The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1143: Don’t Want To

Chapter 1143: Don’t Want To

She continued as if she didn’t notice it, “After today, you will be divided into different branches and dormitories. There won’t be many opportunities to meet in the future, so you should thank Xi Yue today. Without him, maybe you all would have been all dead in the secret realm!”

These words made everyone’s face turn solemn.

Lu Zhixi’s words were equivalent to denying all their credit as if saying that none of them contributed in the secret realm.

However, when Lu Zhixi’s beautiful eyes looked at everyone, they had to grit their teeth and thank Hexi.

They didn’t dare to vent their unwillingness and anger to Lu Zhixi, but they all secretly counted it on Hexi.

Only Han Qianer said coldly, “In the secret realm assessment, all of us owe Xi Yue a life. This is a fact. It can’t be paid off with just a thank. I will remember this life-saving grace, but I’m not interested in speaking out.”

Han Qianer’s words calmed down many people who were originally resentful because of Lu Zhixi’s incitement.

Indeed, it was a fact that they owed Xi Yue a life. Just now, they were so jealous that they almost forgot Xi Yue’s life-saving grace.

Some people woke up, but some people were still full of jealousy and hatred for Xi Yue. Especially those students who were assigned to the lower 4 branches, they even gritted their teeth with hatred.

They didn’t understand why Xi Yue, who had the lowest written assessment scores and was at the Foundation Establishment stage, could get into the Heaven Medical Branch, but they were assigned to the 4 lower branches.

Wei Chengyuan glanced at everyone glaring at Hexi with hatred, then he glanced at Lu Zhixi with a frown.

Is it Lu Zhixi targeting Xi Yue? It shouldn’t be possible right? It should be… just an unintentional move by Lu Zhixi right?

Lu Zhixi did not continue the topic, but she smiled gently and said to Hexi, “Xi Yue, would you like to join the Academy Student Council?”

“I don’t want to.”

The 4 decisive words made the surrounding atmosphere slightly awakward.

Many even dugged their ears, suspecting they had heard it wrong.

Chen Jiancheng was even more shocked and excited looking at Hexi. If Hexi doesn’t join the Academy Student Council, then my status will be higher than him. Wouldn’t it be easier to get rid of him by then?

Ren Xueling stepped forward and said angrily, “Xi Yue, say it again? My senior sister personally invited you to join the Academy Student Council, but you still refused? What do you mean?”

Hexi raised her eyes slightly with a slight sneer, then she said clearly again, “I don’t want to.”

Lu Zhixi stopped the angry Ren Xueling and frowned slightly, “Xi Yue, is it because of what happened in Yongan City? You don’t have to…”

Hehe.” Hexi chuckled, interrupting Lu Zhixi’s words, “I refused just because I’m interested in joining the Academy Student Council. Is this explanation clear enough?”

Lu Zhixi’s smile froze slightly, then she sighed softly before walking back to her previous position.

Seeing the loneliness and sadness on her face, Cai Yu felt a pain in her heart. The doubts and guilt he felt for Xi Yue disappeared in an instant.

He gave Xi Yue a cold look, whispered a few words in Lu Zhixi’s ear, and then stepped forward, “Next, let me explain the taboos and rules and regulations of Miracle Healer Academy…”

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