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Chapter 18 – Emperor (3)

Chapter 18 – Emperor (3)

“This is the strategy from the guide?” Seven Fields and the others weren’t new players. The guides they had seen didn’t have this sort of strategy. If there was such a guide, then it would definitely be criticized until there were cuts and bruises all over. Why? Because this could only be done in theory. Four people continuously chain-stunning the Spider Emperor was still reasonable. But to rely on a single person to cleanly kill off all of the small spiders, who would dare to ensure that he wouldn’t make a single mistake?

If there was even a single small spider that escaped and bit at any one of the four, then the formation would be interrupted. The Spider Emperor could fly up in the air, drill into the ground, spit webs that pulled them, and spray poison mist. Of all of the hidden BOSSes, it was the strongest. If the four surrounded it and then suddenly, an opportunity to retaliate appeared, then all of them could just die on the spot.

“What do you think? Can you guys do it?” Yet Ye Xiu still asked.

“Hey hey, isn’t this a problem that we should be asking you? Can you guarantee that not a single spider will leak out?” Sleeping Moon said.

“Of course. That’s why the crucial point is you guys. Four people surrounding it. It’s also the highest level Spider Emperor, so coordinating rhythm needs to be fast. I can’t help you guys. If you hear my voice and then react, it might already be too slow, so I can only rely on the coordination of you four. What do you think? Is there a problem?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Is there any other method?” Seven Fields asked. Truthfully, the four of them weren’t very confident.

“With your combination of class skills, I don’t think there is any other.” Ye Xiu said.

“This is a method you decided on after seeing our class’s skills?”


The four were shocked. They were still wondering what guide Ye Xiu looked at because the several times they had done it, they had never seen a guide like that. Now they knew, Ye Xiu didn’t look at a guide to look for a strategy, he was only looking at it to see the BOSSes characteristics. After looking at it, he created a strategy that fit their skills. Without any testing, without any breaking in, just directly commanding, in the end they cleared the BOSSes.

This time what shocked the four of them wasn’t the gorgeous character control, the outstanding awareness, or the exceptional leadership. It was the extremely deep understanding of the game. Seven Fields and the others immediately felt that the word “expert” wasn’t enough to describe him. Only an even grander term could……

But the four of them were still hesitant because this time they couldn’t completely depend on him. The four had to do their part alone. Originally, they weren’t any great experts, merely experienced players that were better than new players. When Ye Xiu asked whether they could do it or not. They truthfully didn’t have much confidence.

The four hesitated, but Ye Xiu didn’t urge them. The five of them just silently stood there outside the Spider Emperor’s den. But at this moment, a system announcement suddenly flashed over their screens. The first Spider Cave hidden BOSS kill had already been completed.

Seven Fields clenched his teeth and thought It’d be best not to think of the first kill at this moment. Even if we went through a dungeon on an ordinary day, if we met a hidden BOSS, then it’s not like we wouldn’t even try and just give it up. If we really couldn’t do it, then we could just quickly leave. One benefit of beginner village dungeons was that force quitting a dungeon could be done. Although the character still had to be resurrected, there wouldn’t be any experience loss. Beginner village all in all took good care of new players.

“Shall we try it?” Seven Fields looked towards his three brothers. The three players showed fighting spirit after seeing the system announcement. They all agreed in unison.

“Bring it on!” Seven Fields represented his brothers and declared their choice to Lord Grim.

“Four people is enough to use this strategy. Recall what your rhythm was the last few times. Now just make it a bit faster. Don’t think about it, feel it.” Ye Xiu said.


“I’ll start the battle.” Ye Xiu said this and directed Lord Grim to the den entrance. He didn’t enter. He just took out his weapon and lifted it up once. He then suddenly turned around and retreated swiftly.

“Done?” The four were stunned.

“Done.” Ye Xiu said.

The four were all scratching their head in puzzlement. How did he start it? They didn’t see anything. They all thought that Lord Grim would enter. Who knew that he would just stand at the entrance for a bit? This type of initiation could only be done by long-ranged classes!

“Did he bring a gun?”

“He must have.”

While they guessed, a shriek rang out from the den. The Spider Emperor that had been in a nice nap had been forcefully woken up. Everyone felt the entire cave shake and knew that the Emperor was about to come out.

“Disperse to the left and right. Be careful!” Ye Xiu yelled. Seven Fields and the others separated left and right, two on each side. The Spider Emperor spat out poison and directly pounced onto Lord Grim.

Lord Grim didn’t retreat and instead moved forward. He rushed forward to meet it. Right when it looked as if he were going to be pounced on, suddenly, his body lowered. With a whoosh and a bang, he slid across the Spider Emperor’s belly.

“I told you he brought a gun!” Drifting Water shouted. The bang was a sound produced from a basic gunner attack.

The sliding Lord Grim then leaped up into the air. With a flick of his wrist, the lance stabbed into the Spider Emperor’s butt. Using the Spider Emperor’s pouncing power, he sent the Spider Emperor flying into the four-man formation.

“Up!” Ye Xiu yelled. The four acted with confusion. Prior to this, they had thought that Ye Xiu needed a bit of time to bring the monster into the trap.They hadn’t thought that the Spider Emperor would’ve been brought to them so directly and efficiently.

“I’ll start!” Seven Fields shouted and moved up to attack.

“Then me.” Sunset Clouds moved up.

Drifting Water went next.

“……” Sleeping Moon had to go next.

After Sleeping Moon finished, Seven Fields cried: “My skill’s still on cooldown.”

“Too quick.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already dashed up to use a Dragon Tooth keeping the Spider Emperor stunned.

“Hurry up and get familiar with the rhythm.” Ye Xiu directed Lord Grim to the just recently spawned small spiders.

“Okay!” Seven Fields looked. It turns out that the Emperor didn’t immediately lay out all of its abilities when the fight began. It started out quite slow giving them some time to ease in. At this point, the great expert could still deal with a small amount of spiders while simultaneously helping them continuously stun.

“It’s still too fast.” After the round was over, Seven Field’s skill was still on cooldown.

“Don’t be nervous. Grasp the rhythm.” Ye Xiu reminded.

“Fast, Drifting Water went too early.”

“Still fast, it’s still Drifting Water.”

“It’s still fast. This time it’s Little Moon Moon. Drifting Water’s rhythm was good. You’ve adjusted well.” Ye Xiu helped observe who was doing well while busily hitting down the small spiders.

The Spider Emperor’s life continued to drop. The spawn rate increased by one, two, three.

“Okay, this round’s rhythm was good that time. Grasp it well!” Finally, this round, their coordination was just right.

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