The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 21 – Bloom With A Shining Light

Chapter 21 – Bloom With A Shining Light

When Wet Nurse Chen recalls Hexi’s behaviour recently, she couldn’t help but be shocked yet happy. Tears emerged from the corners of her eyes, “Miss, you….can you cultivate now? In the end, where you go these two days? Did you suffer a lot of hardships…”

Wet Nurse Chen’s reaction made Hexi somewhat startled. Thinking of her sudden changes, would they make Wet Nurse Chen regard her as a strange person?

Her expression slightly gentled, she considered for a moment what she could say about her past two days experience, “Wet Nurse, you just need to remember, the previous Nalan Hexi has died. From now on, I’m not the trash that was always bullied and humiliated anymore. Anyone who dares to bully us, I will not let them off, even people from Nalan Manor.”

Although she didn’t know if she was able to cultivate or not, but she, Hexi, will not undervalue herself. She would never willingly be useless trash. If she didn’t have any qualifications to cultivate, she will find other ways to become strong.

“This old servant really is useless, to actually let Miss suffer!” Wet Nurse Chen’s tears poured down her cheeks. She constantly wiped at her tears, saying with a trembling voice, “But, it’s really good that Miss can now cultivate….really good! I knew Miss is not trash! Madam had said before, there will be a day where you will bloom with a shining light….certainly, Madam blessed and protected Miss, wu wu….Miss, this Wet Nurse is very happy for you!”

Hexi’s heart still has some doubts, Wet Nurse had said ‘a day where Nalan Hexi will bloom with a shining light’ what does that mean? Also, how could Wet Nurse Chen so easily accept her transformation.

However, Hexi tossed this matter to the back of her mind, and instead focused on taking Wet Nurse Chen’s pulse.

“Miss, you don’t need to worry about this old servant. For me, this lowly life, this injury is simply nothing. I’ve long become accustomed to it.”

That Nalan Hexi never learned any medical techniques, how could Wet Nurse Chen not know that. Now it seems like Hexi was taking her pulse for half a day, her expression serious. Wet Nurse Chen began to feel helpless, so she started to comfort her, “If Miss doesn’t feel assured, tomorrow I will go to the city to find a doctor to get some medicine. I’ll certainly be fine. This Wet Nurse wants to see you become the brilliance of Jin Ling Country, and see you get married.” Here, when poor civilians needed a doctor, they would all visit whatever traveling doctor was in the area.

Hexi heard Wet Nurse Chen’s words, and her heart felt touched. She gently placed Wet Nurse Chen’s hand down, smiling shallowly, “Wet Nurse can rest assured, your injury is not too serious, I can help you heal it.”

Wet Nurse Chen thought Hexi was talking about finding a doctor to help treat her. She was unaware that Hexi had been accurately taking her pulse, planning which medicine ingredients to use, and what prescription would best treat her illness.

“Alright, this old servant will believe Miss. Miss you must be tired, it would be better to go to the East Wing, to get some rest.”

The East Wing was originally a place where Butler Li and his Mistress lived. Zhang San had since been sent there to instruct the servants over there to move out.


The courtyard that Nalan Manor had arranged for Nalan Hexi, was ruined and desolate, to the point that a person would be at a loss to see it.

But this East Wing that Butler Li had occupied, that can actually be considered well arranged and exquisite.

The bed that had been sorted out for Hexi was soft and comfortable. There were no valuable furnishings in the room, but that could be easily fixed. By the bedside there was a fairly simple and elegant dressing table.

Hexi had been feeling tired for a day since the former’s body was particularly frail. Now that things had calmed down, she could feel pain throughout her body.

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