The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 451 Gu Liufeng’s Power

Without hesitation, Gu Liufeng took the lead and slowly walked into the passageway. Hexi quietly walked behind him, studying the passageway as she walked along.

She truly didn’t expect there to be such a passageway in Sheng De Hall’s rear courtyard.

Along the way, the passageway was deadly silent, all that could be heard was their quiet footsteps echoing in the passageway as they walked.

But, suddenly Hexi heard Gu Liufeng’s soft and low voice sound out, “After that day, I looked into the name Nalan Hexi. Then, I came to understand that Nalan Hexi was Nalan Zhengze’s concubine-born daughter who had always been abandoned to their Bie Courtyard located at the foot of Cang Mountain.”

“Furthermore, the rumors said that Nalan Hexi was weak, ugly, and suffered humiliation and bullying in Bie Courtyard but was unable to rebel against it.”

Hexi’s footsteps faintly paused at his words and she raised her eyebrows, “Afterwards?”

Gu Liufeng turned his head around, in the dim passageway his appearance was fuzzy, but his eyes were brightly lit up. “But, the type of person Nalan Hexi is and how she lived her life doesn’t concern me.”

“This is because the person I’ve come to know is Genius Doctor Xi Yue. The person I’ve sworn loyalty to is Xi Yue!”

Hexi’s mouth lifted into a shallow smile, but she didn’t respond.

And Gu Liufeng no longer spoke either, he merely turned around and proceeded to walk further inside the secret passageway.

After walking for about seven or eight more minutes, a small transmission array could be seen at the end of the passageway.

At the sight of the transmission array, Hexi was filled with amazement.

One had to understand that transmission arrays weren’t at all common in Miluo Continent. This was due to the fact that transmission arrays needed array masters at Great Scholar level to be created, and after their creation, they needed a large amount of crystal stones, everyday, to stay open.

Up until this point, Hexi had always thought that Gu Liufeng only had one medicinal hall under his name. But she understood, if he only had a single medicinal hall, it would be impossible for him to keep this transmission array open.

As they neared the transmission array, the light from the array turned brighter and brighter and in the blink of an eye, the pair appeared in the middle of a remote jungle.

“This is Yan Jing city’s northern outskirts. Because it’s spiritual qi is weak, just like the spiritual qi at the foot of Cang Mountain, few people reside or visit here.”

Gu Liufeng kept leading Hexi forward and after a bit, they finally arrived in front of a courtyard.

The northern outskirts were already uninhabited, and the courtyard was hidden amongst the trees. So, if somebody wasn’t intentionally trying to find the courtyard, they would truly pass by it without a second thought.

They slowly walked until they reached the middle of the courtyard. Gu Liufeng didn’t say anything, instead, he clapped his hand in the middle of the air.

Soon, five silhouettes could be seen descending from the sky. Their extensive training was evident as they lined up in a line and bowed toward Gu Liufeng, “Greetings to Young Master!”

But, there wasn’t a hint of surprise on Hexi’s face when she saw this scene. From the moment she entered this second courtyard, she already felt the presence of five powerful and steady breaths hidden all around the courtyard, it seemed as if those five breaths belonged to these five people.

Gu Liufeng looked at Hexi and faintly smiled, “Xi Yue, over these past years, I’ve been secretly cultivating various powers in order to contend against Murong family, in the hopes that I’ll one day be able to bring my mother back from Murong family.”

“These powers are in various aspects. But, it wouldn’t be good for me to show my own face, so I trained these five people who would deal with each individual power.”

“These five people have been by my side for the last ten years and their reliability is unquestionable. Xi Yue, you have my full permission to send them on any errands you need them to go on.”

Hexi swept a glance at the five persons and discovered that each of them were at Meridians stage.

The one who seemed to be leading the group looked to be a male around thirty years old. He was tall and his whole body had rugged looking flesh. His eyes were tiger-like and his whole body radiated coldness and even carried a small trace the smell of blood. His cultivation seemed to have already arrived at the summit of Meridians stage and was nearing Gold Core stage.

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