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Chapter 10 – Shameless Novice

Chapter 10 – Shameless Novice

“What did it drop? Envious, Chen Guo moved closer to see what the Midnight Phantom Cat dropped, “5 Cat Fingernails, trash; 1 Cat Fur Breastplate, might as well wear it, low-leveled equipment aren’t important; 2 Midnight Cat Nails, 1 Midnight Cat Claw, 1 Midnight Opal. Okay, okay, not bad. Hidden BOSS materials are definitely worth a lot of money; one skill book… …Damn, what type of luck is this?”

Although Chen Guo had yelled it, Ye Xiu was also astonished. For a low-leveled hidden BOSS to drop a skillbook, what type of good luck was this?

What was a skill book? It wasn’t used to unlock new skills. It increased skill points. Its value could be seen just by looking at the orange colored words. This was one method to exceed 4000 skill points. But this item couldn’t be traded, so using money to buy it wasn’t possible. It could only be obtained through luck. The book Lord Grim picked up didn’t add much, only 5 points. But to have it drop from a hidden BOSS, it was still ridiculously lucky.

The skill book that had just been dropped was used in an instant. Among the materials dropped from the Midnight Phantom Cat, the Dark Opal and the Midnight Cat Nails were materials needed to complete the Thousand Chance Umbrella. Ye Xiu’s mood was good. He unexpectedly let Lord Grim immediately leave the dungeon.

“You’re not going to finish it?” Chen Guo astonished. Although Lord Grim was the only remaining member of the party, this type of newbie dungeon could easily be soloed. Even though she knew of Ye Xiu’s disabled level APM, Chen Guo didn’t think that his skill level was that low. For him to destroy her opponent that she lost to 52 times in 40 seconds, this accomplishment had just recently happened!

“I need to change computers!” Ye Xiu had already been prepared to leave the game. Chen Guo glimpsed at the screen and suddenly shot her hand to stop him: “Wait a second, what situation is this?”

She only saw on the chat window a wall of identical messages.

“The shameless novice Lord Grim, in order to steal the hidden BOSS for himself, didn’t heal the party members on purpose and let them die. Everyone be careful.”

“The shameless novice Lord Grim, in order to steal the hidden BOSS for himself, didn’t heal the party members on purpose and let them die. Everyone be careful.”

These identical messages mixed together with other anger and hate. Although the system automatically blocked profanities, people’s intelligence were boundless. They used same sounding words to complete their mission. (TLNote: If you guys are interested in what this means:

Ye Xiu looked at them carefully and found the name Sleeping Moon among these spammers. He even saw the other party members Shutting Sun and a mage. Because he was the first one to come out, he actually reversed what was right and wrong.

“How could it be like this?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu, helpless, could only explain it to her.

“D*mn. Shameless! How shameless!” Chen Guo raged when she heard this.

“Yeah, too shameless.” Ye Xiu Said.

“Why aren’t you mad?” Chen Guo was baffled.

“I’m very angry.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you angry? How come I can’t see it at all?” Chen Guo was puzzled. This Ye Xiu stared at the screen looking at the wall of slander but his face hadn’t changed at all.

“Just because I’m angry doesn’t mean I have to show it.” Ye Xiu didn’t look angry. He was even smiling. While doing so, he logged out of the game and shut down the computer. Changing over to the smoking area was still his current ambitious dream.

“What type of person are you? I turn my head and then there are suddenly so many events. You meet a hidden BOSS, a skill book drop, and even formed enemies. Tomorrow morning I’ll see if you’re dead.” Chen Guo said.

“See you later boss!”

Chen Guo went to rest while Ye Xiu went to the smoking area. As expected, a blanket of smoke lingered around in this area. Even the high-frequency frantic ventilation had no way to purify the air around here. It could only limit the smoke’s assault on the non-smoking area.

These smokers also didn’t have any emotion towards second-hand smoking. Ye Xiu also lit up a cigarette at once blending in with the sea of smokers. Sweeping across the area, he saw that this place was clearly more crowded than the non-smoking area. When pulling all-nighters, very few could do so without the stimulation from a cigarette.

It was good that the Internet Cafe was large enough. Ye Xiu turned around and found an open computer. Without choosing carefully, he went over and sat down. Happy Internet Cafe was relatively high-class. There was a small wall between every computer station to protect people’s privacy. Even if they didn’t, everyone was wearing headphones and immersed in Glory. No one payed any attention to outside matters.

Ye Xiu re-logged into the game and put on his headphones.

Lord Grim was still sitting outside Green Forest. Even though the place was overcrowded with people, it wasn’t so noisy that he couldn’t hear anything from his earphones. There was no difference between walking here and walking into a bustling market. It wasn’t so lively that he couldn’t hear what others were saying. As for those players constantly spamming to join a party, those could be drowned out.

Ye Xiu’s eyes sweeped over the chat box and saw that the messages about Lord Grim had already disappeared. Finding out when a character went offline was possible through a certain game function. Sleeping Moon was a veteran, so he was already familiar with these sort of methods. After Lord Grim had gone offline, he stopped with the messages. Only players over level 20 could leave the beginner area. When that happened, PK’ing would be opened up. In the meantime, those level 20 and under could only point fingers and argue.

But Sleeping Moon was now being quite malicious. Lord Grim appeared on the First Hidden BOSS Kill announcement, so everyone learned about him. When Sleeping Moon raged using his name, it was very easy for people to take note of it. As a result, Lord Grim couldn’t find a party to join. All of his requests were all totally denied. Even if players didn’t actually believe in Sleeping Moon’s remarks, they had already started to defend against Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu could only helplessly laugh. When he formed a party, he truly only came for the hidden BOSS. He needed those materials. But now that he couldn’t form a team, his leveling speed would only increase.

In Glory’s dungeons, the fewer the people the more the experience. Efficiency had to be considered though, so in the end, having more people was more effective. But Lord Grim was different. He held the Silver Level 5 Thousand Chance Umbrella. For regular players, they mostly relied on Blue and Green equipment. When compared to the Thousand Chance Umbrella, Blue and Green equipment were inferior by three to four grades. In Glory, every grade was equal to five levels. In other words, the Thousand Chance Umbrella was equivalent to a level 20 Blue or a level 25 Green weapon.

This superiority in the low-level stages of the game could be considered overpowered. Because the damage done by Lord Grim’s weapon was equivalent to four or five weapons. Adding in the influence by a character’s attributes, Lord Grim was equivalent to three people. Furthermore, with Ye Xiu’s skills, he wouldn’t be slower in clearing a dungeon than a five man team. He might even be a bit faster.

Lord Grim began walking, ready to enter the dungeon. But after a few steps, a player suddenly blocked his way. Ye Xiu looked and it was actually Sleeping Moon. To be able to find him in this crowd of people, this guy has sharp eyes.

“Hello hello.” Ye Xiu lifted his headphones up and down testing to see if the message went through.

“Hello my a**!” Sleepy Moon wasn’t polite in the slightest.

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