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Chapter 12 – Spider Cave (1)

Chapter 12 – Spider Cave (1)

The four guys were very aggressive. They sneakily discussed on one side and let Ye Xiu do all of the hard work. It was good that they hadn’t completely seen Ye Xiu as an idiot. After arguing, the four went up and helped Ye Xiu clear monsters. While they cleared, they slowly explained: “Just a moment ago our guild had some business to take care of. We were a little out of focus. We’re good now.”

“Come on guys.” Ye Xiu dully said a few words as if he wasn’t suspicious at all.

The four were secretly delighted. If they cooperated together, the four veterans and the expert Ye Xiu, they would easily cruise by this dungeon. Every person killed happily. Their outer appearance didn’t show any signs of an ulterior motive.

“Have you noticed that this guys damage is very high?” Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon muttered quietly.

“It looks like it. I’ve never seen that lance-like weapon before.” Sleeping Moon said.

“I don’t know either. I don’t pay attention to low-level lances.” Seven Fields said.

“It’d be good if it dropped when we kill this guy.” Sleeping Moon said.

“So what if it dropped. No matter how high of an attack it has, it’s still a low-level weapon. We won’t be able to use it for long.” Seven Fields said.

“True.” Sleeping Moon nodded.

Each side did not provoke the other and cooperated harmoniously. Going in and out of Green Forest, their efficiency was extremely high. It was unfortunate, however, that they didn’t meet the hidden BOSS Midnight Phantom Cat again.

After clearing it a few times, Lord Grim was the the first to reach Level 10. The First Hidden BOSS kill gave him an ample amount of experience. Green Forest only had one hidden BOSS so far. Just relying on this, Lord Grim was already pretty far up on the tenth server level leaderboards. Only the first to reach level 10 was not him. That player was called Blue River. This was already his second time to be announced by the system. The first time was when he and four others were the first to clear Green Forest.

Seeing that Lord Grim was the first among them to reach level 10, Sleeping Moon felt a fit of nervousness. They were afraid that this guy would just leave them. Who knew that Lord Grim only laughed and said “I’ve leveled up”. After a few sounds of congratulations, he entered the Green Forest with the other four again.

The experience gap between them wasn’t too great. After clearing this dungeon, Sleeping Moon and the others all reached level 10. The five of them also obtained quite a few equipment.

“Brother, we work quite well together. Now that we’ve all hit level 10, why don’t we go and tackle Spider Cave together?” Seven Fields went up and asked Ye Xiu. Sleeping Moon and Ye Xiu once had a disagreement. Now this sudden change of heart made him feel a little odd. In addition, Sleeping Moon still continued to look at Ye Xiu maliciously and just let Seven Fields play the role of a mediator.

Ye Xiu heard this and agreed. Only he first said that he would go and learn skills first. For skill points, it didn’t matter whether they were given as quest rewards, leveling, killing a certain amount of monsters, or dueling, these would all only allow him to reach the 4000 skill points. From level 7 to level 10, he didn’t have many skill points accumulated. But the most important part was that level 10 was another period when new skills could be learned.

The other four were obviously going to learn too. Thus, each of them looked for a teacher to learn from. Afterwards, they grouped up at Spider Cave.

There weren’t many people at the entrance of Spider Cave. After all, they had leveled up relatively fast compared to ordinary players and newbies wouldn’t consider going to this dungeon.

Outside, there were only only a few randomly made parties. Because the dungeon was difficult, they would all ask about each other’s equipments. Forming a party wasn’t so carefree. Ye Xiu and the others were straightforward. Without saying a word, they directly entered. Only this time, Sleeping Moon and the other three helpers began to act evilly.

“Should we immediately kill him or look at the situation first?” One person asked quietly.

“Why don’t we look first. If this person truly is an expert. Let’s use him first. Why don’t we plan again when the BOSS comes?” Seven Fields suggested.

“Okay.” The other members had no other opinions. Truthfully, those members had no enmity with Ye Xiu. The person in front of them was so outstanding. He was also the one with the most DPS in the group. They were a little unwilling to part with him. But to give their friend Sleeping Moon some face, in the end, they still went forward with the plan. Although no one said anything, they were all quite regretful.

“You all brought antidotes?” Seven Fields asked everyone, which everyone replied with a yes. Only Ye Xiu actually laughed: “No need.”

“This guy’s looking for death.” Sleeping Moon didn’t feel too good about Ye Xiu’s confidence.

“Then let’s go.” Seven Fields said happily.

The inside of Spider Cave was gloomy and spider webs could be seen everywhere. From time to time, scattered skeletons could be seen. It looked sinister and terrible. Sleeping Moon and the others all looked a bit nervous. When a character died in Glory, they would lose experience. In the normal world it was a 10% decrease and equipment also had a chance of dropping, though the chances were fairly low. But when the a player reached the heavenly domain, dying became scary. The player would lose 20% of their experience and equipment had a high chance of dropping.

Looking at Lord Grim again, he walked in large strides with his battle lance as if it were the same as Green Forest. Sleeping Moon and the others saw that this guy took the initiative to detect the mines. It was a good thing for them anyways.

Towards these low-leveled dungeons, Ye Xiu had pretty much forgotten what was in them. He remembered that he had once done a guide for Spider Cave, but he couldn’t recall it at all. It had already been almost ten years.

Just when Ye Xiu was sighing, a shadow suddenly leaped out from a crack in a rock directly towards Lord Grim. Ye Xiu’s left hand tapped the keyboard and his right hand dragged the mouse. Lord Grim rolled backwards to dodge it and launched Sky Strike.

A melee-ranged green spider pounced onto him, but was hit by Sky Strike in midair. Adding attacks while the opponent was knocked up was a fundamental skill in Glory. How could Ye Xiu miss this opportunity? After an intense burst of keyboard typing and mouse clicking, Lord Grim leaped up brandishing his lance. From up in the air to down on the ground, he slashed madly at the green spider. Pu pu pu pu four strikes landed in quick succession. The green spider was hit aside onto a rock.

“F*ck, no way!” Seven Fields said with great alarm.

“He comboed it four times in mid-air!!” Another person also cried out in fear.

“He can combo four times at level 10?” The third person.

Sleeping Moon could only open his mouth in shock, speechless.

A four hit combo in mid-air, this was a widely-known Battle Mage Combo that few players could execute. It was simple in theory. It was just a normal straight stab, Dragon Tooth, and then two hits from the Level 10 Battle Mage Skill Double Stab to complete it.

“I heard only players with an APM of 170 or higher can execute this sort of combo.” Seven Fields said.

“Can’t that only be done by a professional Battle Mage after his speed has been buffed?” Another person reminded.

“He’s still only a unspecialized character… …”

“How big is the difference in speed between a unspecialized character and a Battle Mage?”

“I don’t know. You’d still have to consider equipment. But it doesn’t look like any of his equipment increases speed.” Lord Grim was pretty much the same as theirs.

“What about weapon? Could it be his weapon?”

“Let’s not worry about the reason. Even if you were a Battle Mage and wore a set of speed increasing Flowing Light equipment, could you guys combo it four times in midair?”

Silence. If they could do it, they wouldn’t be so astonished.

“Just who is this person? The three members looked towards Sleeping Moon.

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