The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1176: Draw a Good Lot

Chapter 1176: Draw a Good Lot

Hexi heard that the Heaven Medical Branch’s dean’s words were harsh, but it seemed to have no malice.

She retrained her arrogant attitude a little and smiled slightly, “Thank you Dean Li for your kindness, but when everyone doubts me, only Dean Zeng is willing to take me in. Therefore, my decision will not change. I decided to go to Huang Medical Branch.”

Li Chengqun’s face turned grim. Finally, he shook his hand fiercely and said, “Since you want to ask troubles for yourself, as you wish!”

Seeing Li Chengqun leaving in annoyance, Zeng Shouyue’s excited eyes were slightly red and his beard was trembling.

However, he still remembered to seek justice for his newly received disciple.

He squinted at Elder Qin and said, “Elder Qin, I will submit a report to the Council of Elders about all the accidents in this assessment. You’d better think about how to explain it to the superior. As for these 2 people… “

Zeng Shouyue pointed to Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng and said coldly, “1 of them tried to murder my disciple and the other seized my disciple’s achievements. You better handle it properly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for causing you trouble!”


The uproarious cheating incident of Xi Yue ended with a dramatic ending.

Chen Jiancheng and Feng Yunqing were each detained in the dungeons of Miracle Healer Academy, waiting for their crimes to be reviewed before making their sentences.

Zhang Chong, the secretary of the Academy Student Council, got his points deducted and was expelled from the original Earth Medical Branch to Huang Medical Branch.

Xi Yue, on the other hand, rejected Heaven Medical Branch’s re-invitation and chose to go to Huang Medical Branch, which was tantamount to slapping the face of Heaven Medical Branch in front of everyone.

Therefore, when Xi Yue went to the Heaven No. 1 Dormitory to pack her luggage, everyone in the Heaven Medical Branch glared at her and wanted to beat her up badly.

However, Xi Yue showed her powerful ability in front of everyone, which made the people of the Heaven Medical Branch fearful.

Those who really had the capability didn’t want to lower themselves to fight with a Foundation Establishment stage.

So even if they were angry, they could only endure it.

The Gold Core Stage students in Heaven Medical Branch who had been severely punished by Xi Yue couldn’t help but grit their teeth and said, “We just let this bitch get away like that? Dean Li and our Heaven Medical Branch are being shamed in public, if we don’t teach him a lesson, where should we put our face in the future?”

Hmph, don’t worry, how could we just let him go?”

The other person sneered and said sinisterly, “Isn’t he going to Huang Medical Branch? Of course, he will move into the Huang Dormitory. I have already greeted the butlers in charge of drawing a lot for the dormitory. They will definitely help him draw a good lot.”

“What do you mean?”

Hehe, have you forgotten the cursed one in Huang Dormitory? I can guarantee that as long as Xi Yue moves in, he won’t be able to survive a night. He will run away like a dog.”

Hahaha, you are so amazing. You even let Xi Yue and him get the same dormitory. Xi Yue is doomed this time. This is what you get for messing with our Heaven Medical Branch!”

Hexi was completely unaware of the plot of the Heaven Medical Branch students at this time.

She had just received the dormitory location and inscribed jade slip she had drawn, and she was looking in the direction indicated.

Along the way, the surrounding environment became more and more desolate, and the spirit became thinner and thinner.

It was completely incomparable to Heaven Medical Branch’s beautiful scenes and rich spirit.

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