The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 658

Chapter 658

Xiang Lan’s expression suddenly stiffened, and she stuttered in her speech, “Second… Second Miss, they are not maids . ”

“If they are not a maid, who are they?” Nalan Feixue was displeased as she was refuted by Xiang Lan . “Could they be the people from the poor relatives who come to ask for money? I’m already respecting them for giving them a meal! Quickly send me the left one and middle to…”

As Nalan Feixue spoke halfway, her voice suddenly stopped .

Her unbelievable gaze fell on Hexi . The original arrogant expression immediately turned into shock . She pointed at Hexi, then she exclaimed after a short while, “You… why are you here? Shouldn’t you already…”

Hexi walked forward slowly . The clear and slanted eyes looked icy on her yellowish face, “Oh, it turned out to be the second sister . It’s been a long time . ”

“But the second sister, is there anything wrong? You said I should have… what? Shouldn’t I be dead? Or shouldn’t I be sold to a dirty place?”

Nalan Feixue was speechless for a long time .

In fact, she did not believe the facts before her eyes . Because after instructing Zhang Dezhong to handle the matters, she went out to cultivate . However, the news from her maid said that things were done .

So she always thought that Nalan Hexi had already become a scarred corpse, or a slave to someone else who was ruined until her body deformed .

But now, she actually saw Hexi in Nalan Mansion .

Although it is still the ugly appearance of the yellowish face, she didn’t look like she is tortured miserably . Aren’t she still alive and kicking?

Could it be that dog, Zhang Dezhong cheated me?

Then Nalan Feixue met Hexi’s eyes again .

Deep, clear, ice-cold, and high above, there was no longer the fear and trepidation and humle like previously . Like she was just an ant in Hexi’s eyes .

Nalan Feixue suddenly became furious, “You slut actually dare to talk to me like this! Who gave you the courage to dare to look at me like this? Did I beat you not enough that you feel itchy?! Since you are so bitching, I will fulfill you!”

After that, she raised her hand and slapped at Hexi with a palm full of spiritual power .

However, Qing Luan caught her hand in the air .

Nalan Feixue swung several times, but she was unable to shake off Qing Luan’s hand . She immediately screamed, “Are you all blind? Didn’t you see this dog slaves offending their master? Quickly catch these three bitches and beat them hard!”

The servants behind Nalan Feixue heard the words and suddenly rushed toward Qing Luan aggressively .

Qing Luan’s eyes turned cold, flicking Nalan Feixue aside and jumping into the group of servants .

Just listening to the beating sounds, the tall and muscular servants were thrown out, falling heavily on the ground and giving a painful moan .

Nalan Feixue was thrown to the ground . She also felt pain in her buttock and back .

Now that she looked up and saw her servants being beaten up by a maid, she burst into anger and shouted furiously, “Nalan Hexi, who gave you the dog’s guts to let your maid attack my servants? You are just looking for death!”

After that, the spiritual power of her body increased . She pulled out a dark gold barbed whip and swung it toward Hexi’s face .

Qing Luan was shocked to see the whip swinging at Hexi . Nalan Feixue has an advance level of Foundation establishment stage strength, if she hurts princess…

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