lifted his head and sped towards the thick stone wall overhead that obscured the sky light.


The stone mountain quaked, huge boulders tumbling down.

A giant hole was knocked in the center of the mountain, and the black dragon burst out of the stonewall, maneuvering incessantly in the sky.

Within Wind City, countless citizens lifted their head, eyes widening, staring dumbstruck at the black dragon that blotted out the sky.

“That——what monster is that? It’s——”

“Dragon, that black monster is a dragon——there really are dragons in this world——”

“Wife, come out——look at the Dragon——”

Wind City. On the city wall.

The soldiers standing high on the walls were able to more clearly see the huge body of the black dragon and to feel the great oppressive power of the black dragon up close.

“Dragon, there’s a dragon in the sky——”

“General, should we fire an arrow——”


Lu Wuyong’s face was ashen, staring at the black dragon above with a gloomy look, “Where are the people lying in ambush? Why did they let him out?”

Before his voice faded, he saw several figures flying out from the hole the black dragon had created.

The one clad in a violet robe was Jiangnan City Lord Yan Bolai, the one wearing a black robe was the Cui family’s Cui Jianxin who had gone to the Ghost Domain for over ten years and had not returned, and the other white-clothed figure was the Earth Immortal Gong Zhouyi. There was also a black phantom, whose true face was blurred and only his dark shadow was seen flashing incessantly like smoke.

“Kill the evil dragon.” Yan Bolai fumed.


The black dragon turned to face the city wall tower of Wind City, spewing out dragon breath that can incinerate everything.

The power of the dragon breath can destroy the heaven and earth.

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