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Chapter 17 – Emperor (2)

Chapter 17 – Emperor (2)

“No problem!!” Seven Fields and the others almost didn’t think about the proposal before agreeing. At this moment, the value of this expert had already surpassed those precious drops from the hidden BOSS. They were more worried about finding a way to express their good will. Who would have thought that this expert would come up with this demand? That was truly a relief. Even if he wanted all of the drops, Seven Fields and the others wouldn’t hesitate to agree either.

In addition, Seven Fields, this guy, wanted to express his goodwill even further. He turned around and said: “Little Moon Moon. Give the party leader over to brother expert!”

“If you say that again, I’m going to kill you!” Sleeping Moon grinded his teeth.

“Ha ha. Isn’t it cute? Why don’t you like it?” Seven Fields laughed, but he didn’t joke too excessively and immediately followed up: “If you don’t want me to call you that, then I won’t call you that! Give the party leader position to brother expert.”

Sleeping Moon understood his meaning. By giving him the party leader position and then letting him set up the party, they would thoroughly dispel all of his doubts towards them. He would then have complete trust between them. Reaching this step, Sleeping Moon finally understand at last. Lord Grim didn’t need any plots. If he really wanted everything, then with just a word, his three brothers would have no complaints. Sleeping Moon had no other choice, so he transferred the position to him.

In the end, Lord Grim didn’t make any changes and only said “Let’s continue”, so he continued to lead everyone.

Their killing method didn’t change and everything proceeded without a hitch. Ahead, a fork appeared on the main road of the Spider Cave. Everyone knew which one of the roads led to the Spider Emperor’s den. Lord Grim didn’t hesitate and directly headed towards the Spider Emperor. The four others followed closely behind.

This side road wouldn’t appear in the normal dungeon. On the way, there were a few spider eggs. When the players moved close to them, they began hatching. Extremely small spiders jumped out and attacked the players. Their damage wasn’t high, but they were small and nimble, not easy to hit. The four players opened their eyes wide until they almost popped out. It would basically take three to five strikes to hit it once. But for Lord Grim, with a just a lift of his lance, he would hit one after another without fail, cleaning them up rapidly. Seeing that the four others were having trouble, he turned around to provide assistance. The four others all held their breath. Without this person, although they could’ve reached the Spider Emperor, this road would’ve taken them an hour.

“Do you think we’ll be the first ones to kill the Spider Emperor?” Drifting Water looked forward to the future.

“This depends on our luck. We won’t know if we’ll meet it early enough.” Seven Fields said.

“We were the first ones to clear it, meaning we were the earliest to go into the Spider Cave the second time. Our speed wasn’t slow either. Now this is our third round and there hasn’t been an announcement for it yet. I feel that our chances are good.” Drifting Water analyzed.

“Without strength, even if we met the Spider Emperor, we wouldn’t dare to kill it!” Sunset Clouds sighed.

“Luckily we have brother expert.” Seven Fields said.

“Right right right.” Those two parroted.

“You guys make me sick” Sleeping Moon exceptionally disdained upon how these three were always trying to curry favor with Lord Grim. He wasn’t scared of Lord Grim hearing of it either.

The three players all felt embarrassed and became somewhat angry towards Sleeping Moon. As for their previous hostility, that fellow was also in the wrong, why couldn’t he just move back a step? Seven Fields once again sent Sleeping Moon a private message to educate him. Sleeping Moon obviously couldn’t reason over Seven Fields. In the end, he could only show off a “I’m not feeling well anyways” attitude. Seven Fields was getting impatient too. When Sleeping Moon said he wasn’t feeling well, Seven Fields told him to just leave the dungeon and get out! And stop causing trouble for them.

Sleeping Moon felt sad and wronged. Did the time finally arrive for those peasants to leave him for the expert?

“We’re here.” Ye Xiu continued to be at the very front. Seeing that there was another cave in the Spider Cave, he knew that this was the Spider Emperor’s den.

“How do we kill it?” Seven Fields asked.

“You guys wait a bit. I’m going to go look up a guide.” Ye Xiu said.

The four others immediately went into chaos. What was this situation? To look up a guide when they reached a crisis, what was this sort of last-minute preparation?

“Brother expert, you……” Seven Fields didn’t know how convey it. In the end, he saw that Lord Grim just stood there without any response. He really did go out of the game to look up a guide. The four were at a loss! They had already judged him as an ultra-high level expert, but how could this sort of thing happen to such an expert?

“Could it be… … he switched with someone else?” Seven Fields guessed an idea that caused everyone to be alarmed.

“As I said before! How could such an awesome expert not stay in the heavenly domain! Why would he be here alone in this new server!?” Drifting Water said.

“F*ck, it was a true expert that helped play with us, but now that a fake expert’s switched in? Wouldn’t he have to run off and look at a guide?” Sunset Clouds said.

Brother expert, how could you just abandon us like this? Couldn’t you have at least helped us clear the dungeon!? Tears streamed down the three player’s cheeks. Sleeping Moon hadn’t uttered a word, but he suddenly had another guess. This person had acted so calmly and without a reaction towards him. Didn’t he have the same personality as the person he had met when they first bumped into each other?

Right when he couldn’t free himself this type of difficult situation. Ye Xiu had already finished the guide and returned.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu said.

“Brother expert… … you … …haven’t switched players have you?” Seven Fields carefully asked.

“Switched players?” Ye Xiu didn’t understand.

“Has this account been played by you the entire time?” Seven Fields asked.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu said.

“Then I don’t really understand. Why would such an amazing expert need to look at a guide? Seven Fields said.

“I haven’t done this dungeon in so many years. If I didn’t look at a guide, I wouldn’t remember how to beat it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then before… …”

“I had also looked up a guide!” Ye Xiu said.

The four players were dumbstruck.

“When?” Seven Fields asked.

“After learning skills, I glimpsed at a few. But they were too long, I hadn’t read up to the hidden BOSS.” Ye Xiu said.

The four continued to be puzzled. They had all studied a Spider Cave guide beforehand. But there was no guide that was similar to how Lord Grim commanded. What guide did he look at?

Ye Xiu had already begun explaining how to fight the Spider Emperor: “Just a moment ago, I looked at the Spider Emperor’s description. To confront him, we can still use the same strategy as we did against the web-spitting one. After surrounding it, we chain-stun it. But here’s the difficult part, the Spider Emperor will keep on spawning spider eggs, which can’t be interrupted by any skill or effect. The spawned spider will be similar to the ones in the passageway, but their bites will cause a three second Stasis. Everyone knows about the Stasis status effect right? You cannot move or attack, but you can’t be hurt either. Although there won’t be any damage, it’ll break up our formation. So we definitely can’t be bitten by those small spiders.”

“Then what should we do” Seven Fields asked.

“Let me be in charge of clearing these small spiders. Don’t worry about them. So the hardest part will be whether the four of you can continuously chain-stun the Spider Emperor until its death.”

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