The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 846: Settle Down

Chapter 846: Settle Down

In the battle of Dragon Tiger Mountain, the Zhenwei Army became Hexi’s private army, and the horn of the Iron Kirin Guard also sounded throughout Yanjing City.

The army, dressed in black and strong outfits, shuttled uniformly in Yanjing City. Their purpose was to eliminate all the forces of the Feng Family in Yanjing City and get rid of their bases one by one.

At this time, the Zhenwei Army had been transferred to Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory by Hexi.

The scope of the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory was extremely wide, otherwise it would not be able to accommodate countless martial artists to treasure hunt.

Although there were many Zhenwei Army 100,000, it just occupied a small corner of the Sealed Dragon Domain.

What Hexi arranged for them was the Ice Snow Realm. Most of the land in the Ice Snow Realm was covered by snow, but it was survivable.

There was a huge ancient tree planted in the center of the Ice Snow Domain. The roots of the ancient tree covered hundreds of kilometers around. The place was like picturesque scenery, and the climate was pleasant.

But the place outside of the ancient tree was freezing; the temperature was a dozen degrees below zero. Ordinary people would be frozen to death within half an hour.

Just like Xi San and the others were shocked and unbelievable when they saw the Sealed Dragon Domain, Chen Guang and the 100,000 Zhenwei Army were in a state of stagnation, aphasia, and confusion since they were brought into the Sealed Dragon Domain.

Feeling the rich spirit here and seeing the spiritual grass and spiritual fruit within reach, many soldiers couldn’t help but pinch their faces.

Does it hurt? Does it hurt?

Ouch! It isn’t a dream? But, where does the Jin Ling Kingdom have such a place? If there is, wouldn’t it be divided by the major sects?

Chen Guangxiang was a steady man, but stepping on the soft grass and feeling the spiritual power surging in, he still couldn’t help but look at Hexi tremblingly, “Mister, we… can we really live here? “

Hexi waved her hand and said, “This is the most suitable place for your training and living. In the future, you can build your own houses here. If you need any materials, go to the Green Wood Domain through the teleportation array next to the ancient tree. If there is something you need, just look for the manservants in the Green Wood Domain, they will do it for you.”

Chen Guang opened his mouth for a long time and couldn’t speak.

Soldiers with ordinary knowledge like them, although they knew that Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory was opened a few months ago, no one knew what the secret territory looked like. Of course, they did not know that they were in the famous Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.

If they knew it, they would be even more restless and unable to sleep for a few nights due to overexcitement.

Hexi took out a few inscribed jade slips and handed them to Chen Guang. She said in a deep voice, “Here are 2 relatively simple sets of cultivation techniques and a set of battlefield formation techniques. The cultivation techniques are created in accordance with the formation technique. They aren’t powerful, but if they become a formation, they would become a great weapon to capture or kill the martial artist who is below the Gold Core Stage.”

Chen Guang tremblingly took the inscribed jade slip and took a look at it. He found that the techniques inside were written as “unnamed technique no. 1, unnamed technique no. 2”, but the formation had a name called “Seven Stars Death Seal Formation”.

The so-called 7 stars naturally required at least 7 people, or a multiple of 7 people, to form a formation.

These 7 people all cultivated the same techniques. Once they formed a formation, they could exert power dozens of times higher than their ordinary strength.

If the formation became 49 people formation, and they had reached a certain proficiency, even the martial artists of the Meridians Stage could easily be killed.

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