The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1400: Being Discovered

Chapter 1400: Being Discovered

Lu Zhixi said with an ugly face, “Brother Wei, what do you mean? I just want Xi Yue to provide more antidote medicine. It’s good to save people, and it’s what doctors should do. Why are you stopping me?!”

Wei Chengyuan said with a blank face, “Xi Yue lost too much spiritual power in the magical beast battle just now. Now, she needs a little time to recuperate. You all saw it just now. Xi Yue dragged his tired body to heal all of you, so she almost collapsed out of tiredness. Why can’t he rest now? What’s more, the virus on your body has not taken effect now. If you really want him to treat you, just wait for him to wake up!”

How can I wait for him to wake up? What if he refuses to treat me when he wakes up?

What if my face is ruined by the virus?!

Lu Zhixi’s internal organs were all twisted together. Why does everyone support Xi Yue? What’s so good about him?

Zeng Shouyue and Elder Qi were already fighting together.

The students and elders of Miracle Healer Academy were also divided into 2 factions. Some of them panicked because they had scratches and hoped to get medicine. Some felt that the Doctors Association was too much and would rather stand on the side of Huang Medical Branch.

At this moment, a young man’s clear voice suddenly came from the crowd. He seemed to raise his voice so that everyone could hear him.

“Is Brother Xi Yue advancing? Great, Brother Xi Yue is already so powerful at the Foundation Establishment stage, even the Gold Core Stage is no match for him. If he advances to the Meridians Stage, I believe we will be able to leave the confinement space. Moreover, no one in Miracle Healer Academy will be a match for Brother Xi Yue in the future!”

The one who spoke was Tong Bing.

As soon as these words came out, the entire confinement space fell silent instantly.

The faces of Wei Chengyuan, Jin Zeyu and others were extremely ugly.

They kept looking at Xi Yue pretending to be nonchalant because they just didn’t want people to find out that she was advancing.

Coupled with the tight defense of Purple Abyss Vine, that’s why the aura didn’t leak out.

However, now that Tong Bing said it, everyone knew about it.

So would those who want to be unfavorable to Xi Yue miss this opportunity?

The answer of Lu Zhixi and others was: Of course not.

The elders of the Doctors Association looked at each other with cruel and murderous intent on their faces.

They came to the magical beast forest this time under the order of President Lu Xuyang.

The biggest objective was to take advantage of the chaos in the magical beast forest to get rid of Xi Yue.

In the beginning, none of them took such a kid from the Foundation Establishment stage seriously, thinking that killing her would be a matter of minutes.

Who knew, in the end, they lost 2 Nascent Soul Stage elders, but this kid was unscathed.

Just like what the boy said just now, the Foundation Establishment stage was already so difficult to kill. If she successfully advanced, could they still complete the mission assigned to them?

Thinking of this, the elders who were lazily watching the show gathered around Hexi one after another.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wei Chengyuan and Jin Zeyu immediately stood in front of Hexi.

People from Huang Medical Branch, including Zeng Shouyue, also rushed over, all of them looked nervous and shocked.

Zeng Shouyue asked Jin Zeyu, “Xi Yue, is he really going to advance?”

Jin Zeyu nodded in silence. His eyes fixed on the elders of the Doctors Association. Although their strength was far comparable to the Nascent Soul Stage, Xi Yue must be protected no matter what.

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