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Chapter 11 – Missing a Person? Add Me!

Chapter 11 – Missing a Person? Add Me!

Ye Xiu actually laughed and asked: “What’s up?”

This dull and casual tone made Sleeping Moon speechless. He was almost convinced that this wasn’t the person that he had raged at for half a day. Although the masses believed that he had been cheated, he and Lord Grim were both well aware that this was a false accusation. But how could this guy act like nothing had happened? Did he not see the previous messages?

“The shameless novice Lord Grim, in order to steal the hidden BOSS for himself, didn’t heal the party members on purpose and let them die. Everyone be careful.”

Sleeping Moon immediately sent out the stored message twice and looked forward to Ye Xiu’s reaction. But in the end Ye Xiu said: “You’re still doing it? You’re not going to level up?”

“I… … I want you to know my might! Do you now know that my Full Moon Guild isn’t to be messed with?” Sleeping Moon had prepared these words for a while now. But now that he said them, he felt that the context was completely off. It was as if his words were like a knife stabbing through cotton, not impressive at all.

“I know. I can’t find anyone to party with anymore.” Ye Xiu said.

Hearing this, Sleeping Moon felt a little more at ease and laughed out loud: “Let’s see you offend me again.”

He didn’t think that Ye Xiu said: “Aren’t you missing a person? Why not add me?”

Sleeping Moon was immediately dumbstruck: “Damn, how low are you… …”

“Ha ha, add me add me. Now that we know each other more, why don’t we work together?” Ye Xiu unexpectedly took the initiative and sent him a request.

Sleeping Moon did indeed have a four player party and it obviously wasn’t the previous team. The other three players were all members of Full Moon Guild. Establishing a guild could only be done after leaving the beginner village, so these were all members from old servers that transferred over to the new tenth server. And in the end, they were all put into the same beginner village. Before, when Sleeping Moon wanted the hidden BOSS to himself, it was obviously inconvenient to do it with his own guild members, so he went and found four other random players. Unfortunately, he bumped into Ye Xiu, who helped and then betrayed him. Right after, he immediately asked the guild for help and also conveniently got the former members to help slander Ye Xiu. He wanted to defame Lord Grim right then and there.

But the result? The result was this, the guy didn’t seem to care at all. With no one wanting him, he bluntly requested to join his party. Looking at his request, Sleeping Moon didn’t know whether to accept or decline it.

Sleeping Moon was at a loss. Learning from his mistake, he felt that this person wasn’t a simple character. What was his goal? As he hesitated, a brother on the side privately messaged him: “Add him. This guy’s asking for death. Once we enter the dungeon, what can he do?”

Sleeping Moon thought about it. He had four allies on his side. There was absolutely no reason to be afraid of him.

Thus, Ye Xiu entered the Green Forest with these four people. This time their luck wasn’t too good and they didn’t encounter the Midnight Phantom Cat. Ye Xiu laughed and asked: “Do you still need me to heal?”

“No need. Everyone will attack together.” As Sleeping Moon said this, the four had already rushed up to attack the monsters. These four clearly weren’t newbies. Their skills were very veteran-like and with this skill level, two or three people were enough to easily clear the Green Forest dungeon. Adding in another person, their efficiency flew through the roof. Ye Xiu also didn’t speak much. He swung his Thousand Chance Umbrella into a lance and attacked.

Sky Strike, Dragon Tooth, these two were attack skills. Of course, besides these skills, the character also had normal attacks. Players, through the direction and strength of normal attacks, controlled many kinds of attack patterns such as straight stabs, horizontal slashes, vertical chops, uppercut, etc. When these sort of attacks were fully utilized, they were sometimes extremely similar to skills, except their effects were different. For example, Sky Strike was a type of uppercut attack, but the knock-up effects and damage were much stronger than a normal uppercut. Dragon Tooth was a type of straight stab. Its stabbing speed was much quicker and could also cause the opponent to be stunned for a small duration. When a character was stunned, he would not be able to put out any actions.

Ye Xiu didn’t need to use these skills. His normal attacks were already enough to kill those Green Forest monsters with ease. It was just that when he withdrew his lance in an area with no monsters, a monster would suddenly be pushed onto him by the others. Ye Xiu laughed and accepted it. He knew that it was Sleeping Moon and his other helpers deliberately pushing these small monsters onto him. They wanted to put him into a situation where he was surrounded on all sides.

But surrounded was surrounded, how could Ye Xiu not be able to deal with it? He had been surrounded by five Green Forest monsters more than once. sending a Sky Strike onto a monster, he broke out of the encirclement. With a horizontal sweep, his right hand chopped and slashed and the five little monsters lined up to die. The other four just watched and looked on without lifting a finger to help. But in the end, they saw how Lord Grim dispatched the monsters at lightning speed. His might was tyrannical. Seeing this, the four were even somewhat jealous.

“This guy’s skill is really good.” A party member called Seven Fields nodded his head expressing his approval.

“He’s a veteran. Looking at his skill, he could easily solo the Green Forest dungeon.” Another person said.

“He knows his stuff. He soloed off the berserk Midnight Phantom Cat. I wouldn’t have thought that his skill level was above mine.” Sleeping Moon said.

“With this skill, there’s no way he would die in Green Forest.” A person concluded.

“How about we go to Spider Cave when we hit level 10?” Seven Fields said to the other three.

Spider Cave was a level 10 to 15 dungeon. It was much harder than Green Forest. If Green Forest’s purpose was to give players time to get used to the game, then once they hit level 10, from Spider Cave onwards, players needed to start using actual strategy and skill to clear it. It was called Spider Cave because the monsters were spiders. There were two types. One type was long-ranged and spit out webs that had a chance to bind. Players that were bound wouldn’t be able to move. The other type was melee-ranged and its bite had a chance to poison. Players that were poisoned would continuously lose health. In Green Forest, only the hidden BOSS had these sort of status inducing attacks.

Besides normal monsters, Spider Cave had three BOSSes: a long-ranged one, a melee-ranged one, and a Spider Lord as the final BOSS. The hidden BOSSes were Spider Elite, Spider Warrior, and a Spider Emperor.

Because levels 1 to 10 went by quickly, there were still many that hadn’t gotten used to the game yet. When they opened up the Spider Dungeon, they wouldn’t come out alive. Thus, the beginner guides never recommended it. The only ones that would consider this dungeon were people like Sleeping Moon because they already possessed some level of skill as veterans.

“If we kill this guy in the Spider Cave, we’ll only have four people. Will we still be able to clear it?” Sleeping Moon hesitated.

“As long as we don’t meet the hidden BOSS, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Seven Fields said.

“If we meet a hidden BOSS, even he won’t be able to beat it. The Spider Cave is a lot harder than here.” A person said.

“True. Then let’s first hurry and level up. When we get to level 10, let’s head to Spider Cave.” Sleeping Moon said.

Suddenly, a member that hadn’t spoken the entire time said: “Then we’re going to bring him to level up? And then kill him?”

Sleeping Moon heard this and was startled. Hearing this, his plan was indeed stupid. But Seven Fields already found an explanation: “It’d be better to say, we’ll first let him do all the hard work and then kick him out.”

“Right right right. It’ll be like this.” Sleeping Moon felt relieved.

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